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Hey guys, I just had to write this one-shot to finally get it out of my system. I've loved Harry and Hermione to bits ever since I was 10 yrs old and could not be told otherwise. Even now I love how they've turned out kind of heart breaking if you chose to see their relationship that way. Anyways, tell me if you like it :)

She finds him sprawled out on the grass in the middle of the empty Quidditch Pitch. She takes a breath and walks toward his still form, staring up into the night sky.

It's been so long since she's seen him so peaceful, weightless.

"Are they looking for me?" he asks as she lies beside him, mimicking his posture.

"Is that a rhetorical question?"

He gives a wry laugh, knowing full well that the festivities going on in the castle requires the hero to be present. He turns his head to face her.

"So how'd you know where to find me?"

She gives him a pointed look. Her almond eyes daring to roll upwards.

Up until now he is still so bloody clueless.

"Okay, forget I even asked!" he says, grinning.

She lightly punches his arm and her heart clenches knowing this would be one of the last times they could be like this. Together.

"So abusive, Granger!"

"Someone has to peg that ego down a few notches, Mr. Chosen One."

"Well, I'm glad it's you then."

Her breath catches in her throat as she sees those green orbs staring back at her intensely.

"What are you planning to do this summer?" he asks as if it were just like any other end of year at Hogwarts (crazy adventures and murderous wizards aside).

"I might go to Australia," she answers and turns away.

Her eyes start to prickle as she thinks back on sending her parents away and wiping their memories of their daughter.

She had to do all of it, all of it because of the boy lying next her.

She wants to tell him the reason why she had to choose Ron this time and how that's the way it should be from now on. She wants to tell him how it practically killed her that split second she thought he was dead and Voldemort had won, how the air seemed to constrict and tighten in her chest and if it went on any longer she would've blacked out.

Lastly, she wants to tell him that it was all worth it. He is worth it. She wants to tell him that he deserves this happiness, even if the happiness spent isn't with her.

But all that manages to come out of her mouth is –

"I love you."

She sees him stiffen for a moment giving her an indication that he heard it. Her heart hammers away at her chest and the few seconds before his response feels like hours.

"I know."

He takes her by surprise as he reaches for her hand laying a few inches from his own. He brings it up to the side of his face and presses his lips on her wrist.

A silent I love you back.

The sensitive flesh where his lips have touched tingles and warms her.

It is at that moment where they know that they don't need a huge celebration, grand gestures, a hallelujah chorus or epiphany.

They don't need the world crashing down upon them as they battle for their lives to realize it.

All they need is this. Them. Harry and Hermione.