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9. The First in the Clan: Zoro

When was it when I first heard the name: Monkey D. Luffy?

Che. At first, it wasn't anything worth mentioning. I think I heard that name when Nami was babbling about something (I think it has something to do with tricking this kid out of all his money, the poor guy). Usopp was talking too but I didn't really listen to him because whatever nonsense he said would always (or usually) end up as a lie. I only listen to a few parts of what Nami said, only because she'll make me regret it in the end if I didn't. That da- she-devil.

We were at school during lunch. Grand Line High. I would prefer skipping but Nami wouldn't let me live if I do, for I have her next class. I don't even know why she bothered to keep me in check. It's not her problem. But even so, I know that deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, down my heart that she cares about all of us: Me, Usopp, Robin, Brook, Sanji, Chopper, and Franky. Yeah, she tends to do it in a more brutal way, but that's how Nami is.

"Zoro! Are you listening?"

I grunt in response.

Satisfied, Nami continued on with her speech, the others looking quite interested with what she has to say. At that time, I had stopped listening; and I stopped caring whether it would upset the mikan-loving woman if so. Back on those days, my mind was only on one thing: being the greatest swordsman in the world. That is my sole reason for being in this school.

To beat Mihawk.

Others think I'm insane, for Mihawk is quite strong, terrifyingly strong. My friends might think that I couldn't do it, which pisses me off to no end. Don't get me wrong, I care for my friends. I love them –with the exception of a few people –all very much.

But, whenever I told them I was going to challenge Mihawk, they all gave me looks. Looks of worry. And looks of hopelessness.

Except for Robin, for I have no clue what is going on in that woman's mind.

Being the best is a promise that I made with a childhood friend of mines. She was like a sister to me. Kuina.

We would always battle against each other. And she would always win, to the point that the numbers would get ridiculously high. She was my rival. My best friend.

That all ended in an accident though.

Kuina didn't die, as much to my relief, but she was crippled. And she couldn't lift a sword anymore. That devastates both her and me.


The said girl looked over at the down-trodden boy, her eyes empty and hollow before slowly looking down at her lap.

I wasn't scared because I knew how I wouldn't be able to try to beat her anymore, to fight with her anymore; I was scared because I knew how important kendo was for her.

When she was with me after a fight, she would sometimes blurt out a few things.

"A girl's body gets weaker as she grows. I sometimes wish I was born a man."

Those words scare me sometimes; for they seemed like they weren't from Kuina.

After the accident, she wasn't herself anymore. To me, she only seemed like a broken doll. Without any where to go. Or without any emotions. I would sometimes just stare at her for hours out in the hall near her bedroom, trying to find any movements that would say that she is alive.

After a week or two, I started to lose faith.

Her father tried everything to comfort her, but it seemed that he was at a lost too.

It was like –she did in fact die. That she wasn't here anymore; just her body that decided to keep pulsing through.

And as if she did pass away, I started to weep. And then I bawled.

The next day, after bawling my eyes out, I was so afraid that I would lose my best friend forever in that prison of the body. And so, I worked up the courage to confront her.


Kuina turned towards me once again, but there was no indication that she was really looking at me.


For the first time ever since that cruel day, I saw an emotion flickered on her face and before I knew it; she cried.

I cried along with her also.

Each and every day, I trained to become better, so that I could become the greatest swordsman in the world. At the same time, Kuina is starting to become better also. After a few weeks, she started to smile. And after a few months, she started to laugh.

During all the time since I was in elementary school and through junior high, Kuina was always there to give me pointers on my training and skills. I could tell that she was getting over with her depression, and that made me happy; happier than I would ever be if I ever defeated her one day.

Then, I was going to high school to defeat Mihawk.

Me and Kuina share one last smile before I left and I made sure to thank my sensei for all the trouble I have probably caused over the year.

For some reason, Kuina's smile looked like a sad smile.

Looking down at what I have in my hands, I couldn't help but grin as I was leaving my home town.

Kuina has trusted me with Wado.

Everything went crazy from there. I met the others, who were a pain in my life; an enjoyable pain sometimes, but a pain nonetheless.

I still couldn't help but feel lonely though. They were great friends, we could practically be family, but I thought something was missing. And looking back, I think everyone thought so too.

The second time I heard of the name 'Monkey D. Luffy'; it was rather an unusual way to find out someone's name.


That day, the whole school shook at the loud voice, literally.

I was twitching when I looked up at the tallest building out of Grand Line High; a freshman in a straw hat introducing himself to the whole world. At that time, I was a junior.

Of course, like anyone else in this da- school, I thought: Who in the he- is that idiot?

Apparently according to Nami, that very same idiot is the son of a multi-billionaire international company.

While the she-devil was too busy thinking about how the con the poor boy out of all his money, I was too shock to even care about her.

Seriously? That kid, that loud, obnoxious kid, is the son of the billionaire? I guess it shouldn't be that surprising….in a way…

I didn't think further on the matter though, for I was in big trouble then with something else….money trouble….

"NANI! YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME NAMI!" I exclaimed, looking at the, particularly devilish and evil-looking, orange haired woman.

With a firm shake of the head, Nami took out all the bills that I owed during these pass three years… and I twitched at the high number next to the word: total.

"You have three weeks to repay all of this off!"



Well… that is true. If the she-devil wasn't my friend, she wouldn't be so hesitant to kick me out until I pay the bills…Or sell my apartment to the next random guy who needs it.

Nami then sighed as she shook her head, actually looking sorry.

"Look Zoro, you can't continuously say "I'll pay you next time" or something like that. It's already been three years since you've moved here! And you haven't paid us a single bill since day 1! And I didn't even include any of the money that you owe me personal!"

I grumbled but I know I couldn't deny her for it was the truth. Since I have gotten an apartment from Nami, I haven't paid her the supposed bill that I owe. It couldn't be help.

