All righty, here's my first large MvA fanfic. Keep in mind that this will most likely be pretty long, and it may be a bit scary for some younger readers. Thanks and enjoy!

WARNINGS: Scary scenes, character torture, possible character death.

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By Eclipse of Light

Chapter 1: Horror Movies

The ground shook beneath her feet, making her sway and come dangerously close to falling. Just as she had regained her balance, the ground seemed to explode from underneath her and she was sent flying backward. She hit the ground with a grunt and rolled over just in time to see the creature come barreling down on her.

"Hannah!" someone called, but she couldn't hear it over the roar of the creature that was now chasing her. It came closer and closer as she ran, screaming for her life. She tripped and fell, throwing her hands up over her face to avoid seeing what was going to happen next...

A horrible scream was wrenched from her body as the giant creature began to rip her limb from limb. Her male companion screamed as well and went running back to his car. He fumbled with the keys for a few terrified moments, listening helplessly to Hannah's screams behind him. The keys hit the ground with a clink and he cried out with fear as he bent over to frantically feel for them in the darkness.

Then everything was ominously calm and quiet.

He turned. No sign of Hannah or the creature. No sign of the horrible massacre that had just taken place there. The only indication that something wasn't right was the giant hole in the ground where the thing had come up from. Panting, the male looked around frantically. He still hadn't found his keys, but this lull had given him some time. He once again bent over to look for them, taking them up into his hands. As he unlocked the door and climbed inside, he put his head against the steering wheel and wept slightly at the loss of his girlfriend.

Then the ground moved again.

Once more fumbling with the keys to get them into the ignition, the man let out a yell as his car was suddenly lurched to the side. The thing came up out of the ground in front of him and he let out a scream, holding onto the car for dear life as if that was going to save him. The creature came down on him, jaws clacking as it screeched. He screamed some more, his voice meshing with the voice of the creature...

"What are you watching?" Susan asked as she came into the room and flipped the light on. Link made an adamant noise and waved his hand in her direction, his eyes still on the massive screen on one wall of the room.

"Ehh! Turn the light off! It's just getting to the best part!"

BOB and Dr. Cockroach tended to disagree, as they sat on the couch beside Link and were hiding their eyes from the screen by leaning against one another. BOB let out a small squeal when he risked taking a look and once again hid his vision from the screen on Dr. Cockroach's shoulder.

"Turn it off, turn it off!" he yelped.

Susan put her hands on her hips and shook her head, "Link, you know these types of movies scare BOB. Now he'll never sleep."

"Shhhh!" Link hissed with another wave of his hand in Susan's direction.

Susan didn't take kindly to being shushed in such a manner and huffed once before strolling over to the screen and turning if off. Link let out a groan and tossed his hands into the air, but BOB and Dr. Cockroach seemed grateful for their friend's intrusion.

"It was just getting good! Come on!" Link whined, giving Susan a look.

Susan put on her best stern face (which happened to be a pretty good one) and scoffed at Link, "It was scaring BOB and Dr. Cockroach, Link. You could have at least turned it off long enough for them to leave the room."

"Aw, they were just being babies. It's only a movie."

Dr. Cockroach slid off of the couch, dettaching himself from BOB's grasp as he did so and wiping his clothes free of the spilled popcorn that littered the place, "A scary movie, Link. You told me it wouldn't be that scary."

"How in the world are monsters afraid of a monster movie?" Link asked with a confused blink in his friends' direction, "Seriously, they're monsters! They're just like us!"

"We don't eat people," BOB pointed out in a quiet, slightly higher-than-normal voice.

"The point is, Link, it scared them," Susan said, her voice full of annoyed exasperation, "You should have turned it off when they started covering their eyes."

Link shook his head in disbelief before digging down into the popcorn barrel and tossing more of the kernels into his mouth, "I live with a bunch of wusses."

"Well that may be, but you don't exactly have a choice in the matter," Dr. Cockroach pointed out. He then turned to BOB, who was still huddled into a ball on one corner of the couch, "Are you all right, BOB?"

BOB nodded, his eye wide, "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm terrified of giant snakes, but I'm fine."

"It wasn't a snake, it was some kind of worm thing," Link said in an annoyed voice, "And it wasn't real, BOB. It was a movie. It was fake."

"It was still scary!" BOB shot back with more malice than anyone had thought him capable of. Granted, it wasn't mean by most people's standards. Just mean by BOB's standards.

Link took a step backward and tilted his head, "Well, geez, I'm sorry. I didn't know the movie would scare you guys this much." His voice told everyone that he was more annoyed than sorry, however.

"Okay, you guys, we should probably head off to bed." Susan said, "We're going to Colorado to check on that Bigfoot sighting tomorrow, remember?"

"I dunno if I can sleep..." BOB whined, pouting a bit, "Link scared me."

Link let out an undignified huff at this, but said nothing.

"BOB, you can sleep in my room tonight, if it will help," Susan offered, giving the blue blob a small smile. BOB nodded enthusiastically in response to this. "Okay, go ahead and head over there. I'll be there in a bit."

BOB nodded again and he and Dr. Cockroach headed off toward their chambers. Susan, meanwhile, fixed Link with another glare.

"I should make him sleep with you tonight," she said to him, "Let him keep you up with his nightmares, since you insisted on making him watch that movie. But I'm afraid you may try to scare him again."

Link rolled his eyes, "I wouldn't try to scare him again. Geez, Susie, I'm sorry."

