Okay I am having some writer's block on what to do with my other story She wants to be famous!(Which if you haven't read you should!) so I figured I'd do the 100 theme challenge since all the authors I know do that when they get writer's block. So please don't get mad if it sucks, I'm just doing this for insperation. My OC, Charloette Seth Matthews, will be in here and anything that happens here has nothing to do with She wants to be famous!


It was a normal day at the local park in Minnesota. Kids were everywhere, playing on the jungle gym, in the sand box, and on the grass. A young latino boy, about the age of 5, was playing on the bright yellow swirly slide continueously. When he went down for the 15th time, he came out in front of a girl with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes in a green shirt and and jeans(those jeans for kids).

"Hi!" he said inthusiastically. He got up from the ground and patted himself down wiping off the dirt on his clothes. "I'm Carlos!" he stood in front of her flashing her a wide grin. She looked at him blankly then a smile crept on her face.

"I'm Charloette!" She replied "Me and my mommy just moved here. Wanna be friends?"

"But your a girl."


"Girls are supposed to think boys are icky."

"My broder told me I'm a tomboy."

"What's that?"

"I dunno know, but if I'm a tomboy then that means I'm not a girl. So we can be friends." Carlos thought it over, his five year old mind trying to comprehend.

"I guess. So we're friends now."

"Yay!" They hugged. "What should we-" She was cut off as a red headed boy called over all of them. He stood in front of the playground.

"I want everyone to get in a straight line. Boys on this side and girls on this side." There was a pause as everyone just quietly kept still.

"Now!" he yelled. All the kids scurried to get in a front line in front of him. Carlos grabbed Charloette's hand and dragged her along. They both stood in the boys line.

"Carlos, what's going on? Who is that big kid?" Charloette whispered.

"That's Jimmy Wilkins. He's 10 years old so have to listen to him or he'll beat you up."

"Okay!" Jimmy called. "Everyone hand over your snacks." The little ones immeadiatly listened. They pulled out there juice boxes, there candy bars, and all kinds of assortments of foods from their pockets. He began down the boys' line collecting their things. He stopped in front of a boy with short black hair.

"What's this?" He said holding up a platic baggy in front of the boys face.

"I-it's trail mix." He replied. "My mommy doesn't like it when I eat non-healthy foods so she gives me trail mix."

"Well, your mommy's stupid." All the children gasped. He said the 'S' word. The little boy had tears forming in his eyes.

"M-My mommy's not stupid!" He protested. Jimmy grabbed him by his shirt.

"Better not talk back to me, or else..." he trailed off as he raised his fist. The boy flinched a little. He let go of him.

"Next time you better not bring your dumb trail mix." He spat toward him throwing his trail mix to the ground. He continued down the line. He stopped in front of charloette this time.

"I thought I said girls on that side. This is the boys line."

"But I'm not a girl, I'm a tomboy." She said as if it was obvious. The boy from earlier stepped out a plainly said,

"A tomboy is still a girl but just a girl who acts like a boy." Jimmy turned around back to the boy and grabbed him by his shirt again.

"I thought I told you to be quiet!" He hissed.

"But you didn't tell him that." The boy standing next to him said. He had long brown hair and a pretty face, for a boy. "So you shouldn't get so mad at him."

"Who asked you?"

"No one." He said after a moments thought.

"Exactly so just keep your mouth shut and don't say anything."

"Isn't that the same thing?" Carlos asked out loud, forgetting who he was dealing with. Charloette and the boy next to her tried not to laugh at his blaten comment but couldn't help themselves.

"Oh so look who's the funny guy?" he said turning to Carlos, not paying any more attention to the little scared boy. Carlos turned pale when all of Jimmy's focus was now on him.

"Ya know I didn't think that was very funny."

"I did." Said the boy standing next to Charloette. He had shaggy dirty bond hair and pearcing green eyes. His comment earned a smile from Carlos and Charloette.

"Oh did you? Well I hope you think this is funny." He raised his fist about to hit the boy that was until a weight tackled him down.

"What the?" He said as he landed on his back. On top of him was Charloette. She had tacklede him down to stop from hitting the boy.

"Why you?" He was about to get her but she quickly got up and backed away. He got up to see the kids forming a sort of circle around the two.

"I'm gonna get you!" he yelled charging toward her. She stood there motionless too afraid to move.

He was mere inches away from her when another force tackled him down while two others grabbed Charloette. The force had been the blonde and the pretty looking boy. They quickly got up and ran with Carlos and the smaller boy dragging Charloette with them. Jimmy got back up and continued to chase after them. They were running as hard as they could from the bully.

Him being older and having longer legs was able to catch up to them easily. He ran ahead and stopped in front of them causing them to stop to a halt.

"Now I got you." He said stepping closer. All of them were pretty terrified at this point. So Charloette did what her older brother had always told her to do in situations like this. She quickly ran up to him and punched him as hard as she could in the crotch.

He went down gripping his private area in pain. They ran off toward the one place they new was safe from any bully. They went to the area where the adults hung out. They stopped right in front of the area panting and leaning forward on their knees.

"That..was close." Charloette said between pants.

"Yeah, smart thinking hitting him." The smaller boy said. "My name's Logan." He said straightening up. They all straitened up finally catching their breath.

"I'm Carlos, and this is my new friend Charlie." he said reffurring to Charloette. She waved to them smiling. Her smile quickly changed to confusion.

"But my names Charloette."

"But if your a tomboy then you need a tomboy name."

"Cool!" She exclaimed. "So what are your names?" She said to the pretty boy and blonde boy.

"I'm Kendell," The blonde said.

"And I'm James." The pretty boy spoke up. "By dah way, thanks for distracting Jimmy, James." Logan said reffurring to when he got attacked again.

"I'd thank Carlos, Jimmy would've killed me if Carlos didn't say anything."

"No, Kendell. Cuz he's the one that thought I was funny."

"I think it was Charlie, she stopped him from hitting me and she hit Jimmy in his no-no sqaure!"

"Well, Jimmy would have already hurt me if Logan hadn't esplained what a tomboy was." she took a pause. "Is that really what a tomboy is?"

"Yep, my mommy told me. She's smart."

"Cool," She took another pause.

"Do ya'll guys wanna be friends?" They looked at each other and exclaimed together.


The continued to talk and tell each othe stories. They found out they were all going into the same school and that they didn't even live that far away. When it was time to go, they introduced their parents to each other. They were happy for them, how great friends they were. They would continue to keep in touch for the childrens sake. Shedule play dates and other forms of social gathering. As long as they were together.

Thus blossomed their everlasting friendship.

Pretty cute huh? Just letting you be aware this isn't how they meet in She wants to be famous! Although it will contain Jimmy Wilkins, our lovable bully who you will see in both this story and my other one. But yea I'm still working out how they really meet. Also I am taking official requests for BTR, just no slashed please! Not exactly fond of those. If I do end up taking your requests I will make a new story of it and put your screen name in the description or title or something.