All this time, I've been trying to challenge Mihawk to a duel, but it never happened. The man was always on the move, and I couldn't interrupt him while he's teaching class, or Nami would've killed me and not to mention the fact that I'll probably get suspended for picking a fight with the teacher. So, meeting up with him during school was a big no-no.

Getting him outside of school is hard enough as it is. The man would somehow disappear, like he knows that I was going to come. I never seem to have the time; I've been working odd jobs and such just to survive the week and when I do, he's always gone.

And now, there is no way I'll have time to get to Mihawk until I pay all of my debts!

I widen my eyes as I felt Nami subtly patting my head, shaking her head as she smiles softly at me.

"I could give you a sleeping bag so you'll be at least comfortable in the streets."

"You have no confidence that I could pay it all back, right?" I deadpanned while Nami tried to make herself look like a decent angel at the moment.

Though except for a halo, I saw tiny red horns coming out from her head.

From there, I started to find a better paying job. I already have three part time jobs and I don't really feel like taking on another six or so.

It was then at the third day that some guy offered me a job after some random people tried to attack me. Why they attack me, I don't know. All I asked was a job and they tried to kill me after that. What weird people.

"You know where you are, right?" the guy asked as he look at him with a raised eyebrow.

I also raised an eyebrow, looking as if he's the stupid one.

"I'm pretty sure we're in the city."

"Ok then, which part of the city?"

"The north."

The man sweatdropped.

"Not that answer that I'm exactly looking for. And this is the east."

"No way, I'm pretty sure it's north."

The man looks like he gave up trying to convince me otherwise.

"Well here," He thrust a poster in Zoro's hands "An address is also on there. If you're interested in the job, get that person and come to me."

With that, the strange man bid his farewell and left into the shadows….huh, that sounded creepy, yet somehow cheesy. "Left into the shadows". Who does that these days? [1]

With a shrug, not thinking much about it since it was pretty much an out-of-nowhere thing that could be categorized in my "what the heck" section of my brain (meaning I was prone to forget about it and put it off as unimportant); I opened up the poster to see a picture of a….well, he's a pretty weird guy. For some reason, he looked like a pirate, making me wonder if it was some kind of costume fetish thing. Who would dress up as a pirate these days? Aren't people in this generation care about fashion and such? Even thugs have their fashion.

Then I saw the bounty on his head and ignored the way he looks. If I get this guy, I could already pay off half of my bills! But I do have to wonder:

They still give out bounties? What is this, the 18th century? And the police nonetheless. Since when do they let strangers do their dirty work?

I decided it was not my place to ask. Beside, with this much money, it shouldn't matter in my book.

So after that, I've been doing bounties to get Nami off my back and my apartment back.

It was way later then did I realize that I have been called "The Hunter". They could be a little more creative on the name though.

I manage to pay all of my bills by the end of the week. It was pretty satisfying to see how surprised the she-witch was. Then I remembered my other debt that I have. Da- I need to pay all of that too. And what worse about it is: it's higher than what I owe for the apartment.

Nami; that monster.

One time in my hunt for another bounty, I was actually in a real pickle.


I coughed as another punch has reached my stomach, making me slightly leaned over. But I was still able to keep a defiant pose. It just seemed to make them all the more reason to just try and beat me up to death.

Before I knew it, everything seemed hazy and I couldn't get my senses straight. I heard a high pitched scream loud and clear, but it only seemed to hurt my ears and made my headache worse. Well, it's one way to know that I'm still alive, but I have a deep, ugly premonition that it was not going to be true in a few minutes.


There, I hazily heard the loud sound of a 'SMACK' from one of the guys nearby and soon after a loud sound of a 'thump!', indicating that one of the men had fallen down. And judging from how I couldn't determine anymore noise from the same person that had fallen, it could be said that the unlucky person is unconscious.

"You're going to regret that kid…" I heard one said, imagining the evil twinge in his eyes.

Despite that I was losing a lot of blood, and the fact that I was beaten and bruised up (or worse) pretty badly; being stubborn as I am, I manage to sit up (with pride and somewhat broken dignity) but not without having the help of a wall nearby to lean on.

Through barely opened eyes, that my stupid body wanted closed and to go into a coma-like sleep, I assess the situation right in front of me. Everything was such a blurry blob but I was able to guess who is who.

My savior, though I completely have no clue who he is, is rather plump: a wiggly belly to go along with it. I couldn't help but wondered if he was Santa or something since I saw that he's wearing a red shirt… or I think it is a shirt. A jacket? Well, anyway, he seemed taught rather well. His stance shows that he is a martial arts fighter. Karate? I don't know. The only fighting style that I was interested in was my three sword style. Judging by his voice, it's probably just a kid, or at least someone close to my age.

The ones who I was supposed to capture still have the hostage in their grasp.

I saw a slight shift on the blob who I know have the hostage.

"Do anything, and I'll blow her head off!"

The woman whimpered but made no other signs struggle.

'Shi-' That was the thought that had passed through my mind. I tried to think of a way to help the kid, and the woman, out of this mess. But I also have to take in an account to my own disability to move due to that fact that my body doesn't seemed to be listening to my commands. The traitor.

"Bet your life on it. Go ahead"

My eyes widen slightly as I heard what he had said and, impossibly for regular human in my state, snapped my head towards the so-called "savior". What in the he- is this kid saying? Then again, it's pretty farfetched that he would beat these guys up in the first place only because they supposedly stole his ham.

"W-What in the he- are you saying? I'll really shoot her!" One of the punks stuttered. I could barely see the blob slightly step back.

"That thing isn't a toy. Bet your life on it. Even with a moment of hesitation-"

I slightly jumped, if I could even bounce in my condition, as he saw the punk with the gun instantly flying back and as that punk's skull crack against the wall, it seemed that he isn't going to get up anytime soon. Replacing where he was, I saw the same bloated…. Wait, no this guy is skinnier. He couldn't be the same guy.

I decided not to think much of it.

Well, anyway, the newcomer has the advantage of the situation. I could tell from with my blurry sight that he has gotten the hostage to safety.

