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Yukari is preparing for the wedding and hopes for a happy ending. However an unimaginable twist caused her life to change!

Lol, it is sucky. I hope you like the first chapter! From my heart and imagination, Prissy Geek. P.S- All characters and story belongs to Ai Yazawa, can't believe I have to make this copyrighted stuff...

Chapter 1: Stuck in Paradise -Wedding dress boutique-
Yukari searched for the perfect dress for her wedding. Her manager was not much of a help, he just threw a bundle of dresses in front of her and told her to try each one. But none of them was perfect. All the ruffled and laced dresses, although beautiful.. she wasn't satisfied.
"You should try a modern dress," her manager suggested. Yukari doubt about wearing a modern dress. "Forget your fairytale wedding dress. This isn't paradise, you have a wedding in a week. Now snap out of it," her manager walked out of the dressing room.

That's the problem: she is stuck in Paradise.

She refused to give up, she kept browsing for the dresses, lifting every hangers with the dress. But one dress caught her attention: it's so soft, made by layers of white silks, the pearl beading bordering the hems, long sleeves and laces and white roses on the gown. "Hey Yukari! I found some- Wow.." the halter and body shaped dresses fell to the floor.
Yukari stood with a satisfied smile on her face. It was perfect.
"You look like an angel! Hiroyuki must be the happiest guy on this planet! Miyuki! We found the dress!" her manager walked out. Yukari looked at herself in the mirror and thought: "This would be something George will make.."
She felt her feet freezing and her chest warming.
Is Hiroyuki the One?
She ignored her inner thought and got out of the dress.

-George's apartment, Paris-
George lounge on the long sofa, waiting for Isabella to finish making the hors-d' uvre. His phone rang, and he answered it as Isabella glanced at him across the kitchen counter, looking hopeful. "Mr. Koizumi?"
"Yes this is he.." "Your wedding dress was bought from our boutique."
He smiled and Isabella let out his relief. "Who bought it?"
"Oh, Yukari Hayasaka. The supermodel."
George almost dropped his phone.
"That's... great. When is she getting married?"
"Next month. Is that all Mr. Koizumi?"
"Yes, thank you." He really dropped his phone on the carpet. Isabella appproached him with a worried look. "Did Carrie buy your dress?"
He nodded, massaging his temples.
"My first wedding dress..."
George collapsed in the sofa, wondering if Yukari knew it was his dress..

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