Everyone has a happy place they turn to, their own personal Heaven, if you will. It's the place they turn to in dark times to remind them that everything will turn out okay. That there's no monster to hurt us or the dark to scare us or being alone. It's a little place that makes us feel safe.

"Okay Class!" Mrs. Berg, the 4th grade teacher called out as the students rushed to sit back down. "Until the end of class we're going to be doing a writing assignment." The class groaned.

"Don't worry, it's easy. Just write about your happy place." One of the kids called out from his table.

"What's a happy place?"

"Well Jimmy," She said sternly, glaring at him cause he didn't raise his hand. "A happy place is a place that's filled with everything and anything you want that makes you feel good. Something you think about when your upset or frustrated. Now get writing and when the bell rings give me your paper before you leave."

They little 4th graders immediately scribbled away with their pens and pencils and one pink crayon held by a random boy who forgot his pencil box at home. After 20 minutes(although it felt like hours) the bell rang and the kids started packing up their things and handed the teacher their papers as she greeted them a happy weekend.

4 boys(that already turned in their paper) were waiting outside the teachers class waiting for their (girl)friend. She finally came out, struggling with the strap of her flash backpack. She got it on and they started walking outside together.

"Oh, Charlie. Your backpack's not zipped. I'll get it." A little brunette said tugging on the zipper.

"Thanks, Logie."

"What took you so long Charlie?" A blonde boy asked putting her arm around her. "We were waiting forever."

"I'm sure it wasn't forever Kendall. And I couldn't find my favorite hat. " she said as she put it on. It was pink and had a purple fluff ball on top of it.

"You always have that hat. What's so special about it?" A little brown boy asked.

"It's lucky, like you helmet Carlos." she said pointing to the black thing in his hand.

"But it's not even that pretty. You should get a new one...with sparkles." Surprisingly a boy said that. He had long hair that went just past his ears.

"Jamie, not everything has to be pretty. I like this cause it has meaning." They started to climb aboard the school bus they had been walking to this whole time. They sat in the middle, Carlos and James in one seat, Logan and Charloette in the seat in front of them, and Kendall sitting on the opposite side with some random kid.

"Also I was finishing up my paper."

"It wasn't that hard." Carlos said which obviously meant something considering her wasn't one for much work.

"I know but I was trying to fit all of it."

"You think you'll get a good grade?" She just shrugged.

"Well I know my happy place was the best." James said leaning back and resting his arms behind his head.

"Oh and what's so great about yours?" Kendall asked.

"My happy place is a beach. And it has a lot of pretty girls. And the waters not too cold and the sun is shining really bright and I have really cool sunglasses on."

"That's lame~" Carlos said.

"My happy place is at a food court. All the food I can eat. And then there's video games in the middle where I can play all I want and no one can tell me to go to bed. Not. Even. My. Parents." The group 'Ooh'-ed at this.

"My Happy place is a Library." Logan started. "I have all the books I can read. Doctor Books, Fantasy books, Mystery books. And I can check out as many as I want and return them whenever I want." Logan sighed dreamily. There was a moment of silence before the boys made a giant raspberry at his idea and laughed. Except Charlie, she just smiled sweetly.

"My happy place is an ice rink." Kendall stated. "I can skate for how ever long I want and they never have to pay for anything and the ice never gets chipped."

"But won't it be boring to be in an ice rink all alone?"

"Well of course I'd have you guys. I'd be no fun." Charlie smiled brighter at that.

"So Charlie, what's your happy place?" She came back from her daze.


"What'd you put for the assignment?" Logan asked again.

"Oh, it's a secret." The boys were about to question her but the bus came to a stop and Carlos and Charlie had to get off. They said bye and stepped off the bus.

The bus let off right in front of Charloette's house and Carlos lived across the street and two houses down. She hugged him goodbye and walked down the walkway to her door before Carlos could ask her.

The next morning, the teacher handed the papers back with grades on them. When Charloette got her she immediately stuffed it in her desk. Most of the other kids told theirs to the class.

Including Carlos, James, Kendall, and Logan. A lot of kids were funny and the whole class laughed. The teacher came up to the front and saw Charloette sinking lower into her desk and not making eye contact. The teacher smiled.

"Charloette." She called, getting her attention and turning all eyes on the little tom-boy. "Would you like to read yours to the class?" She shook her head.