"-you'll probably die." I had heard him finish.

There were only two more, from what I can assess, that are still conscious. The other one was wise enough to run away, and the other foolishly tried to attack the kid.

I didn't see what the supposed savior did, but the one who attacked was knocked out right at the spot.

My muscle then began to relax only slightly and my nerves calmed to the point of numbness. In a totally mess up situation, I survived. The woman survived. And the battle was won, even if I didn't do exactly anything to help. And at the thought of that, I couldn't help but feel a bit annoyed. This is the result of what the soon-to-be greatest swordsman in the world has to offer?

In my mind, I reminded myself to double the intensity of my training.

The sobbing voice of the woman saying 'thank you' and 'thank you' repeatedly was getting farther and farther away.

Then suddenly, I heard a loud voice.


I somehow managed to let out a chuckled at how the kid could be so comical even after an intense battle.

"He'll be fine. Just maybe a few days of rest and he'll be up and running. The rate of healing is quite incredible though. Very resilient too. From how he had looked when you had called me, I would've thought that there would have been a lot more serious injuries."

Even though hazy with sleep, I could clearly hear what the doctor said and wanted to mumbled something about how he didn't need to worry, or that I don't want his help.

Then I remembered what had happened –the woman, the blood, the pain, and the kid– and I began to snap out of my blissful sleep.

I found myself in a soft white bed (I refrain from letting myself sink deep into the mattress; this must have been one expensive bed), but the rest of the room is deprived of other things that would make it look like some kind of stereotypical hospital room: empty of personal things, everything white and there isn't a single speck of dust that I could see. It looks neat and sterilized- like the doctor's office. And I don't really like hospitals and doctors that much. Unless it's Chopper treating me or directing the hospital of course.

To the side of the bed, I saw two unknown strangers who seemed to be staring at me with an expression of excitement that I frankly don't get. One of them was an old geezer with a warm smile who seemed to be happy over everything. The much younger one has the same expression; only that I could actually recognize him now. And that is when I felt my jaw almost dropped.

The kid only laughs ever so merrily at my face. Well, what he's laughing at, I couldn't really tell since he seemed just a bit too happy judging by his expression, but I decided it is most likely at how I was looking at him.

"Whoa! You're pretty strong mister! It hasn't been five hours and you're already up!" The raven-haired teen said a bit too joyfully, grinning at me with a huge grin that I have to wonder why his face wasn't split apart from it.

I didn't respond to what he said. And the weird guy didn't look as if he expected an answer as he was already talking back to the doctor, but this time, for a reason that I don't know of, he was speaking in a different language, which made me falter a bit.

What is that language? I didn't recognize it at all and it did peeve me since I was then left in the dark because of it. I couldn't assess what the boy was talking about. His expression is all happy-happy, but I have a feeling he would be smiling the day away even if the subject would be something that would make a tough guy cry. So, there is no giveaway to what they are discussing. Even the old geezer didn't give away anything at all.

"Where did ya live, huh, huh?"

I snapped out of my intense gaze and saw the sparkling expression on my supposed 'savior's' face. But all the same, I didn't answer him back.

This time, he frowned at my lack of response.

"Oi doc-ossan, is he dumb or something?"

I knew that the definition for dumb is a person who cannot speak, but I have an irritating feeling that he meant the other definition; the one that meant that if I was stupid. I slightly growled as a vein popped upon my head.

They took no heed to my threatening disposition.

"No he's not." The old man reassured, smiling ever so innocently.

"But why doesn't he talk?"

"I'm pretty sure he had his reason."

"Is mentally disabled or something?"

I snapped.

"Oi." I grabbed the boy by the collar, absolutely pissed off. "Just because you can assume that I couldn't speak, doesn't mean that I couldn't hea-"

"He spoke!"

"NO DUH!" I snapped soon after. It wouldn't surprise me if this kid is the one mentally disabled.

Hearing a chuckled, I look to see the geezer already packing up all his equipment.

"Well, since I see my work here is finish; make sure he would get a lot of rest, but it would probably be best if he goes back to his own home."

I just blankly stared at him while he just continuously smiles at me. For some reason, why did I have a feeling he knows something that I don't know?

The other just nodded obediently.

With that, the old geezer left me alone with Mr. No-brains. Great, just great.

Yeah, I know the kid. It's kinda hard not to when he screamed from the highest building back at the school.

What was his name again? Mankey D. Ruffy? Donkey E. Fluffy? Zombie P…Tushie…?

"Hi! My name is Monkey D. Luffy!"

My eyes widen as the kid was already up in my face, literally. His nose was nearly touching mines and I could see how wide his eyes is; the widest that I have ever seen on a person in my entire life. There was that big grin on his face again, as if he had found a new toy to play with.

"So, where ya live? Huh, huh? I bet it's at this really cool castle and that you protect a princess, right? I mean, look at these swords!"

I felt a small blast of air as I watch the kid disappearing into the halls that also looked quite barren. Then, I felt myself sputtered when I saw the kid dragged my swords on the floor.


He gave me a 'what the heck' kind of look but nonetheless happily complied, soon after bring them to me.

I didn't hesitate to rip my katanas out of his grip.

"Look kid, you cannot just-"

"Ohh, you have three swords! I never saw a swordsman with three swords before!"

"They're katanas, not swords!"

"There's no difference!"

"There is a difference!"

Somehow, with the fact that I had just talked to him for only about a few minutes before, he's already tiring me out and irritating me way more than Nami could ever do in my entire life. And that's saying something.

I wasn't looking forward to see how the next hour would go with this guy –I'm sure I'll be insane by the time the hour ends– and decided to leave. I have my katanas and there is absolutely no reason for me to stick around any longer.

As I got out of bed, I expected a complain, a whine, but to my surprise, the hyperactive freshman just stood there, smiling as if he's proud to see me up and standing.

Without a word, he left the room, leaving me a bit baffled.

What in the he- happen to the overly-excited, babbling kid who, I have no doubt, could talk my ear off?

