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The man gripped the edges of the porcelain white sink with his left hand while trailing the edges of where a few bruises were still fading from his pale face with his other hand. His knuckles were turning white from anger for how hard he was gripping the sink, looking in the mirror he scowled.

At first he had everything down to the last detail planned. Even having Tala there should have worked in his favor. However, the brat managed to ruin his work once again. All because he somehow managed to trick him into thinking he was being foolishly arrogant.

At first he saw it as the teen wanting to ensure Tala's safety. It was blatantly obvious from day one. He had never seen Kai's real plan until it was too late and the place had began it's descent into flame and rubble.

The memory was so clear...


The teen was panting heavily, bruised and bloody and yet he still held a cocky smirk on his face just to make the man mad. "I can't believe you didn't get it until now." He spoke while reaching to have a hand on the wall for support.

His rage was barely held back at his former student as he pieced together the downfall of Biovolt and his latest plan, Bega. It had made sense, yet he had missed the obvious, the one person who had the main hand in his plans decline.

"I was the agent who ruined your plans. I worked with the Police. Beating your precious Brooklyn was just a bonus." It had cost him alot but if it meant the purple haired man went down then so be it.

"You have just signed your deathwish, young Kai." He replied before charging at the weakened blader. Dagger in hand, ready to strike.


It angered him that he had been had by an arrogant brat.

However, he had come to realize that he would not be able to use the boy how he wanted but after everything he had come to learn that Kai had boasted, in what should have been his final moments, it would be better to simply put him out of his misery.

A sadistic smile formed on his bruised face. No one who took away his years of research and destroyed his plans was going to live. No one.


Tala paced back and forth by the side of the room where the window was. Deep in thought. Two weeks had passed since Kai had been admitted, two weeks and still nothing.

Most of his bruises were fading away but he would have some more scars. 'As if he didn't have enough already.' He thought as the memory of their training in Russia came to mind. The police were still looking for Boris but no one had seen or heard a thing from the purple haired man. It wasn't as though they would. The man was good at hiding, he had to admit that begrudingly. But that also brought up a new problem for the red head. He knew that Boris wouldn't let Kai get away with what he had and more than likely would want him dead.

'Probably wants to do it himself.' He couldn't imagine Boris risking hiring someone to do the job. 'If only I would have arrived sooner.' He thought while looking at the still comatose teen on the bed. At the time one of his thoughts was to listen to Kai and get out of there while he had the chance. He hated himself for ever thinking it and headed to find the dual blunette instead. In the long run he had almost been to late.

So many if's and should have's filtered in his mind. However he knew now was not the time for those thoughts since there was no point in rearranging the scenario to how it should have gone in his mind. Now, he had to be there for when the teen woke up. Even if Kai wouldn't realize it or admit it, he would their help. With some of the injuries he had there was no way he could live alone. And considering the information and theory Bryan gave to him, there was no way he was letting him go back to his mad man of a Grandfather in this state. Preferably not at all but that would be for another time.

It was enough almost make him fall out his chair at the time when Bryan of all people suggested it. The red head had told them of everything he knew that had happened and Bryan told him of why he spent the night a week and a half ago. He'd even set it up so for while Kai was there, he would room with the grey haired blader. Tala was still unable to get an answer for why he had done that.

Grev and others had still come by everyday to see the dual haired male but were not able to stay as long they liked due to other factors. They were there mainly around the mid-afternoon time and he took this time to go get some air from a park nearby. With that many people in a small room it was suffocating and only served as another hefty reminder of why he was there, unharmed. It also did not help that they were concerned with how he had been doing as well.

He paused in his tracks and took a deep breath. "Now's not the time." He muttered to himself. It was almost two am and he needed to get some sleep. His face softened from his former hardened expression as he gripped the cold metal rails of the bed and looked at the teens face. "Look Kai, if..." He trailed off trying to find the right words. He had only ever spoke to him like this twice. It was too weird to him to do it continuously but he had made a decision a few days ago. "If it means you'll wake up sooner, then I'll be your stupid brother, alright?" He hadn't expected an answer and knew he wouldn't get one. 'Hopefully soon.' He mused while turning to go lay down on the piece of furniture under the window.

Completely missing the small twitch in the younger teens left hand.


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