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Day 1-358


Finally he talks?

" Why'd you pick this?"

"Can you be more specific?"

" The exchange student program. Sorry."

"...I'm bored at my place. And your home on the website seemed nice."

"Thanks." The young male smiled.

"So...Why didn't you talk earlier?"

"...I was shy...I...I mean..." The male gestured a hand to the other.

The young female gave a wide-eyed look. She thought she appeared pretty normal. Her body wasn't perfect, she may had been skinny, but that was only because she walked everywhere; she was actually pretty lazy and geeky. Her clothes today were regulaur wear in towns; black 'Nightmare Before Christmas Shirt', caprices, boots, a bit of jewelry. She had combed hair pretty well, and fast, and was in a pony-tail. Being a Brunette, with highlights was normal right? Her glasses were

plain black in front of her hazel eyes, pretty normal...Right?

"Not that you look bad!" The male caught himself. The female smiled now. "Thanks Arty."

Arthur's face brightened up. 'Arty'? Already with the nick naming? "Its just not normal for farm life."

"Oh. Its ok. I bought some clothes at a store next to the bus station." The female turned her head to look out the window, rolling the handel bar forward, rolling the window down. The air released

her front bangs from the other strands. What a nice summer day

"Why didn't you go on an airplane? It would've been shorter."

"I'm afraid of heights."


"Do you need any help with your bags, Nessa?" Asked Arthur's grandmother sweetly.

Nessa had two suitcases in her hands, one foot on the first step. She turned back and smiled,

shaking her head lightly. "I'm fine. I need the exercise."

"But your so skinny!"

"But my muscles are weak. I may be skinny, but I'm not active." Nessa then continued up the stairs. The top split into two short hallways, she stood there for a moment.


"I knew that..." Nessa ran to her left, embarrassed. A door was open already Ajar, and she entered

it, shutting the door with her left foot. She pulled the suitcases onto the bed... She looked around the barren room. Just a dresser with a big mirror, with a nice Television on it, a couple of

cosmetics on it. A big window out looking the farm, a nice cozy Queen sized bed. And a closet on one wall. "...I like it...But the walls..." The walls were white...She could feel claustrophobia over coming her, she felt like she was in a asylum..."I'll ask Gramma if can I re-paint the walls."

She was going to be there for a couple of months.


Young, Narcissus elamond,Darsin, Sapphire climbed down the stairs. She wouldn't reveal her age

to others, and confuse them with 'Old enough'. She took a tour around the house. It was pretty old,

like an antique. And there were many bugs. "Time To check Outside!" She chuckled nervously, walking away from a spider web.

Nessa took ran upstairs to her room quickly, putting a camera around her neck. She then ran

outside, walking a few feet away from the house, positioning her camera to her face.


She then trotted off, snapping pictures of various objects. She looked up to the water tower, snapping a picture. The picture then rolled out from the camera, Nessa grabbed the tip and started to wave it lightly in the air. Soon the picture developed."...Perfect." Nessa smiled. She then continued.

Soon she came to an old back house. The door was ajar. Nessa's curiosity got the best of her. She peeked her head in. Looking around, wide-eyed. She then found her self in side, snapping shots everywhere. "How beautiful...Though the wood is old and the paint is slightly peeling, it has a majestic, historical feeling." She was complete awe. "Its like finding 'The Constitute of Independence'" Nessa then bumped backed into something.

"Ah!" The young female jumped up, completely shocked to find anybody here, but also in fear of being in trouble. "H'ello." Arthur laughed lightly to the female's face;Wide eyes, totally scared. The young male then saw a picture on the floor, it not being there before. He bent over, picking t up from the ground in front of his boots. His pants were dusty from being in the dusty shack, they folded at his ankles slightly, his white shirt having spotted oil on it, and his spiky reddish,brown hair giving him an adventurous look.

"This picture is lovely." He examined it "You have anymore?". Nessa was grasping her heart, trying to catch her heart beat and breathe."yes." She took out the other pictures from her left pocket. Arthur took them, happily shuffling through them. "Are you going to be a photographer?" he questioned, looking up to Narcissus. "Maybe. Un-sure right now." She said, walking around now. "Please. Warn me before I bump into you." Nessa's hands started to touch the old woods. "Why don't you become a photographer?" Arthur asked, walking with her, staring down at the pictures, knowing is way around.

"I was offered other jobs. I also have other jobs I think I can do."Nessa said. "What offers?" Arthur shifted one picture behind the stack. "Like a model." Nessa stopped, and poked at things on a table. Arthur was bewildered at this. His gaze shot up to Nessa. "Really?" He exclaimed. "Yeah...But...I don't like showing off my body, or posing. I like taking pictures, not being in them."

