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"You're going away, daddy?" Were the first words out of Tsuna's voice. Turning to look at him he was looking up at their dad with tears swimming in his eyes and a pout on his lips.

Picking him up Iemitsu nuzzled his face. "Afraid so, Champ. Got some work to do." he offered as an explanation.

It took Giotto by surprise to see Tsuna like this from the news. Usually he was also understanding of their father having to leave. Often times he forgets that he isn't even there.

"But my birthday's tomorrow." He tried to whisper in his ear, as I'd it we're some big secret. Ah, that's why.

All their eyes went to the calendar and then back to Tsuna. They had all been making a pretty big fuss about it, since he was finally coming out of his toddler years. It felt like a big step to all of them.

They had actually been planning Tsuna's party when Iemitsu stepped out to take a call. We could hear him arguing with whoever was on the other line and when he came back in he looked defeated.

"What's wrong dear?" Nana had asked worriedly.

"I have an important business trip to make." He responded tiredly. "I leave tomorrow."

They were all silent, taking in the news. Then Giotto spoke up.

"You really know how to bring everyone's mood down." Giotto commented absently, no animosity or malice behind the words. Like Nana he wasn't too upset about him having to go away; he was used to it, but having him away still left an empty feeling. A sort of feeling that something, or rather someone, was missing.

"Hehe." Iemitsu rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"I don't want to go." Iemitsu comforted Tsuna "but I have to." Tsuna didn't look convinced. "You'll understand when you're older."

Tsuna buried his face in the crook of his neck. Even if he would understand when he was older that didn't mean he had to like it. He had wanted his whole family here for his birthday.

"It's getting late." Nana spoke softly. "Time for bed, Tsuna."

"I wanna sleep with daddy!" Was the immediate response. He tightened his arms around his dad's neck and seemed to try and burrow deeper into his embrace.

"Alright." Nana conceded. "We'll go up, too."

Going up to their respective rooms they all fell asleep with thoughts of what would happen tomorrow.

"Will you be away a long time, daddy?" Tsuna wondered sleepily. As he got older it seemed like the time his daddy spent away was getting longer and longer.

"I dunno, buddy." Came the murmured reply. "Hopefully not too long."

Letting his tiredness overcome him Tsuna fell right to sleep.

Giotto woke with a soft groan as he felt someone shake him lightly. "Giotto." He heard Nana quietly coaxing him out of his sleep.

"Mom?" He asked blearily. "What's going on? Is it morning already?"

"No, dear." She assured and then placed something, (someone?), in his bed. "I wanna talk to your father and don't want to wake Tsuna." She explained.

"Mkay." He adjusted the covers so that they were now covering him as well. She gave them both a kiss on the forehead and left the room. He could hear their soft voices as he laid in bed. It was quite soothing.

He wondered what they were talking about. Maybe they were still planning the party for Tsuna? Or was it something more serious? It could be about the job he was going to do. From what she has said dad had never really ever told he what exactly he did on these business trips. They could be as innocent as just keeping the peace between themselves and others.

But then, he knew they could also be as deadly as actually killing. That sent a shiver down his spine and he shook his head, he never wanted to think of his father as being capable of doing something like that. Maybe it was true, but he was happy not knowing whether it was or not.

Forcing the thought out of his head he let himself drift back into a dreamless sleep.

When he woke up the next morning he saw Tsuna was still asleep beside him. He heard movement downstairs so he went to check it out, although, he figured it was their mom. He was right, of course, but there was no sign of dad. "Dad?"

"He already left, sweetheart." She replied, smiling.

Giotto nodded. He didn't know why he expected anything different. He always left before either he or Tsuna were awake, which made him wonder why. It wasn't like he was going to beg him to stay. He smirked at the thought. Well, maybe Tsuna might.

"What time do you need me to take Tsuna out?" Giotto questioned. Mom would need time to decorate the living room for the party.

Nana thought about that for a moment and glanced at the clock on the wall, scrutinizing it. "Like around 3." She finally decided.

Tsuna walk downstairs at that time and their day began. Since, it was his birthday mom let him do whatever he wanted, as long as it wasn't dangerous, and he was happy about that. As we cleaned the house we sweat-dropped as it just became messy again from Tsuna taking his new found freedom to the extreme.