But before I could really think of the matter any further, he came back in with my shirt and it was then that I realized that I'm half-naked. Well, it wouldn't bother me if I went outside into the city without my shirt but it's too troublesome to be labeled as an exhibitionist. That's Franky's job.

Putting my shirt on, I grumbled my thanks. It seemed that the kid was waiting for me to do something. To do what, I don't know- just something. He's silently staring at me and it completely unnerves me. Was he usually this fu-kin' silent?

I was about to step out of the room until I heard him offer:

"Do you want a ride? I have a car!" He said with his much excited tone that I'm already use to. For some reason, I felt relived. His quietness doesn't seem right. Maybe he was actually being observant?... nah.

"You have a car?" I could help but question, raising my eyebrow. Well, it shouldn't be surprising since he is the son of a multi-billionaire company but he doesn't seem like a person who would drive around in an expensive sports car. He looks like the type of person who would like to run or ride his bicycle.

"Sure! It's red and shiny!" The aho explains as if that is the only features in the car that he likes about it.

I wanted to say he- no. I really wanted to say he- no. But I have a feeling that I couldn't win this conversation after the other had pulled on the puppy-dog eyes… I can't even tell if he's doing it on purpose or not.

Begrudgingly, I said yes and the other immediately cheered as if he was getting a cookie out of this.

Afterwards, I followed the other through the apartment, looking at the barren walls and the tasteful wooden floors that looked as new as everything else here.

You would think someone as bright and happy as Luffy would give a little more color to this place- everything is fu-kin' white.

We soon got out to the front and I was surprised to find out that this is only a two-story apartment. Not like one of those fancy condo buildings back in downtown. You would've thought the son of a billionaire would live in a place like that. This place is nicer than any apartment that I ever seen- but it's smaller than I thought. It doesn't have its own private elevator, or a mini-bar at the side, or some expensive hot-tub that you would usually look for in a bachelor's pad. It's empty and deprived of life. Well, that's probably understandable since the kid had just moved here. He's still a freshman and such but you would think, with how much his family is making, that he would be living in a much richer environment- liking having butlers and maids to do your bidding– but there isn't anyone else living in that apartment. As we walk through the carpet and wooden floors, all I could hear is our footsteps and our breaths (also the occasional random comment from Luffy). I almost doubt the fact that he's the son of the billionaire. He's living in a middle-class neighborhood, his apartment is big enough for a family for four-to-six, I saw that he has a typical family kitchen and he's wearing clothes of what a typical middle-class teenager would wear!

But when I saw his car, I twitched.

A red, expensive-looking Ferrari is parked in the apartment's parking-lot. Just sitting there as if it could blend in with the other middle-class family cars that are also parked next to it.

And all Luffy has to do is just jump down to the first floor and patted the car as if he knows that he's the proud owner of it.

I instantly forgot about his strange living condition and twitch at the expensive car. Even if I wasn't into shi- like this, I would still know what a Ferrari is. How could I not? Most of the bas-d that I would usually have to deal with own one.

Getting into the driver's seat, Luffy looked up at me as if he's expecting me to come down and get into the passenger seat as if there is nothing wrong with the car itself.

Yeah, what I thought wouldn't be such a bad idea became a bad idea. A Ferrari, seriously? If Nami saw me coming up with Luffy in that shi-y car, I would be hounded by her forever. And I don't want to be part of her 'Get Rich Quick!' schemes, knowing that I would be the fall-guy in the end.

I ended getting into the passenger seat anyway, grumbling as I put on my seat belt. I sunk downward, hoping to hide myself so people would see me through the windows.

Luffy grinned at my happily, putting on his seat belt as he adjusted the seat, the wheel and the mirrors. I can't help but raise an eyebrow. Either this car belongs to someone else or this is a completely brand new car. Must be since he's a freshman, so he's not allowed to drive yet before that… wait…

"Oi… do you have your driver license…?" I asked slowly, the other looking at me as he pauses. He was about to turn on the car.

"Nope." He said as if there is nothing wrong with that, shrugging as he was about to put the key into the ignition. I immediately stop him, grabbing his wrist as I paled. If this guy is as unstable as I thought, I don't want to know how his driving is…

"… do you even know how to drive?..."

"Nope!" He said happily once again as if he finds that something prideful.

I forced him out of the car and we end up walking.

"Meany Zoro! It's a lot faster taking the car!"

"No it's not!" It's not if we ended up having to pull over because of the fact that we had accidently hit an old lady that 'apparently came out of nowhere'. Having to spend a night in jail isn't a way to get home so quickly.

"Why in the he- do you even have a car anyway if you don't know how to drive it?"

"Shanks said that when I get my driver license, I could use it!"

"When you get your driver license."

Luffy pouted but didn't say anymore, knowing how true it was. I sigh in frustrations. How did it end up like this?...

"Wait, how did you know my name?"

Luffy grinned mischievously.

"Well, do you know that you're pretty infamous? Over at the East side of town, I would hear bundles of story from you! About how you are a demon, and that your swords-"


"-are possess by some kind of demons from the other world and how you can crush your opponents so easily, that you didn't even need to lift up a finger!"

I twitched. What in the he- are they spreading? Well, not that I really care actually but still, that's idiotic. Nonsense.

"They say you are really scary but you don't scary at all!"

I blinked at what he said, a bit surprise yet somehow not at all. Well, it wouldn't surprise me if he's fearless, remembering that hazy battle not too long ago. He just practically charges right in. And of course he wasn't scared of me; he has been popping into my personal space far too many times for my liking. But still- he's not even wary of me. His guard is completely down as if he knows that I'm not going to attack him. That is news to me. Its common sense for anyone to be wary of me because of my katanas and scary looks. But he had touched my weapons, jump into reaching distance of my katanas when I finally had them and gave them to me as if he trusted me with his life. Usually, no one that trusted should be alive- this is a tough world but here he is. Living a breath proof.

