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3. Talk like Dobby

It had taken a while, but Yaya had finally convinced Kūkai to take her out shopping. She skipped over to him, and stared up at him with doe-eyes.

"Mr. Kūkai Sōma!" she said, "Yaya says Mr. Kūkai Sōma should buy Yaya some ice-cream!"

Kūkai had a lot of questions about that sentence, so he decided to start with the simplest one. "Mr. Kūkai Sōma?"

Yaya didn't answer him.

"Yaya wants Mr. Kūkai Sōma to buy Yaya some ice-cream!"

"It's too cold for ice-cream. Look, it's snowing." Kūkai held his hand out and caught a few delicate flakes.

"B-but… Mr. Kūkai Sōma loves Yaya, right?"

"Of course."

"So can Mr. Kūkai Sōma buy Yaya some ice-cream?"

Kūkai sighed. "Fine."