Hey there! This is my first story that I'm posting in the Predator section so let me give you a few notes. This story IS a predator story but with aspects from Avatar (the James Cameron movie). I had this idea for awhile so I'm curious to see how it is recieved.

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Transmission setting up….

Systems Green….

Diary Entry 001:….

Date: January 14, 2137….

Subject recorded…. Lorena Lazerman….


I find that the world is full of odd occurrences, some of them wonderful and some of them cruel. People tend to block out the cruel ones, but in my thirty-two years, those memories have been the ones that have stayed with me and I can't seem to ever be able to block them out.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I've had lot of good memories too but those memories haven't affected me the way the bad ones do- two, to be exact.

The first one occurred five years ago, I was a young medical officer in the Space Marines; I had just been posted straight out from college and boot camp on a planet called Archeon. I was still getting the hang of things in my unit when we were called off for an emergency. A nuclear mining planet near us had a serious accident with one of its power plants exploded and radiation had infected the populous.

It shouldn't have been a big thing- we were just supposed to go and give out vaccines, excavate the people, and everything would be fine. At least that's what they told us.

There was only one little detail the military boys left out, that the nuclear material they were mining was new, aggressive, and resistant to the vaccines.

I only found that out after we were back on Archeon a few months later and, believe me I felt lower than shit after that. I was giving these people hope, only to discover that it was for nothing! I felt terrible about it but mostly I felt angry. Angry at the Weyland-Yutani Corporation who had started the mining colony and angry at the military for giving people hope, for giving ME hope….

…You see, while on that little mining rock another accident had occurred, an accident that shouldn't have occurred if the 'Company' personnel had followed protocol. Not long after my unit had arrived and set up a medical station next to what we THOUGHT was an inactive nuclear holding chamber did the hidden radioactive material inside overheated and… for a lack of a better word blew up…. We, my unit and anyone else who was unfortunate to be near or inside the building with my team, were all injured pretty badly and those of us who weren't infected before received radiation poisoning… thus signing are own death warrants….

….Like I said before it has been over five years since then and I have resided myself that- in time I will die and now amount of medicine can cure that. Yet I believe God, or whatever powerful being is up there, has a sick sense of humor, for as you see I am still here while my team and everyone else that was in the explosion has passed on. I watched as some of my best friends died a slow, agonizing death as the cancer ate them from the inside out. Yet here I stand, still able to breathe normally, still able to walk, suffering from pain only here or there, thanks to my DNA.

Apparently, my genes only slow down the radiation deterioration process. For three years I was stuck with needles and probed in places I didn't even know I had but the doctors couldn't find the gene that slowed down the process or any other explanation on why I was still alive. The only solace I had during those miserable years was my twin sister, Natalia.

You could say me and her were at completely different ends of the spectrum. I was always the level headed, responsible, quiet on while my sister was the wild obnoxious, outgoing one. I would bail her out when she needed it and Natalia always dragged me out to social events so I would stop being a 'wallflower'. Funny how we were so different yet we did everything together. Heck, we even joined the marines together for the college benefits, though we both went in for different degrees; she went in for Anthropology and I went to get my doctorate. We were still close though, even after boot camp and we were assigned to different bases….

She was my rock though my whole ordeal. She would only visit here or there after the army discharged me but mostly we talked through video chats and those always could bring a smile to my face. But like I said before someone up in Heaven has a very sick sense of humor….

It was three years after my accident that another blow came to my spirit, the death of my sister….

It was a car wreck. Her and a couple of friends were partying one night and enviably they all got drunk and one of them ended up behind the wheel of the car they were driving…. I didn't need to hear the rest of it, I knew the stories and I saw how the car was wrapped around the street light….

….Needless to say, when I received it felt like apart of my soul had died that day. How could God take away a person who loved life so much? For all her wildness, she was a loving and caring person that had a contagious smile. How could He take away a person like that!

It was after my sister's funeral though that landed me where I am now. Being that I was the only living relative, I was at the crematory alone watching lifelessly as my sister's body was burned before me, when two men in suits approached. I hadn't noticed them at first; I was to busy asking God why hadn't He taken me instead when I was willing to die. I only noticed them when one of them tapped me on the shoulder.

My head snapped over to them, surprised, but with no tears in my eyes, though my eyes were surely red. I had done my crying in private hours before and if it was one thing that the military had taught me was that you were not allowed to cry in public.

My throat was too constricted to talk as one of the men introduced himself as Sergeant Phillips while the other introduced himself as Doctor Mason. They said they were colleagues of my sister and offered their condolences. At first I didn't understand, because I didn't see them when my sister's memorial service was when Sergeant Phillips spoke of an offer for me.

I remember my angered flared, and I wanted to lash out at them for coming here for business when I was hurting. All I remember thinking was 'Could it not wait until I had gotten home?'

I must have had a look on my face because Doctor Mason quickly stepped in, explaining that this couldn't wait. He said that they couldn't explain the details in a public area; he did say though that he and Sergeant Phillips were part the Company which, reluctantly, perked my interest. 'My sister was part of military, so how was she involved with the Company?' I thought.

Feeling embolden, I cleared my throat and said I was interested but I would like to finish this later at my house. This, for some reason, enraged Sergeant Phillips who almost demanded that we discuss it there.

I was promptly and politely going to tell them that they then could shove their offer up their asses when Doctor Mason quickly stepped in again. I held my rage at the nervous doctor as he quickly explained that Natalia was contracted by the Company to help serve on a project. He wouldn't go into details past that which made me even more curious. But deep inside, for some reason, I was torn.

I looked over to where my sister was, or what was left of my sister. I tried to recall whether she had mentioned anything about working with the Company when she was with me, but that was a year ago and I honestly couldn't remember, or wouldn't remember for that matter I figure now, anything.

Back then I found myself having this surreal moment. How I not know this about my twin sister? We told each other everything so how could she hide something this big from me? Honestly, I felt a little bitter about it. What else hadn't she told me?

It took me a minute to wrestle with my emotions but in the end, as if I had no control over my brain, I agreed to join their project.

I still don't know why I agreed; something was pulling at me though to say it. I like to imagine that it was my sister's spirit making me go one last adventure or it could have been the fact that I felt like I owed it to her, to finish her last project. Either way it landed me here.

So that night, to my surprise, after I received my sister's ashes and placing them in our family plot wall, I rushed back to my house to gather a few items then whisked away to a shuttle that would take me where this project was taking place. Neither Sergeant Phillips nor Doctor Mason elaborated on what the project was and I beginning to think that they didn't even know what it was about.

My theory was only confirmed when I boarded the shuttle that put me on an aircraft and they didn't follow.

It's been two years since then and I've been cyrosleep along with 100 other marines and scientists. It's been blissful to say the least; I didn't feel the pain of my disease like I am now…..

…Hehehe… What the hell am I doing, spewing my guts out like this? It's not like a computer can comfort me and I'm pretty sure that the Company is going to look at this. I must still be tired or something cause the only reason I turned on this stupid recording device was to say that though I'm awake, no one has offered to tell me about the project my sister was working on….

Ah well, hopefully someone will when we get to base in a couple of hours….

ending video recording…

System shutting off….


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