Anya is facing away from him, her back exposed and lovely. Xander reaches out a finger and traces the dips of her spine, smiling as she wriggles under his touch.

"Who knew you were such a sex bunny?" he asks, his voice soft.

She stills under his hand, and he immediately realizes his mistake. "Oh, Anya, I'm sorry. I forgot how much you hate b-"

"Don't say it!" she interrupts, turning herself over so that they are lying face-to-face. "Don't even say the word. It's just too horrible." She shudders and a lock of brown hair fall into her eyes.

Xander reaches up, brushes the strands away from her face. "Okay. Not saying the b-word. Even if it is the sexy kind." he pauses, then adds, "What about sex kitten? Can I call you that?"

She wrinkles her nose. "I don't like cats. They're so...uppity." A wistful smile."I turned a few men into cats in my day..."

"And now another thing to add to my growing list of fears about being in this relationship. Number one hundred fifty-eight: being turned into a cat." He grins as Anya glares at him. "Well, then, I give up. You just won't have a sexy nickname."

"But I want a sexy nickname!" she cries out, indignant. "Just not a cat or"

"The b-word." Xander supplies.

She nods. "Precisely. So...what about a different animal? A dog?"

Xander rolls to his back, stares at the ceiling contemplatively. "I don't know, Ahn. A dog? Dogs aren't sexy. They're pretty much the unsexy."

"Not true!" Her mind races as she tries to think of a sexy breed of dog. Jack Russel? No, too hyper. Chihuahuas are too small. Great Danes are too big. She blurts, "What about poodles?"

His head drops to the left so he can look her in the eye. "Anya," he says, slowly, " poodle?"

"What?" she bristles, and the same pesky lock of hair falls down again, "You don't want me to be your sex poodle?"

He brushes the hair behind her ear. "Of course I want you to be my sex poodle."

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