"No thank you."

"Are you sure?" She nodded.

"Yeah, mine's too special to read out loud." The teacher nodded. Her friends eye'd her suspiciously.

'What is so special that she can't say it?' they thought. The teacher dismissed them to recess. Charloette ran out enthusiastically thinking her friends would follow. When she looked over her shoulder she saw no one. She peeked back into the room to see them still sitting at their desk.

"What are you doing guys? Come on!"

"Nah thanks Charlie." James said.

"We're not feeling too well today." Carlos added. She started to step back into the classroom.

"Okay, I'll stay with ya'll." The boys pushed her out of the room.

"No we're okay. Don't want you to waste your time cause of us." Kendall said.

"Yeah, we're just gonna sit and do nothing. Besides there's that huge dodge ball game today. Go play!" Logan said, knowing the one thing that would get her out.

"...M'kay. But just cause it's Dodge Ball. It's nothing personal with you guys." She followed the rest of the kids out to the playground.

When she was out of site, the boys looked around the classroom to see their teacher messing with the computer. They sneaked their way over to Charlie's desk.

They weren't exactly very sneaky. The teacher knew what they were doing. They wanted to see what their friend wrote. She didn't try to stop them though, considering she what was written.

When they opened her desk the first thing they saw was clutter. Trash, wrappers, a million chewed up pencils. Lucky for them her paper was on top. It was slightly wrinkled and you could see in red an 'A +' on top. They looked down at the rest of the paper, reading.

My Happy Place

By Charloette Seth Matthews

P.S. I like using my full name, it makes me feel important.

My happy place...let's see...Well actually I don't have a happy place. The location doesn't matter to me. It's what's there that matters. My happy place has my family. My dad would be there and I'd tell him all about my day and he'd listen and never stop smiling at what I say. And my mommy would be there making those stews she's always making. I'd be next to her watching her make it and every now and then she asked me if I want a taste. I always say yes. And my brother would be there dressing me up and telling me to stop playing in the mud. Don't tell anyone, but he like putting me in dresses. He says it's cause when I wear them I look like a princess. He makes me feel like a princess.

Also of course I'd bring my bestest friends in the world! Carlos would be there holding his helmet and jumping off trees and stuff. He likes doing crazy stuff. I like doing it with him too. Kendall would be there with his hockey stick. In case something bad happens and he has to protect us(even though nothing will cause this is my happy place). Logan would be there telling us what's safe and not. A lot of people find that annoying(some of them our friends) but I like it. It reminds me that he cares for us and wants us to be safe. James would be there looking good as always. Cause to him he has to look perfect. But it doesn't matter cause I think he's always perfect.

They'll also bring their family too. You can't invite them and not bring the family. What if they miss them? I'd know I'd miss my mommy. Besides they have cool families(kinda like mine but mine are still better cause they're mine). Although James mommy scares me a little. You can't say no to her. Never. They can also bring their happy places too. Cause I want my friends to be happy. Cause if they're happy, I'm happier! I love my friends and family. So that's why it doesn't matter where I am. As long as I have them I'm set for life.

And I do have them. I have all of this(minus a few things). So right now my life is perfect. Right now I'm in Heaven. My little Heaven on Earth. That's my happy place.

Oh and also my lucky hat. Have to have that everywhere I go.

They boys couldn't believe what they read. It was amazing. No wonder she wanted to keep it a secret. It was something mighty fierce. When they finished reading was when recess ended and kids started coming back in. They quickly stuffed the paper back in the sloppy desk.

When Charloette came in she gave them rocks...she was hoping they'd feel better so she got them a gift. The boys took their rocks and smiled. They thanked her for their special gift and gave her a big hug that was probably meant for more than just thanking someone for rocks. But Charloette didn't complain.

Throughout the entire day Mrs. Berg watched as the 4 boys treated their friend like she was a princess. Sharpening her pencils, pulling out her chair, giving her the answers(which she's glad she declined otherwise she'd have to interfere). And at the end of the day, Charloette pulled out her perfect paper before leaving and as she walked down the hallway with her boys you could tell she was reading it to them.

The boys smiled the whole way through. Already knowing the words. But as they walked listening once again to her paper, they couldn't help but think that they were in their happy place. Their once place to turn to. Their...

Heaven On Earth