Red Riding Hoodies and Teenage Wolves

Warnings: Slash malexmale, Underage, Language, Possible Adult Situations, Violence
Spoilers: Up to Eclipse but non-mixy with Breaking Dawn (though some elements may be incorporated). All of Harry Potter but throw out the epilogue.
Summary: As much as Harry Potter tries to unmeet the young, too young, Seth Clearwater, he realizes that he can't fight fate or a stubborn teenage shifter. HP/SC
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Twilight.
AN: I've never done slash, underage, or sex (not sure if I will, but I'll warn you and change the rating) before, so this is really new ground for me. But this paring sort of calls to me in a demented way. The timeline is supposed to match up making Harry about 27 and Seth 15 or 16. There won't be perfect continuity between all of the parts, since the chapters will be written in a short one-shot like fashion.

Vacation (Is Supposed to Be Relaxing)

That's what it started out as. A simple vacation out to the middle of nowhere America. He of course wasn't irresponsible enough to leave without telling anyone where he was going. No, that would result in wizarding world wide panic the likes of which he didn't want to think of. It was a horrifying scenario and the only way it would end would be in them conducting a crazed manhunt for him with Ron and Hermione leading the posse dragging him kicking and screaming back to England. So he told a grand total of three people.

Kingsley, as the minister and his boss, was on a need to know basis to approve his two month long vacation. With Andi, he wouldn't feel right not letting her, and by extention his beloved Godson Teddy, know where he was in case they had an emergency. Finally, there was Luna, who as expected simply reacted to this news with a serene smile and well wishes.

All affairs in order, Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, savior, head auror, etc, etc, had boarded a plane with sights set on quiet, rainy little Forks, Washington, a town that boasted a tiny population and seemed delightfully withdrawn from all things magical. There, he could rough it out like a muggle, without worrying about tracking down any rogue wizards, dealing with overprotective friends, or dodging persistent paparazzi (who even after a decade, would not leave him alone). It sounded too good to be true.

It was.

Too good to be true that is.

A week into living in Forks, he'd run into a vampire in the woods of the non-friendly variety and was forced to break his "no magic while on vacation" policy to defend himself. The encounter was too close for comfort. He was sure that the only reason he survived it getting the jump on him was that it was just too young and dumb and clumsy. Though he should've taken this as a sign to maybe leave, he decided instead to avoid the woods. Also, he made a reminder to himself to keep a closer eye out for disappearances in town in case there were more terrorizing the populace that he'd have to call in to the American ministry or dispose of himself.

Luckily, after that instance, there were no signs of vampire attacks.

As a way to relax and relieve himself of the tension that vampire business had caused him, he'd decided to find a hobby to get his mind further off of stressful things and get to mingling with the other inhabitants of Forks. He'd had the misfortune of bumping into a bouncy, overbearingly enthusiastic woman putting up fliers advertising yoga classes at the nearby market. Not knowing what he was getting himself into outside of wanting her to just leave him alone, he agreed to go and signed up and paid for the six week session. With a little trepidation, he showed up to his first class that Saturday morning.

Harry didn't know the first thing about yoga and being the only male to show up to the class garnered him a lot of excessive attention from all of the women who threw themselves at him for the chance to help out the hot, new guy in town. One of the girls, short hair, copper skinned, was particularly ferocious in her attempts at vying for his attention. Every time he took his eyes off her, the minute they returned she was in his personal space making accidental physical contact with him. His days as a Hogwarts celebrity came in use as he maneuvered away from the clutches of women who wanted to eat him alive.

When the end of class came around, he was a little put out besides being relieved. Yoga, especially the meditating part, was refreshing despite the disruptive advances of his fellow classmates. Just as he was pulling on his red hoodie while politely pretending to listen to whatever the girl - Leah the girl said her name was - was trying to say to him, someone came into the room, freezing in the doorway.

Green eyes met black eyes.

Strange feelings began to wash over Harry the minute he saw the boy standing there, staring back at him in awe and adoration. It was akin to what he felt the first time his phoenix feather and holly wand was placed in his hand. There was some kind of deeper connection going on here. Even in the throes of this experience, a part of Harry Potter was inwardly cringing at it all.

Only he could go on vacation and run into vampires and form soul bonds with random strangers in Forks, Washington.