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5 year old Tsuna sat on Giotto's bed waiting for his big brother to finish his homework so that they could play.

"Are you almost done Giotto-Nii?" He asked cutely, tilting his head slightly in curiosity.

Giotto paused for a moment and looked over at his baby brother. He smiled at Tsuna and nodded slightly "Almost Tsuna." He started softly, "Just a little bit more and I'll be done." He finished, and turned back to continue his work.

Tsuna sighed and waited boredly for him to finish. After another 15 minutes passed Tsuna, already impatient, carefully slid off the bed and landed on his feet on the wood floor. Hearing the soft thump and the footsteps of little feet on the floor Giotto turned to see Tsuna walking towards the door.

Standing on the tips of his toes he stretched his arm as far as he could to turn the doorknob. "What are you doing Tsuna?" He heard his brother ask, sounding amused.

"I'm going to go play." He replied, without turning to look at Giotto.

Giotto chuckled lightly; amused as he watched his brothers continued attempts to try and reach the doorknob. Standing up he stretched his arms and back. Having been doing homework for a while he was glad for a break. Walking to Tsuna's side he gently picked him up and opened the door. Tsuna looked up at Giotto hopefully "All done?" He asked. He really wanted to play with his big brother.

Since his brother was in high school and had so many friends he wasn't home as much. It was rare for them to be able to spend time together. Before, they used to play all the time, but now they didn't. Giotto knowing this decided to take a longer break from his work than he planned.

Giotto smiled gently "All done." He confirmed. "What do you want to play?" He asked, already knowing the answer. Tsuna always only wanted to play one game when they played together.

"Tag!" He said happily.

"Alright." Giotto agreed softly.

"You're it!" Tsuna exclaimed happily. Still in his brother's arms he wiggled and squirmed trying to get out of them. Nervous about accidentally dropping Tsuna from all the squirming he leaned down to place him on the ground.

The moment his little feet touched the ground Tsuna took off giggling, leaving his brother to chase after him. Giotto being older, and much faster then Tsuna had to slow his pace greatly so as not to catch his brother so quickly, not that Tsuna made it easy to catch him. He weaved around trees, hid behind them, and just ran all over the place actually making Giotto sweat a little.

Finally when his baby brother was right in front of him he lunged slightly, picked him up, and rolled on the floor a little. Tsuna giggled once they had stopped rolling on the grass. Lying on Giotto's stomach he rested his head on his chest to relax.

Smiling, Giotto sat up and carefully stood up with Tsuna in his arms. He felt Tsuna wrap his small arms around his neck and lay his head on his shoulder. With a soft sigh Tsuna closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.

That was one reason Giotto loved to play tag with his brother, it tired him out. The main reason he played it though was because it made Tsuna happy, and he loved seeing his brother happy; it made him feel like he really was a good big brother.

Opening the front door he carried his brother in. Closing the door he walked towards the staircase and made his way up. Going straight to his room Giotto placed Tsuna onto the bed and covered him up. He smiled when Tsuna curled up under the blankets.

Walking over to his desk he sat down and started where he left off on his homework. 15 minutes passed and Giotto finally had his homework finished. Glad to have that out of the way he went towards the door and opened it slowly, not wanting to wake Tsuna up.

Going downstairs he walked straight to the kitchen to make himself and Tsuna something to eat for Diner. (AN: I dunno what to have them eat so you can just make him make whatever you like. xD)

Once that was all done with he went into the living to watch some tv. Sitting on the couch he was about to turn the tv on when he heard soft whimpering and sniffling coming from upstairs. Jumping to his feet he ran upstairs, scared that something might have happened to Tsuna.

Running into his room he saw that Tsuna was still asleep, but he was crying in his sleep. Going over to the bed he sat down on it and gently shook him. "Tsuna… Tsuna." He murmured softly, but loud enough for Tsuna to hear his voice clearly.

Waking up with a start Tsuna looked at Giotto "Big brother?" He asked confused, and started wiping his eyes.

Staring at Tsuna worriedly Giotto asked, "Why are you crying Tsuna?"

Looking at Giotto Tsuna blinked "I… I don't know." He answered uncertainly.

Frowning Giotto touched Tsuna's forehead just to make sure he wasn't unwell or something of that nature. Not feeling a fever or anything he picked Tsuna up and carried him out.

"Are you hungry?" Giotto asked.

"Uh-huh." Tsuna murmured drowsily burying his face in Giotto's neck.

Sitting down they had a nice dinner. Tsuna apparently had a lot to say and Giotto listened absently to everything his brother said.

Once Giotto, with a little help from Tsuna, cleaned up they both walked over towards the living room and sat on the couch. Sitting on the couch Giotto picked up Tsuna and sat him beside him. Instead of staying where he was placed Tsuna climbed up on Giotto's lap.

Sighing, Giotto didn't bother trying to move him knowing he would be stubborn about it. When they were both comfortable they sat in silence just watching tv and enjoying each others company.

Having been woken up before he was ready to be up Tsuna's eyes started to close and his head started to loll forward, but when it did he lifted it and sat up straight. Seeing this Giotto smiled softly moved him so that he was resting more again his chest so if he fell asleep his head wouldn't loll forward.

A few hours passed with them just like that. Then the sound of the front door opening alerted Giotto's to someone's arrival and he turned to look at who it was.

Their mother and father came into view and their mother spoke softly when she saw Tsuna asleep "How did everything go?" She asked.

"Everything went well." He replied.

"Alright. If you like I will take him up." She suggested, starting to walk towards them.

Giotto stood up and held Tsuna in his arms. He carefully passed him to Nana and kissed her on the cheek "I'm going to sleep." He said softly, suddenly feeling exhausted. She nodded, and with that he walked up to his room. Getting ready for bed as he heard Nana in the next room putting Tsuna to bed in his room.

Climbing into bed he was almost asleep when his door opened. He opened his eyes when he felt his bed sink slightly, indicating someone sitting on it. Seeing Nana he smiled "Something wrong?" He asked.

Nana shook her head smiling. Leaning down she placed a light kiss to his head "Thanks for baby-sitting, Giotto." She said gratefully. "I know you had other plans."

Shrugging, Giotto looked at Nana "I didn't mind. He's my baby brother, after all." He replied.

Smiling gently Nana cupped his cheek slightly "You're such a good son, Giotto." She said lovingly.

"Not really." He said, slightly embarrassed at the praise.

Seeing how she had affected him Nana giggled softly, and decided to leave him for the night "Good night." Nana said, standing up.

"Good night."Giotto replied.

When Nana walked out Giotto started drifted off to sleep.

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