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It hadn't been easy. It took years, long and hard years but they had finally made it to a point where they could finally admit their feelings. After a long and dysfunctional relationship they were ready to give it a final go.

"What happens if this doesn't work out?" Nate asked under his breath.

The woman looked at him wondering why he would start this new chapter with such a negative thought. "I haven't really thought of that… I'd like to think that it will work out. You just have to want it badly enough that you're willing to sacrifice anything for it."

"Everything" he stated.

She looked at him with a puzzled expression.

"I would sacrifice anything and everything to make this work."

"Anything?" she asked coyly while her face slightly blushed.

He pretended she wasn't blushing, "Except the kids of course" he said motioning to the rest of the crew that where watching TV on the other room. Her smile matched his.

"Anything and everything but the kids… I agree." She stepped closer to him. She could feel his heart beat increasing along with hers. "Anything and everything" she whispered to his ear.

On the other room Eliot was quite aware of what was happening between the grifter and the mastermind. He chose to remain quiet; it was best not to alert Parker or Hardison, they deserved that space. He turned back and watched the other couple develop instead.

Parker was – as usual- incredibly close to Hardison, not that the young man minded. Hardison was trying to find something that would interest the thief "What about a movie?" he asked looking for her approval.

"Which one?"

"I think you might like 'Ocean's Eleven'" he said grinning. He knew for a fact the film would spark the thief's interests.

"Sure, I'll get the popcorn" she replied.

"Why don't you get comfortable and I'll get your popcorn" Eliot said quickly, since he wasn't sure how Nate and Sophie wanted them to find out of their relationship, he decided not to expose her to it. Before he entered the kitchen he casually cleared his throat and gave them time to gather their emotions.

"We're about to watch 'Ocean's Eleven', wanna watch?" he asked the duo. Without giving them a chance to answer he said in a whisper "If you're not gonna tell them, you should pretend a little better" pointing at their interlocking hands. The hitter smiled has he put the popcorn in the microwave.

"One just can't keep anything from you, can we?" said the grifter in an amused tone.

"I'm a lurker. I lurk. Therefore I know stuff" he said trying to hold back his laughter. The mastermind acknowledged the fact.

"A movie for Parker?" he asked.

"You know how Hardison is." The hitter replied.

Even though years had passed the grifter still remembered that fond memory almost every morning since she got pregnant. When asked about it she would always reply "That's when I knew everything would change for the better. That we would be together forever… the five of us."

This particular morning, however, something was different. Eliot has just received a text message that sends a worrisome expression to his face.

"Is everything ok?" wonders the grifter.

Like every morning for the last 8 months Eliot was making her a vitamin packed breakfast. He wanted to make sure that the baby was going to be born as healthy as possible. No one could quite explain why, but they all knew that kids were going to be taken care of if Eliot was around.

"Yeah, yeah" he replies in a hurried voice. As he sees the look the grifter shoots at him he stops dead at his tracks, looks at her with such an intense look that she feels him invading her soul. "Everything's fine Soph. Now finish your breakfast little - " he stopped. They still hadn't a name for the little creature growing inside her body. "the little tyke or tykette needs his or her nutrients. Don't ya?" he said caringly to the unborn child.

"Seems to agree with you" replied the expectant mother while holding her belly feeling the light kicks.

"Is he kicking you again?" said Nathan walking into the kitchen.

"I told you not to call our child a boy" she said nagging "there's a 50-50 chance here! If it ends up being a girl… you'll regret it later."

"You're right honey, I'm sorry." He said knowing better than to pick a fight with an 8 month old pregnant woman.

"It's not me you should be apologizing at" she remarked

"I'm sorry" he said to her belly giving it a light kiss.

"So what are you going to name him?"asked the hitter getting a scolding look from Sophie "I mean if it's a boy. You said if it was a girl you'll name her Parker, well what about a boy?"

They looked around, noticing the coast was clear she whispered "We're naming the baby Parker regardless of its sex. We just want to surprise her. The difference will be in the middle name. If it's a girl she'll be named Parker Olivia and if it's a boy Zane, Parker Zane. Don't you dare tell her!"

He laughed "Of course not." He walked to the living room checking the phone he had put on silence. Two new messages read the screen. He opened the message to find a set or coordinates. He knew this was in Massachusetts "country side" he mumbled. The second one read Need help. He looked at the first text he got: שלום, זר. (Hello, stranger)

No, it couldn't be… Raquel.