Yet, at the same time, I had a feeling that this kid is born with no common sense. That would explain a lot of things.

"You're not scary but you're making a scary expression right now." Luffy mentioned, laughing as if he found some kind of funny joke. I somehow had a feeling that the joke is on me and restrain myself from choking the other.

"Um… where is your apartment Zoro?"

I blinked as I look around. The surroundings are familiar but they are not even near my apartment.


Luffy laughs.

"You don't even know where your apartment is? Wow, you're stupid Zoro~"

"I know where it is! It just sometimes moves without me knowing!"

"What, really? Sugoi!"

The week went on and somehow, Luffy pulled me into his crazy adventures. While it was really tiring and exhausting… it ends up being fun and I looked forward for the smaller male to randomly barge into my classroom, wake me up from my slumber, and go adventure out to the East side of the city. There is always something happening in those streets, and Luffy always somehow made it seem like a worthwhile adventure. As days pass on, Luffy then started to squirm into the hearts of my friends- even the she-witch Nami. Suddenly, problems that we didn't even notice before among each other became important.

Luffy saved Nami from the shark collectors that have been torturing her family for years. We didn't know the whole story but we didn't care- everyone pitched in to help Nami. It was unheard of to actually see the she-witch cry at all. It was somehow unnatural and that only fueled our resolve to help her out. He gave Usopp hope that he could be what he wanted to be- a sharp-shooter cop like his dad. His dad left long ago to join a personal police force that Shanks had made back then. But they were always on the move- so Usopp's father never had the time to come home. Despite so, Usopp always dreamed of becoming a good cop like his dad. Be part of a force which can do good for the people and the world. People always discourage the dream, saying that he's too much of a scary-cat to, but Luffy encourages it as if he could already see it. He gave Sanji back his dream to be able to be a chef. We always thought that he's going to be the top soccer player in the world, but it ends up that his passion was always towards cooking. Even though I do hate the blond bas-d, I wouldn't dare laugh at his dream. Because it is his dream. Chopper was able to be recognized as a promising doctor despite his young age because of Luffy. Chopper was thought of a talentless doctor, consider how bad his father is and have been out casted by many. Franky, through Luffy, he doesn't have to go in hiding anymore. He was convicted of a murder that he hasn't committed and had to hide for years. He could become an inventor like he wanted without worrying that someone would find him. He could go out into the world without shame. He could visit his mentor's, Tom's, grave without any suspicions and see his brother again. Brook- I always thought there was something sad about his music. We all heard his confession about how he had this big family who died and he was the only survivor. Brook has a little brother that is still alive- but he has been searching for him for ages; his brother displaced after a war in his country. Luffy said he met his little brother before once while he was on a trip to one of the Caribbean islands and would be glad to arrange a meeting for him and Brook to see each other again. We had to pry Brook off of him, which is actually very difficult if you are not trying to break him in half. And Robin- for the first time my life, I saw her cry. Another government from another country was giving her a hard time because of her family's history- and for years, they have been trying to get rid of her because of the knowledge she possess. Luffy came out on the top of it- he was able to give her the freedom she had been dreaming ever since she was a little girl.

We all got involved- Luffy never had to fight alone. We faced everything together. But I doubt we could if Luffy hasn't been there- the missing piece we were all waiting for.

It wasn't long until I told him my story. It was as tragic or as special as the others. My love ones haven't left me, everyone that I loved is still alive, and I don't have some traumatic past that would set me apart from everyone else (well, not so traumatic as everyone else). But I at least owe it to him to tell my story. Plus, he kept whining my ear off about how 'secretive' or 'mysterious' I am.

I told him about my home town, my 'family', Kuina and her father, the incident, the promise, the training, my plan, my ambition, my goal, my dream. Everything. He just looks at me, nodding from time to time. I would see him smile real big at some part and sometimes, it would falter slightly in some parts. I expected him to interrupt me at some point but he listened intensely as if his life depended on it.

When I had finished, I sigh, working the cricks on my neck. I had never told anyone about my reason for my ambition. The promise I made to Kuina is important to me. And judging by the expression on Luffy's face, he knows that if it's important to me, then it's also important to him also.

"I could ask Mihawk to come to the dojo you were working part-time at! But you have to challenge him yourself- he hates it if you get someone else to make the challenge for you."

I scoffed. Like he- I'll let someone challenge Mihawk for me- that would just announce me as a coward!

"…Wait, you know Mihawk?"

"Yeah! He's Shanks' friend so I would see him sometimes or another. I don't know him that well but he's a pretty sugoi guy! I'm sure I could convince him to come!"

Well, at this point, I know that there is no way you could deny Luffy of anything, especially when it comes to his friends. So I have no doubt that he could convince Mihawk to come.

In one way, it doesn't surprise that Luffy would do this for me. I was well aware, from the minute I have met him, that if I had told him my story, my ambition, my dreams- he would do everything to make it come true. That's why I try to not to mention it as much as I can. I don't want our friendship be based on favors and I don't want him to end up thinking that the only reason I became friends with him is because of the knowledge of what I know he can do for me. But I figured out sooner or later that we were never friends for that reason. Despite how annoying he is at first sight- I knew there was something peculiar about him. I didn't know what.

He's different; very different.

"…Thanks Luffy." I told him. There is no going back now.

I finally got my duel with Mihawk.

We had scheduled it during the weekend- everyone is free at that time and the Dojo is willing to spare a room at that time.

When I entered into the dojo, with my typical fighting clothes that I wore in the streets bounty hunting, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Mihawk in the flesh. I was so astonished by the real thing, that I almost didn't notice Luffy on the side, waving at me. Sure, I saw the great Hawk-eye in the hallways of school and such but seeing in his prime with those legendary weapons, especially the black-blade sword, next time him- I feel my adrenaline rushing.

"Mihawk! I challenge you to a duel!" I was very quick to challenge him, I was eager to put all my years of hard training to the test. And this is finally the moment to see where I stand in the world of being a swordsman.