Arthur understood. He handed the stack of pictures back to Nessa. Then walking to a pillar that held up the roof, checking the calender on it. Exactly what he thought. "Nessa...I'm going to go somewhere later this week,for a couple of days..."He took a red pen, drawing something on the calender."Why?" Nessa then found Arthur's little,red collector's item(She Could Tell) car on the table. "I'm going to visit some friends. They live far away..."He stared happily at the calender. "Why don't they come here? I wouldn't mind." Nessa found the wind-up key and touched it. "Well...They are more comfortable being at"Arthur then struggled to talk. "Arty."Nessa quickly stopped him. "Don't blow a fuse." Nessa chuckled. Arthur smiled. "You have access to mine, and my grandfather's shack now." He spread out his arms. " Its what I can repay you for leaving for a couple of days. You can see more of it and take some shots of things for me." Nessa then turned the wind-up key on the little car.

"And we can pin up your pictures to a wall." Arthur touched ab are wall. "And I have a book you can read.". This caught Narcissus's attention, she loved to read. Her hands accidentally slipped from the wind-up toy, and it went off over the table and into a wall. Arthur and Nessa stared at it for awhile, then busted up laughing. "But wheres your grandfather?"

"He's in Australia currently."


Nessa was tired from the day, running around with Arthur and Alfred. But sleep would have to wait. She HAD to read the book Arthur had given her. it was old looking, brown and reaked of adventure. She sat on the bed; in a white tank, sockless,soft blue plaid pants and her hair down, behind her ears. Her hair was wild, puffed with volume, it was just naturally that way. She sat Indian style, book in her lap, she arched forward, pushing her glasses up to her eyes and opened the book.


Day 2-358

Nessa was wearing her pajamas, it being Sunday she was relaxed. She ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. The smell of Bacon in the air. Her stomach growled as she entered the kitchen. "Good morning Nessy."

"Morning Gramma." Nessa felt at home. And that wasn't easy to do. "Morning Ness." Arthur greeted, sitting at the table in his pajamas's as well; a plate with two stacked pancakes,three bacon strips and hash browns in front of him, eaten somewhat. "Morning Arty." Nessa ruffled his spiky hair. "I love your hair." Nessa ruffled it some more. "thank you. Nice morning hair." Arthur smiled.

Nessa smiled, and then sat down. Arthur's grandmother setting down a plate of food in front of her.

"Today is a rest day. Like in bible. So take it easy." The senior then sat down with them. "I'm going to be in the garden then. I have a book I wanna read." Nessa put syrup and butter on her pancakes, and sprinkled some sugar on it. "Also!" Nessa looked to Arthur. "I loved that book you gave me to read last night."

"You read it all?" Arthur chimed. "YES! I was sucked into it!" Nessa said, after swallowing her food. "I find princess Selenia beautiful!" Narcissus smiled. Taking a sip of her Orange Juice. "I do as well." Arthur said adoringly. Nessa giggled. " Was it recently updated? The back pages seem new."

"Yes. I and Grandfather updated it." Arthur finished his food. "I loved it. You must make me a copy!" Nessa finished her food as well. Wow, they were hungrier then they thought.

"Lets head to the shack! I'll show you some pages I'm going to put in later!" Arthur put his plate into the sink. Nessa nodded, following Arthur Suit. "But shouldn't we dress?"

"No. Sundays we stay home. And relax."


"And Princess,Well Queen, Selenia has a younger brother, Betameche."

"Really?" Nessa looked through pages full of sketches and information on them. "Yeah. His name is longer, but people call him Betameche, or Beta for short." Arthur organized the pages neatly. "wow. its like you've been there." Nessa examined a page in the book now, with a drawing of Selenia on it.

"Why aren't are there pictures of him, or others in the book yet? Or on the profile page of him?"

"I or Grandpa haven't had the time. And drawing Minimoys are hard, you have to take your time to capture their beauty." Arthur then gazed at the book's page as well.

"Maybe you should've taken pictures." Nessa giggled. "...We didn't have a camera." Arthur said,still staring. "And they don'th ave the technology." Nessa giggled once more, thinking it was a joke. "Oh no! They could make one." Arthur then flipped the page a couple of times. "This is Beta's weapon, a multi-knife gadget-" Arthur started to explain.


"Tonight I'm leaving to my friends house." Arthur was dressed nicely in a tank,plad over jacket,sleeveless and baggy,hard jeans. He sat next to Nessa in the grassy field of the garden, against a big Oak. "Ok. How long will you be gone?" Nessa looked up from her book. 'Eragon'

"No less then a week most likely. But I hope for longer."

