Your life is the tide

S w i r l i n g

In, out

One thing is perfect

Another in shambles

Because that's how it is

Life ain't fair, baby girl


I know that sometimes it hurts

Okay, most times

B u t

But most of it is

( you'll hate to hear this one )

Your fault


Think about it,

How many chances did he give you?

That poor boy, heart on his sleeve

How many pleas

Whispered and screamed

Haunted your ears?

We all make mistakes, dear

And the great thing about him is

He'll forgive you

( that's how much he loves you )


S e e s a w s

( like you played with as a child )

You are accepted to be special


But lose the sister you hold dear

But that's how the world works, love

And it's got to get worse before it gets better


So maybe it's cliché that you are falling

And maybe you really shouldn't because who is he

But an arrogant

Self centered

J e r k

But to you

( remember this )

He's kind

And patient

Very patient

And he has given you everything

Time to return the favor


I know you're scared

Because there will be consequences for that 'yes'

But it's time

You have to give him some reason to hope

Or he'll give up

And that would be t e r r i b l e

( because you two belong together )

So tell him

Declare it

He's done it so many times, you should for once

Make a fool of yourself

Be embarrassed

Be h a p p y


And in years maybe you'll see this

And you'll know

Yes, there will be pain

But it was worth it

Because just when you thought you couldn't love anymore

You discover you can

So love, before it's too late


A/N: The last line refers to, of course, Harry. I really loved writing this, partly because I was just procrastinating on home work.

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