I saw him silently narrowed his eyes, his eyes intimidating. But I will not stand down.

"You wish to challenge me..? Is this the reason why I'm out here?" The last question goes to Luffy, who sheepishly grinned at the teacher and shrugged innocently. Mihawk seemed slightly annoyed but any traces of that only lasted for a minute before his face became an expressionless mask. I saw him reach for the wooden sword.

"No." I fiercely said, making the other swordsman to stop as the word echo through the dojo room.

"I want a real duel." I insisted as I turned my body a little to where he could see my three katanas.

Luffy eyes widen.

Mihawk lips twitched upwards slightly.

"There is no guarantee that I would spare your life."

"I'm well aware." I responded as I took my katanas into both of my hands and my mouth, breathing slowly in and out as I put myself in a stance.

He could tell I was serious. It amused him for a moment before he became serious. As a respect to your opponent, if they are being serious about this, you should be serious as well.

"You have been warned."

He pulled a smaller sword from the cross necklace that he wore. It made me slightly insulted that he decided to underestimate me but I know the drill. Prove myself that I'm worth for him to have to pull out his legendary sword. My dream begins and ends here.

There was never a 'ready, set, go!' in these duels. That idiotic in this situation. This is not a sport or a spar- it's a life or death situation. You either die or not. To some people, it may seem suicide but it's not. It's a promise. I cannot lose. For Kuina; for Luffy's dream.

Without warning, after being in stances for a few moments, I took the first step, attacking Mihawk instantly with three of my blades coming at him all at once. He didn't make any major or big movement so I thought that I wouldn't be able to dodge it. And there is no way he could block it with that tiny sword.

I thought wrong.

It was almost as if I couldn't move. And that was true, I couldn't move. He instantly stops my katanas with just that little weapon, and there is nothing I can do. I can't even push forward, my strength nothing compared to his. If I move back, I would be open and he'll easily take a good strike at me. I can't even slide my katanas out from tiny sword. Soon or later, one of us has to move and Mihawk took the chance, trying to throw my katanas to the side.

I quickly recovered as I try to attack him again and again, using every angle I could find to get to him- but every time, he simply blocks it with that miniature sword, urging me to prove myself more and more that I was worthy and ready to become the world's greatest swordsman.

Shi-, I'm getting tired.

Though I know that clearly, it's still too early for me to be tired that quickly. I have to press on.

Charging, I took a swipe towards him but to my surprise, he dodges it, using my surprise and momentum to his advantage as he uses his hand to chop my neck, sending me down on the floor instantly.

My head felt hazy but I wasn't ready to give up so easily, standing up too soon for any kind to human who had taken the full blunt of the attack but I'm not just any human. I went back into another stance, planning to do another three-sword technique.

"Do you want to obtain power that much?" I heard Mihawk ask with much serious as well as a twinge of curiosity. I guess my determination would cause some questions. Why would I do something this crazy? Knowing that I'm way out of my league. People would say that if I ever do end up facing Mihawk, that I would be dead in an instant.

I hear what others would say about me sometimes. I don't care because I know it is not truth, but doesn't mean I couldn't hear them sometimes.

If I beat Mihawk, I could obtain riches. I could have so many rights given to me- so much power would be practically given to me as soon as the battle ended. But that wasn't what I wanted.

Riches mean nothing to me. I could get my rights when I earned it- not because they fear of my power. And I know that I have power as soon as I beat Mihawk- no one can give me it or bestow it. It's a privilege that I wanted to earn.

This was never about the rewards: this is about the promise I made to keep. And if I don't keep this promise, I don't deserve the title of a swordsman.

"Eh, not really." I snorted, giving my opponent a craze look as I was about to make my move. "I just can't afford to lose."

Tensing yet somehow relaxing my muscles, I whispered the technique.

Before I could make a move, I left myself too wide open for too long- Mihawk stabbed me near the heart.

I thought I heard Luffy's choked voice- but maybe it's just me.

I didn't move. I couldn't move. I can't move. It felt like that if I did- it would be the end. Just like that. All those promises, those deals, the dreams- it felt that it would all be meaningless if I took a step back. I rather die than for that to happen.

"Why don't you step back? Do you want this to plunge into your heart?"

I gave him a crazed grin- as if I'm not the one with the threatened life.

"Like I said: I can't afford to lose. Stepping back means exactly like that."

"Even if you die?"

"I rather die than lose."

Maybe it was just me, but he seemed shocked by my declaration. But I was equally shocked when he backed away, sheathing his miniature sword.

"State your name- I haven't heard it."

"Roronoa Zoro." I said, not missing a beat, saying my name as equally strong as my spirit and my determination to win. I put myself in another stance, preparing a secret three-sword technique.

"I'll remember that name."

I grinned wider as I saw him pulling out his legendary sword.

"You'll have the honor of being slain on this sword."

"Much appreciated." I grumbled as I close my eyes, controlling my breathing as I started the technique, swirling the katanas in my hands.

I heard a clank and I know that Mihawk is readying himself to strike as well.

I grumbled the name of my technique, slowly opening my eyes to concentrate on my opponent.

At the moment, we both attacked at the same time, leaning towards to each other so that our blades could reach to make a strike.

And at that moment that we passed each other, our blades simultaneously strike to slay the other.

There was a tense silence after this- I couldn't help smile slightly as I know the result of this battle.

I lost.

As I fell, the wound on my chest feeling very real to me, I barely noticed the fact that the two katanas in my hands were completely destroyed. Wado is still intact though, beautiful as ever.


My body hit the floor and I immediately felt warm hands next to me, shaking me slightly. I kept hearing a hysterical voice telling me not to die over and over against until it turns into some kind of babble that I don't understand. The voice seemed to be echoing, distanced yet close. I wanted to reassure whoever he is that is crying like a madman.


That couldn't be Luffy.

He shouldn't be crying- because that simply does not fit him.

He's annoying.

An idiot.

And so many other things that I could've called him easily.

But I can't imagine him crying.

It simply does not fit him.