It was finally time to go. Thank God! If he had to pick up that blue pillow off the ground one more time he was gonna suffocate himself with it. "Tsuna! Let's go out!" He called out.

Tsuna immediately ran to him. "Where, where?" He jumped up and down excitedly, a gleeful smile on his face.

Giotto shrugged his shoulders. He hadn't really thought of what to do, but figured something would pop up along the way. "Anywhere!" He smiled.

"Ok!" He was about to run out the door, but Giotto quickly stopped him. He reminded him that even though he was allowed to do whatever he wanted while home he couldn't while they were out because it was too dangerous. He nodded eagerly, obviously not caring at having his freedom reduced again.

"We're leaving, mom/mommy!" They called.

"Be home by 5, Giotto!" She called. "Be safe!"

"OK" He called back.

Five rolled around and they were headed back home; Tsuna's arms full of prizes from the Carnival that was apparently in town. It had been a pleasant and welcome surprise when Giotto noticed it because he didn't think his other ideas would entertain Tsuna for as long as the Carnival did. He only half listened as Tsuna chatted excitedly about the things that they had done. He smiled indulgently, chuckling a little, and wondered if Tsuna had forgotten that he had been with him the whole time, so didn't need the walk through of what they did. He didn't mention it.

Opening the door he made sure to let Tsuna in first. "Why's it dark?" Tsuna asked nervously.

Then Giotto flipped the lights on and there was a loud "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" That caused Tsuna to drop all his prizes in shock. Giotto chuckled as he picked up the dropped items. Tsuna looked at him in shock and he smiled warmly "Happy birthday, baby brother." He kissed the top of his head.

Coming out of his shock Tsuna gave him a fierce hug and then ran to their mom and gave her one that seemed to be even fiercer. Then he ran to his friends and the party started.

All Tsuna's classmates were there, as well as their parents. Giotto's own friends were there as well to wish him a happy birthday, as well as to accompany their siblings. There was a knock on the door and Nana went to open it. Seeing her hand fly to her mouth and tears fill her eyes Giotto was about to go over and see what was wrong.

When she opened the door wider and stepped aside their father walked in with a cake and some other guys followed, holding what looked to be gifts. Tsuna hadn't really paid attention to the new comer until...

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, my little Tsunayoshi, happy birthday to you." He knelt down in front o Tsuna who just stood there in shock.

Tears filled his eyes. "Daddy!" He threw himself into his fathers embrace, not caring about the cake he was holding in this other hand. Giotto took it before it could fall to which he got a grateful smile in response.

Everyone started singing to Tsuna, but he didn't really seem to be listening as he just hugged their dad and cried, happy. After that the party livened up again, the guys that had accompanied their dad had left after dropping off the gifts and said they would see him later, or something along those lines.

Everyone was really involved in all the party games that were being played, though they were games for children everyone, including the adults, got really into it.

The house was filled with smiles and laughter. None of which were brighter or louder than the Sawada family's.

When everyone was gone they found out that when Iemitsu's boss heard about it being Tsuna's birthday he ordered him to go today, but under the pretense of going out on business.

The next thing he knew he was being given strict instructions to take the month off, and a multitude of gifts were pushed into his arms with more being brought out by some of the help.

"How lovely!" Nana exclaimed. "Look how popular you are, my Tsuna!" She squealed in delight. He just smiled at her sleepily from his dad's arms.

"Time for bed, kiddo." Iemitsu murmured.

"OK." Giotto offered to take him upstairs.

When he was at the foot of the stairs he turned to face their parents. "I'm glad you were able to be here, dad. Tsuna was really happy to see you." I was, too.

"I'm glad I was able to be here, too, son." He smiled, an arm around Nana's shoulders.

With that he took Tsuna to his room and tucked him in. As he walked across the hall to his own room he heard Nana scolding Iemitsu. "You could have told me!" He heard the sound of skin hitting skin, playful slap he assumed.

Iemitsu laughed. "Where would the fun in that be?" He stated." I wanted to surprise all of you." He added a little softer.

Deciding he shouldn't ease drop anymore he entered his room and laid down after closing the door. He fell asleep to the sound of their soft voices, a smile playing on his lips. Today had been a good day, after all. Better than he could have ever imagined.

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