Chapter 1: Before Profit...

"I tell you man," said Paul in his cocky Scottish accent. "I don't know why we keep working for this goddamn Tambossa, when we could be making big money as mercs."

I was about to respond when an APR convoy of just two assault trucks and our employer's private limousine passed by our checkpoint and continued on to the Bowa-Seko headquarters.

"Speak of the devil," Paul whispered.

"What do you think Tambossa's doing driving around with such a thin convoy like he's a bloody monkey-suit businessman and not a major warlord?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"Who cares," he said. "Now about Tambossa and our pay, or lack of it, I'd like to offer you a proposition."

"What might that be?"

"I've received a tip off regarding the delivery of those rough-cuts from that new diamond mine in the east ranges, apparently Tambossa is supervising the loading of the cases in person. He keeps losing them the UFLL bribes and pocketing by his own soldiers."

"So, what the hell do I care?" I asked, playing dumb.

"Guess."Paul replied sarcastically, "you're always talking about quitting this security patrol and leaving this country, now's our chance."

"I don't know man, have you got any more triggers?"I asked.

"Flora said that she's happy to run assault as long as she's not alone." He replied.

"I just don't know, what will you be doing?"

"I've got a plan, but come to think of it-."

Paul was cut off suddenly as the shrill hail of an approaching mortar shell pierced the dry, hot air.

I turned just in time to see the explosion.


Chapter 2: Unwelcome Guests