The helicopter had finally gone into the air, leaving the two queens and their chevaliers behind for battle. Eyes glowing a murderous red, Saya leapt into the air wielding her katana in pure rage. Diva simply smiled as Karl followed suit, meeting his object of obsession in the air. As Saya swung her blade to get him out of the way, Hagi was right beside her, flinging his cello case. One of the thorns from Karl's arm barely missed ripping her skirt as he and Hagi fought for the second time that night.

Leaving the two chevaliers to themselves, Saya advanced toward her sister on foot. The latter continued to stand unfazed, waiting lazily for the imminent attack. Indifferent to her sister's complacency, Saya's palm raked across the edge of the blade just before she poised it above her head. Feigning a yawn, the blue-eyed queen jumped out of the way and onto the ship's level below.

"Play nice, sister. You might get hurt playing with that big knife."

Disregarding her sister's petty mocking, Saya charged again through the air, slashing her "big knife" in anticipation of hitting something solid. Diva only laughed as the katana took a chunk out of the floor. Finally, it was Saya's turn to speak.

"Why? Why him? Why Riku?" Her voice broke as she uttered her younger brother's name, the image of his crystallizing body haunting her red eyes. The ensuing rage not only fueled the fire in her eyes, but the sheer volume in her battle cry. It was the only thing that was truly audible over the surrounding explosion.

Backing away from her sister's increasingly frequent blows, Diva replied, "He was such a cute boy. I just couldn't resist him." With her perpetual smirk, the queen licked her lips. "He was just so tasty the first time. I had to have a second serving."

Saya furiously threw her weapon forward, unpredictably enough that Diva barely had enough time to dodge the sharp metal. When the katana fell against the wall and onto the floor, it had managed to make a huge tear in Diva's bell-shaped dress.

"Oh, now look what you've done! I told you not to play with knives, big sister. But you just don't listen." Extending her hand, the chiropteran queen threw Saya across the ship's deck. While her sister lay in heap, Diva picked up the katana and approached her limp body.

"Nightie night, Saya." About to coat the weapon in her own poisonous blood, she was knocked aside, her grip lost as the katana clattered to the ground a few feet away. Within moments, that was no longer Diva's biggest concern. The ship's self-destruct ignited another explosion, blowing away parts of the deck and rocking the vast ship to its side. She caught a glimpse of Saya's chevalier flying away with her sister's limp body and weapon in tow before Karl took her up into the sky.

The wind nipping at the ruffles of her dress, Diva remarked, "What a pity, Karl. I really wanted to tuck Saya in. I think she might have actually liked it."

A/N: As I'd already written this a while ago, I thought I'd upload it. I'm new to Blood+, but feel fairly comfortable with it, at least enough to start a fic on it. And now that I have limited access to the computer, it seems that my creativity has returned. Great timing... reviews, anyone?