"He's not dead, calm yourself."

That's Mihawk's voice.

"I know you can hear me Roronoa Zoro. That wound should leave you unconscious for a while but you are much too young to die. Especially over something as stupid as your pride."

Hey, my pride got me this far. Give it a little credit.

"You would think the young people of this generation would try to live their lives to the fullest. I didn't think I would meet someone who would stay by the old ways. I commend you on that. But times have changed."

In what way I wonder…

"Don't rush ahead your death. Think about the people who would miss you."

Right… my friends, Kuina, Luffy…

"….I'm s-sorry Luffy…"

I couldn't see him, my eyelids too heavy to lift up but I can hear the choke sob.

"I'll get b-better… I promise… I'll beat M-Mihawk…a-and h-help you with…your d-dream…"

I heard another sob before I felt something warm on my back, something wetting my back. There was a slightly shift of moment and I know from the fact that Luffy had nodded.

I couldn't help but chuckle, falling into a sleep soon after.

I woke up in my apartment bed; with a scorning she-devil, an annoying bas-d with the curly-eyebrow, a showing-off long nose, a singing exhibitionist, an entertained Robin and with Chopper taking care of my wounds, lightly scolding me about what I did was stupid and all that cr-p.

I was surprised that I didn't see Luffy in the very same room with the others.

"Oi, where's Luffy?" I questioned, slightly remembering the sound of his crying. It was not a pleasant sound to hear at all.

Just as I asked that, Luffy came in with several bags of… something… are those leeks? And as soon as noticed the fact that I'm awake, his face brighten up almost like the sun and immediate drop the grocery bags, jumping high in the air to glomp me.

Let's just say that after that incident, Luffy isn't allowed into my room anymore until he learns to calm down.

It was not surprising to know that I healed quickly, only leaving scars to remind myself of the battle I had with Mihawk. I was determined to beat him next time. When Chopper gave me the OK, I began training once again.

But somehow, I felt relieved.

It doesn't feel like beating Mihawk is my only goal in life. The only purpose I had in this world.

I also had a new goal, and somehow, a new dream. And the future somehow felt a lot brighter.

"Hey Luffy, don't you get lonely living in that apartment by yourself?"


I sweatdropped as I realized that a foot long sandwich is already stuff into his face. Where in he- did he get that? We were only taking a walk through the park.

"I said: Don't you ever get lonely living by yourself like that? You're not living with your family, right?"

Luffy blinked at me before swallowing his sandwich whole, making me slightly disgusted yet fascinated at the same time.

He gave me a reassuring grin.

"Nah, I'm good. It's not so bad."

Even though he said that, I thought about the barren space- deprived of life and everything that makes it an actual home.

I remember when Luffy would leave from my apartment after hanging out for a few hours or so, he would go the opposite way as if trying to prevent himself from going back to his apartment longer.

"Hey, can I move in with you?"


I rendered him speechless. I wish I could do that more often.

"Well, Nami is being a witch and ever since I have been making a lot more money, I swear she's increasing my bills so I thought that if I split up the cost of your apartment, it would cost me a lot less than what I'm paying her so-"

I watch Luffy's expression going from confusing, to thinking, to realization, to happiness all in one go before he immediately glomps me as if I was his favorite bag of beef jerky.

It didn't take long for me to move in with the other, I had very few stuff in the first place.

I took the room where I first actually talked to Luffy, instantly changing it from the bland, empty, white room to my own personal bedroom. The walls were forest and dark green; there were many weights and equipment that has to do with my training. The sheets to my bed are brown to my liking and all my other personal stuff is already moved in. The bedroom is amazingly spacious so I could train here as much as I can without so many limits.

It was almost my first time that day to see Luffy's room. I was surprised that it was full of life and personal things, unlike the rest of the house. I would've thought that it would be barren like the rest but this is Luffy. I would be worried if his room didn't have anything that is 'Luffy'.

A bit unnerved by how barren the place is, I suggested to Luffy that he could put up family photos or picture align on the wall.

He took in the suggestion like a sponge- for he had already brought several frames from the store and by the time I had finished my shower, which I took after I suggested him the home décor, I found the walls littered with pictures of people that looked familiar and some other pictures of people that I don't know of. Well, at least the place doesn't look like a ghost town.

Sometimes during the week that I had moved in with Luffy, Kuina and her father came to visit me. Apparently they were surprised that I had a roommate. I couldn't blame them at one point- I was always a loner.

From there, me and Kuina were catching up. She can still help out at the Dojo but she can't exactly teach Kendo anymore. But she's fine with that- that is as close as she can get. She told me that she had a boyfriend- which puts me in shock for a moment before I made her promise that she would introduce me to the guy or that if he had done anything inappropriate to her, I would be the one to confront him.

I told her about my adventures here- from meeting everyone in the crew, to the fateful meeting with Luffy, from battling Mihawk and the likes.

I told her about my new goal, my other goal besides being the best swordsman in the world.

I couldn't help but grin as she gleams a blinding smile at me, as if all her worries were confirmed and relieved. Though I wasn't sure what she is worrying about, I have a feeling that she knows something that I don't.

The next day, after Kuina and her father left, we (me and Luffy) met up with the others at the front gate.

"Guess what guys! Zoro is now officially my brother!"

I sputter the booze that I have been drinking. Though I'm underage and technically not allowed to drink, I drink anyway. As far as anyone knows- I'm drinking that soda shi-.

"Since when?" I loudly questioned.

Luffy looked confused.

"Since you moved in with me, you became my brother right? Because we live with each other now."

"Just because we're under the same roof doesn't mean we're brothers!"

"Well it's weird that you're the father! Though you drink like one." He's probably referring to Shanks. "You're too young to be the uncle!" You don't have to be old to be the uncle Luffy. "And you're not a woman so you can't be the sister or the mother! I don't want a wife either!"

"I don't want to be any of them! We're just friends Luffy, roommates you aho!"

"But when I was living with Ace, he said that since we live together, we are brothers! Family!"