"Yeah, I know," Susan said, her voice softening a bit, but her glare still fixated on him. Link gulped a bit and took another step backward. Apparently Susan's wrath scared him quite a bit more than any old horror movie.

"I really am sorry," Link tried again, this time with more sincerity to the statement.

Susan nodded, dropping her hands down to her sides again, "I know you are Link. You just need to be a bit more careful, is all." She looked around the room, which was littered with candy wrappers and spilt popcorn, "And to make you pay for scaring BOB, I'm leaving you here to clean up," she said with a smirk.

"Hey, now that is not fair!" Link retorted.

"And why not? You scared BOB, and since he can't sleep in your room, you get to clean up after the mess you caused."

"I'd rather have him sleep in my room."

"Well too bad. He's already in mine." Susan crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out at Link as she made her way out and toward her chambers. Link grumbled to himself and began to pick up. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't quite as immune to scary movies as he'd originally thought, because now that he was alone in the room, his imagination began to run wild. Though he suspected that's what Susan had intended in the first place.

By morning, all three of the guys had wound up in Susan's room. When she woke up, she found them huddled together on the smaller bed that she had insisted putting into her room for situations just like this. It made her smile, to see them all huddled together like that. Granted, when they woke up, they'd probably deny it had ever happened.

As Susan tossed her legs over the edge of the bed, she let out a huge yawn accompanied by an incredibly large stretch. Boy did that ever feel good. Letting out a contented sigh, she dropped her arms back to her sides on the bed and looked around a bit. They were heading to Colorado today, which was at least a two hour flight, if things went well. Susan had never been to Colorado, but her parents had met in Aspen on a ski trip, so she'd always wanted to go. It looked like a nice place.

Just as she was about to stand up and head into the kitchen to eat, she heard Link groan. Smirking, she once again turned her gaze toward the boys, eager to see how Link would react when he discovered he'd been literally cuddling with the others during the night. As adorable as the visual was, she was sure it would embarrass them to no end. Especially Link, who was the self-proclaimed "manly-man" of the group.

He awoke rather slowly, his tail actually waking up before the rest of him. It sort of flopped up and down for a few moments before Link's head popped up and he gazed around bleary-eyed for a bit. He blinked a few times, then looked down at where he was. Giving a light yell, he propelled himself backward off of the other two boys.

"Yeesh..." he said to himself as he rubbed his head.

"Good sleep?" Susan asked, and Link jumped at the sound of her voice. Evidently, he hadn't known she was still there.

"Oh, uh...yeah, yeah. Good. You?"

Susan giggled, "The movie scared you, too, huh?"

Link rolled his eyes, then gave Susan an embarrassed grin, "Yeah. Yeah, it did."

"Good." Susan stood, once again stretching for a few moments, "Let's go get something to eat before we get too busy for the day."

Link nodded, "Yeah."

Together, they walked out of the room and toward the kitchen/dining room area, which also housed the large screen the boys had been watching the movie on and the couch. Several couches, actually, including one large enough for Susan to sit on.

Susan took a seat at her large table and leaned back in the chair. Link climbed up to the table top and looked up at Susan, his eyes wide in a mock attempt at being cute. Unfortunately, cute didn't often work on Link. At least, not when he tried to be cute.

"Are you still mad at me?" the fish-ape asked in his normal gruff voice. Susan chuckled.

"Of course not," she said with a smirk, "The movie scared you too, so I guess you learned your lesson." She reached down and gave him a gentle pat on the head.

"Good," Link said as he made a face of disgust at being patted like some sort of pet, "Just making sure."

It was at that point that the door opened and Dr. Cockroach came in accompanied by BOB.

"I'm terribly sorry, Susan," Dr. Cockroach said upon seeing the giantess, "I had no idea that the movie had scared me that much. I honestly hadn't expected to be sleeping in your room."

Susan giggled, "It's okay, Doc. Link wound up in there, too. It was like a big slumber party!"

Link's eyes widened and he looked up at Susan with a surprised glare. Apparently he hadn't wanted the other two to know that he had been scared too. Oh, well. Too late.

"Link slept with you, too?" BOB asked with a quizzical glace at Link, "Why?"

"I wanted to…make sure you were all right, is all," Link said, attempted to avoid BOB's wide-eyed glare at all costs.

Dr. Cockroach crossed his arms and gave Link a knowing glance, but said nothing.

"We actually just got up a little bit ago," Susan said in an attempt to change the subject, "You're just in time for breakfast!"

"Oh, yay!" BOB exclaimed as he made his way over to the smaller table that served for the boys. Dr. Cockroach followed and Link hopped down off of Susan's table to join them. Breakfast was served, though this time it was served on actual plates rather than through those awkward feeding tubes Susan had always hated when this place had still been a prison. The group scarfed down the food fairly quickly; apparently they were all hungrier than they had originally thought.

Shortly after breakfast, preparations to travel to Colorado began. They all met in the Briefing Room, where Monger told them all that was needed to know to successfully complete the mission. The idea was to get in and out of Colorado with little to no problems as far as the Bigfoot was concerned. Maybe a press conference, if everything went well.

After briefing, the group loaded up on the back of Butterflysaurus, and she took off into the air with no problems. They were off on their next mission, and there were no foreseeable difficulties along the way. Everyone assumed this would be one of their easiest assignments. I mean, how difficult could a Big Foot possibly be?

Boy, were their assumptions ever wrong.

Okay, so I just wanted to open this story in a way that showed how the group functions as a sort of family unit. I think I succeeded, and I think that the whole morning scene with the boys was absolutely adorable.

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