The Meaning of a Word

Commander Shepard was known by many people,

To some he is a paragon of humanity, to others the savior of the Citidel, and yet others still a great survivor, yes Shepard is a great many things to a great many people, but to him there is only one that matters.

Tali Zora vas Normandy never imaged where her life would take her,

From salvaging a geth memory core, to the back alleys ducking assassins, to traveling the galaxy trying to prevent the destruction of all sentient life in the universe, watching the love of her life die is space without her ever being able to tell him the truth and having him come back to life to drag her into another adventure, yes she has lived an interesting life.

Tali Zorah vas Normandy was hard at work researching possible methods of improving her immune system to be able to stay outside of her suit for longer periods of time when a new link popped up on her extra net browser, curious she investigated.

10 seconds later she is blessing Keelah for the darkness of her visor and scurries to Shepards quarters.

"Shepard are you busy?" she asks, "no come on in Tali."

" I have taken some more herbal supplements and immune boosters, and I was wondering if you would be interested in…"

In a flurry of motion Shepard and Tali are locked in an embrace clothe strewn about everywhere, Shepard is about to start when Tali puts a hand out.

"Tali what is it" With a deep purple tinge on her light lavender cheeks, Tali asks. " shepard, Could you um…" "yes Tali" "um Keelah this is so embarrassing" "just tell me Tali I wont judge you" "ok could you put it in my Bosh'tet" "your what?" Cheeks flaming she takes his hands and places it on her bottom. "my Bosh'tet please Shepard"

Stunned Shepard could only think one thing "so that's what it means."