AN: So this is set in the future. When exactly? I have no idea. Blame my brain at 2 am. I wanted to try making a baby fic, so here we go! I can't honestly tell how this will turn out, I'll let my right hemisphere take control of this one. I'll try to do my best and not disappoint. Again reviews are more than welcomed.

PS. Sophie is still called Sophie, regardless of that being her real name or not. [I vote for Alexandra or Samantha]

Words: 1,400

"Did you ever see yourself like that?" asked the thief in a way too harsh voice.

"What do you mean Parker?" replied Sophie

"You know, like that. Married, pregnant, the whole nine yards."

"Oh," chuckled the 8 month old pregnant grifter "Yes and no. I always knew I wanted a family, but I guess I never saw myself pregnant."

"So, what's it like?" said Parker abruptly

"The pregnancy or marriage life?" replied the grifter looking at the young woman, then towards her husband that sat in the kitchen table pretending not to be listening in.

"All of it, I guess." the blonde shot back

"Well, marriage is hard," said Sophie wondering where Parker's question came from, "it's definitely something you don't rush into, it takes commitment, courage and – "

"- a whole lot of patience." interrupted the woman's husband walking to her, kissing the baby in her body.

"I was going to say love, but patience, patience is also a must." she said looking lovingly into his eyes. "Especially with this one." she finally added giving him a quick kiss.

Their loving looks made Parker feel like she was missing something. No, not something, someone.

"What about pregnancy?" she redundantly asked.

"Pregnancy is a lot like marriage except it permanently unites two people with a child". Sophie said looking at the young woman still wondering where these questions were coming from.

"And cravings, lots and lots of cravings." said Nate rubbing his wife's belly.
"Yeah that too" she said smiling.
Parker was starting to doze off when Hardison and Eliot walked in. The way she was snapped back to reality told Sophie where the questions came from. She could feel the thief's hair pickle up. Parker noticed that Sophie was catching on; the thought of the future conversation between the two paralyzed her.

"Hey." said Hardison walking towards the three of them sitting on the couch. He sat next to his girlfriend and kissed her on the cheek. Parker didn't react right away. Her mind was definitely somewhere else.

"That's weird." Eliot thought to himself. He remembered when he found out that Parker and Hardison were finally an item.


"We have to talk" he said to the hacker in a stern voice. Alec's face went pale. All the blood in his body suddenly stopped flowing. "S-sure" he managed to mumble.

"I know you like her very much," said the hitter still in a strong voice "but sometimes things happen, and if you hurt her…" he trailed off "Well, let's just say you don't want to mess with her."

"Eliot, I would never and I mean never hurt her, you know that. Plus I would rather be dead before Parker was even close to being hurt. You know what scratch that, if something were to happen to her, I must already be dead."

Eliot heard the truthfulness in his voice and accepted what the geeky man said. He nodded and asked "Do Nate and Sophie know?"

The hacker looked like a dear in the headlights "Oh crap" he thought to himself. "Parker's supposed to tell Sophie, and Sophie's supposed to tell Nate" he answered. But the uncertainty of it all lingered in his mind.

[end of flash back]

Sophie let a vague smile when she saw how the thief reacted to the hacker's kiss. She couldn't help to flash back to when she found out about their official relationship.


Parker looked extra gleeful that day.

"Parker is everything ok?" she said.
"Yeah!" answered the thief, smiling like if she had just done an impossible lift.
"You look different" said the grifter trying to read the thief.

"Hardison, he um, he did this thing" said the young woman. The look on her face let Sophie know that whatever it was, it was a good thing.
"What thing?" the grifter asked smiling back at Parker.
"He, you know." she replied dreading actually having to say it.
"No Parker, I don't." said Sophie starting to worry "Is everything ok between you two? Did he do something you didn't like?" her mind was running a thousand miles per hour trying to decipher what was going on. Even though the thief was smiling you could never be sure with her.

"Everything's better than ok, Soph. Everything's perfect." she let out a huge grin. "He um, asked to be my friend. Well, my boyfriend to be entirely true."

Sophie looked at her, it all made scenes now. She already knew how the situation played out, but decided to hear the girl tell the story. "And?" she gently asked.

Parker gave her a look that said "have you seriously not figured it out yet!"
"Well, I told him yes. That's ok, right?"
"If course it is!" the grifter smiled back.

"Hey Soph?"
"Can you tell Nate? I - we don't know how to." Parker smiled at the word, we, Hardison and Parker, finally we.
The grifter smiled "Sure Parker."

She did it she told Nate. She too wasn't sure what to expect from him, but the "FINALLY!" he let out made her smile.

Nate walked towards the new couple sitting on the couch. He saw Hardison's arm around the happy thief. "So," he said making them readjust themselves in the couch, "I hear you're finally a couple."
Hardison grinned as the man nodded in approval.

Soon after Eliot and Sophie came from the kitchen, where Eliot had made her a morning sickness remedy.
"So, how'd you do it?" Eliot finally asked the hacker.
"Yes," said Sophie, "how did you ask her?"

The couple looked at each other. "Rock, paper, scissors?" Hardison asked, he knew he would lose, because Eliot had showed her his tells, but he wanted to spare her from the embarrassing feeling.
She smiled. They played and she easily won.

"She wanted to beat the new security system I had been testing out," he started explaining, "I told her that I had designed this system to be unhackable and thief proof. I told her that I'd designed it after studying hours and hours of the best brake-ins ever; most of them hers, by the way. She still wanted to give it a go, so I hatched the plan." he said smiling, proud of what he did. "I went and programmed the vents to switch around. You remember what I told you about the uncommon vent system I had created –"
"Yeah the one that switches around making it very painful to get out." added Parker.
"Yeah, that one." he said slightly hugging her, watching the bruises on her arms. "Sorry 'bout that" he whispered.

"Well it turns out that at one point the vents made a - very dreadful to figure out- pattern," Parker continued. "You had to know the programmer to figure it out, and well I think I know Hardison pretty well." She looked at the gleeful man, kissing him softly. "So I end up in this room that only had a box in the middle. Inside that box was a cereal box, and inside the cereal box was a hundred dollar bill that said 'Be my valentine?'"

"Awwww, you did this on Valentine's day?" cooed Sophie
"Well, no." Hardison replied, "That was the original plan, but you know you can never really expect a plan to work out if she's not in on it."
They all chuckled at the fact.

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Sophie was snapped back to reality when she received a kick from the inside out. "Take it easy." she said to her baby.

"So did you find a name yet?" asked the hitter.

"We have some in mind." said the mastermind.

Sophie looked up at Parker who was now comfortable in Hardison's arms. "We're thinking: Parker if it's a girl." she said looking for the thief's consent,

The thief blushed at the thought of a baby named after her. She looked approvingly at the expectant mother who looked back at her letting her know 'We have to talk'.