Nessa raised an eyebrow and Arthur quickly caught himself. "NOT BECAUSE OF YOU! NO!" He stammered. "Arty. I get it." Nessa smiled, understanding. "Don't blow a fuse." She giggled. Arthur smiled. This female was just perfect for a friend...But she was more of a sister.

"...Read me a chapter?" Arthur gave her a puppy dog look. Nessa gave in instantly. And began to read.

"Chapter Twenty-Seven, The Witch and The was late in the morning when Eragon woke."


Arthur peeked into Nessa's room as quietly as he could. She was dead asleep, snoring lightly. Good..

The young male sneaked down the steps, and out the front door. There in the garden were several muscular,African men,in traditional tribal wear. Arthur ran to them. Backpack slung over his left shoulder. Everything was set. The traditional mat, the golden Telescope, the moon, WITH no clouds threatening to stop the moonlight.

"Are you prepared young child of the moon?" Asked the leader in a tough voice. Arthur smiled, and pulled his moon necklace from under his tank. "Yes." He eagerly replied. The leader smiled,and moved out of Arthur's way, gesturing to the telescope. There next to it was his grandmother. "Your parents would be happy to see you happy."

"Luckily we got them to go with Grandpa to Australia." Arthur grinned. He was given a kiss on the forehead. "I'll keep Nessy occupied like a bathroom on an airplane." Arthur chuckled.

Then a beam of light hit the Telescope. Arthur's face brightened up quickly and ran to the golden telescope. He put a eye onto the hole. There he saw them. The royal,Minimoy- siblings,fighting on a ladder.

Selenia and Betameche.

Arthur chuckled.

"I'll tell him." Came Selenia's voice.

"I WANNA!" Betameche protested.


"Both of you!" Came the king's voice from behind. Then they realized Arthur was there. Selenia flushed, being embarrassed, trying to fix herself. Betameche waved to Arthur enthuiscly. "Arthur! Guess what!"

"What?" Arthur asked confused.

"Theres a change of...Ummm...Plans." Selenia smiled shyly. Arthur was in utter shock and Confusion.

"It'll take til morning."


Day 3-358

Nessa was dressed in overall-shorts, a tank under, her hair in her usual ponytail, She had painted her fingernails black yesterday before bed,staying up late also gave her eyes bags under them. Multiple bracelets on her wrists, a peace sign necklace on and her brown boots with black socks on.

She felt happy this morning, instantly! Something about the morning was new. And she felt...Adventurous. She walked out her room and stretched in the hallway. She heard the front door open, and Arthur's voice. "Arthur?" Nessa thought. Then two other voices came. Nessa walked to the top steps. And there was Arthur with two others at the door.

"Arty?" Nessa questioned.

Arthur turned back to see Nessa. He raised a hand to her and smiled. "Morning Ness!"

"Didn't you leave lastnight to your friend's?" She asked, walking down mid way the steps.

"Yeah. But...There was a change of plans..." Arthur said sheepishly. "These are my friends." He gestured to the other two.

They were Gingers(lol Get My reference?). A tall,lanky woman who Nessa thought was beautiful, with short hair. And a shorter,chunky boy, who Nessa thought was cute,with crazy hair, that defied gravity (Guess other reference?). The girl seemed to glare at Nessa, while the boy smiled happily. Were they siblings?

"Selenia this is Nessa, she took part in an exchange program that my grandmother signed our house up for. She's gonna be staying here for a couple of months. Nessa this is Selenia." Arthur introduced them. Nessa smiled, holding out a hand to Selenia. But she only examined Nessa. "Right." Selenia said. Ness withdrew her hand. "And this is Betameche. Selenia's little borther. " Nessa and Betameche shook hands. "Nicer then your sister are you?" Nessa giggled. "You'll like me better then her." Betameche and Nessa both laughed lightly. Selenia scoffed.

"Selenia and Beta will be staying with us for awhile too." Arthur smiled. Then a light bulb lit in Nessa's head. "They have the same names as in the characters in your book Arty!" Nessa chimed. Arthur nodded, worrying somewhat. "Y-Yes. They're my muse!" Arthur quickly said.

"Aw. Your to kind Arthur." Beta smiled smugly to this. "Sweeeet!" Nessa bobbed her head.

This would be fun.


Lol. The reason why the first chapter is so long is because I had alot of time.

This would be separated into three chapters

Day One-Exchange Student.

Day Two-Book readings

Day three- Change Of Plans.

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