My left eye twitch.

I met with Ace once upon a time when we were helping Vivi with some problems in her country. He was practically the opposite of his little brother- polite, cool, calm and collected. But… I had a scary feeling about that guy. I knew it probably had to do with that brother complex of his…

I couldn't argue any further though: Luffy would stick by whatever his brother would say no matter how many times I had tried to reason with him.

From there on, I was the first to become part of this crazy family.

Omake: The End

"-The End."

Everyone stared at Zoro, looking rather awkward at the end of the story.

"Why in the he- you are telling us this?" Kidd questioned, the muscle beneath his eye slightly twitching. He really hates it when the family gets all mushy on him. And for no practical reason too!

Zoro looked up at them and blinks, as if he realized that they are there.

"Eh? Where in the he- did you guys come from?"

Everyone did a comical fall.

Did Zoro gone crazy and just randomly decided to tell his life-long story in the middle of their living room all by himself?

Zoro notices everyone's expression towards him, knowing exactly what they are thinking, and couldn't help but twitch.

"Look, it didn't ask you to stop and listen to it. I'm only telling that story because of this idiot."

Everybody's gaze followed where Zoro's pointer-finger is pointing, seeing the youngest member of the Supernova family sleeping on the floor. It seems that he was having a good dream since he kept muttering the word 'meat' and grinning like a mad-man.

"Someone had the stupid idea to feed him sugar so I have to calm him down somehow."

"…So, I'm assuming that the story was fake?" Apoo asked, raising an eyebrow.

Zoro snorted. "Like he- I'm that sappy."

Bonney nodded as if she agreed. There is no way for their swordsman to be that gushy. That was too corny for his own good.

"Yeah, you wouldn't last that long against Mihawk. You're overestimating yourself in the story." Bonney noted, a vein popping out of Zoro's forehead when he heard that.

"Oi! What is that supposed to mean?"

"Tch." The sound came from Kidd's lips as he walk away, done with whatever sappy moment there is. "I doubt Mihawk would remember your name anyway. Why would he want to remember someone as pathetic as you?"

Zoro twitched at the insult, grabbing his katanas next to him.

"I beg to differ. I can remember every single detail when you fought with Law for the first time-"

"Say anything and you're dead." Kidd menacingly growled, immediately stopping from where he is at as he turns around towards Zoro with a dark look.

Of course, Zoro, fearless as always, didn't even flinch at the threat. In fact, he's actually grinning his maniacal grin, putting himself in a stance ready to assault the other at will.

Before the two can make World War 4 (it's still unbelievable at this point that it hasn't occurred yet), a sadistic chuckle brought their attention to Law, who was strangely quiet the whole time.

That can never be good. In Kidd's world, if the doctor (still rejecting the idea of Law being a doctor) is silent, that means he's either dead or plotting something that contributes to his misery. Sadly, the black-haired medical specialist is still alive and running so it has to be the latter.

"Ah~ I remember that day~" Law announced, nodding as if that memory was a particularly a good memory.

Kidd felt another twitch coming.

"The sun was setting and I was coming back from a medical convention out of town that I have to attend. Luffy and Zoro had already informed me of two brand new roommates that decided to come and join our little strange family. I don't mind entirely as long as they know not to get in my way~"

Law did a particularly evil chuckle that sends shivers to everyone's spine.

Kidd paled. T-That bas-d wouldn't dare…

"I decided to walk home from the airport since the night was rather refreshing at that time. And on my way, I met up with Luffy, Zoro and the two newcomers coming out of a restaurant. Though I wasn't surprised, it was quite interesting to see one of our newcomers in a rather strange yet interesting mask and an emo-"

"LIKE HE- I'M EMO!" Kidd yelled as he was being restrained from Killer to stab the man from where he sat.

Law smiles innocently, though it was obvious to everyone that he found Kidd's outburst rather amusing.

"Oh yes, I called you that when we first met, right? And you tried to punch me."

Law laughed silently to himself as if he found something rather hilarious.

"After that-"

Elbowing Killer in the stomach to escape from the other's restraining grasp, Kidd immediately launched himself towards Law.

From there on, the two supernovas tried to kill each other once again.

Everyone sweatdrop at the scene.

Drake sighs, deciding that it is his cue to go back to work and left to do some of his paper works.

Bonney practically ignores them, going back to her own work. As long as they don't broke a single piece of her furniture….

Hawkins already disappeared somewhere.

Killer was nursing his abused stomach, sighing at the fight going on but knows that there is nothing he could do about it. He decided watching over them is probably a good idea. He knows that despite being brothers (not that Law or Kidd would ever admit it in their entire life), they are not above killing. Especially with each other.

Capone… well he decided that he doesn't care anymore and is talking into his phone.

Apoo shook his head while Urouge turns on the TV, full volume.

"Do you think there could be anyway to prevent this in the first place?"

Urouge snorted.

"No. They would kill each other anyway even if we did persuade Law to stop talking."

Apoo seem to agree.

Zoro sighed as he shook his head.

Never in a billion years, since he moved in with Luffy had he thought that their home would turn out this way. He still expected for these halls to be empty with nothing but familiar and unfamiliar pictures on the walls. He always felt a small surprise when he saw the furniture littering throughout the apartment, the hall extending longer than it originally was, the fridge full of food, and the people around the dining table.

Never in a billion years had he thought to have a big family like this. Then again, he doubts anyone would've thought to have a destructive family like this in the first place.

He was lying to them when he told them that his story wasn't real. He-, only Luffy knows about his story. He didn't need anyone else to know about his embarrassing story- it's bad enough that the dam- cra- cook knows about it.

Twisting his way around the fight and the other members of the family, he is able to reach to his little brother sleeping on the floor, picking him up before flinging the short teen onto his shoulder.

He then went towards Luffy's room, letting him rest on the bed on a few hours before he's up and running again for dinner.

"Oi Luffy." Zoro whispered to the sleeping figure. "Arigatou."

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