A/N: Okay, so this entire thing is based off of the song, "Love Remains the Same." You'll notice that a lot of the characters we loved when we were little have changed quite a bit in this chapter, and I do mean a LOT. That's the whole point of the song. Everything will change, but love will always be there and be the same. I mean, read the freakin' lyrics!

"Drink, to all that we have lost

Mistakes we have made

Everything will change

But love remains the same"

How beautiful is that? *Blows nose* My only hope is that one day I'll be able to write lyircs as beautiful and inspirational as that one day. That was the whole reason I got into music. I want to inspire people. But alas, so far I'm at a dead end, and the only people I'm inspiring are four-year-olds to stick their tongues out at authority figures. *Rolls eyes* My brother is still mad about that. I stuck my tongue out at my niece, and now she won't stop sticking HER tongue out. Stupid kids.

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Love Remains the Same

Chapter 1

We all go through those awkward teenage years. You know, that one time in your life when your acne was raging, your waist line was fluctuating, your hormones were racing, and you were as moody as could be? That time when you feel so insecure of yourself and feel your most comfortable when you're all alone; That sad time when everything just confuses you and everyone around you just seems to be trying to make you feel like crap, and maybe at one point in your life, you might have believed that picking on others was really the only way to survive. It's that time in your life when all the wonders of B.O. hit you all at once and hair starts to grow in places it really shouldn't.

And it's not gradual, either. It all just kind of hits you all at once, and you just don't know what to make of anything anymore. It's that time when you feel like if there is a God out there, that he maybe sort of hates you... because let's face it, nobody really seems to like you anymore. And you know that you're moody, and you know that almost everything that comes out of your mouth maybe isn't the 'nicest' of things, and you know that you've got a lot of problems recently that really have to be resolved, and soon too, because otherwise you're almost sure you're going to end up killing yourself and everyone around you.

There's a word for this point in your life, too. It's called puberty, and it treats everyone differently. But no matter who you are, you can know for a fact that it will inevitably get you eventually, and when it does... it's going to suck.

But of course, that awkward, scary point in your life does eventually end... and when it does, you might find that things go a lot easier for you now. Your moodiness has calmed, along with everyone else, and your acne has calmed down incredibly, and keeping yourself at that perfect six inch waist might be a slightly bit easier (Very slightly)... and you find that your social life has become a lot better (You know this, of course, because you actually havea social life now). You feel you've matured, and so has everyone who have ever picked on you, and who you've ever picked on, and your B.O. problems have lessened (You finally found out about the magic of deodorant), thank goodness.

At this point, things have calmed down a lot, and everything has started to make a little more sense. The world that you saw as so dark and cold has opened up and unveiled itself as a place full of possibilities and overall nice people.

All of this, is almost exactly what one Helga G. Pataki had to go through.

After he had left, she'd plunged herself into darkness and despair, as everyone might have expected her to do. It had stayed that way for a long time, Helga just living her life day by day, waiting for that blissful day when the ghost of death would finally come for her, since she was already a hollow shell of herself anyway. She was the walking dead, she might as well become the real thing. Life had not been easy for her.

Later on, puberty had managed to sweep across their humble little seventh grade class. Girls started to get new, awkward looking curves and the boys started to shoot up like weeds.

Puberty had seemed to hit Helga the hardest. She was more developed than some of the other girls, and she seemed to have one of the worst acne cases in the class, along with some of the worst B.O. Fortunately, she was smart enough to figure out how to use deodorant and to wash her face to help prevent acne, unlike a lot of her classmates. She still had huge problems with it, but it did help.

She was made fun of by most of the class, and she had felt that she'd lost some of her intimidation skills. She just didn't tower over the boys like she used to anymore, and most of them finally found their long lost brains and started calling her out on how she'd never actually hitanyone before... other than maybe Harold a couple of times, but that was different. Everyone had hit Harold at least one time in their life. He was just so annoying. But some of the boys that sought revenge for all her taunting had started going after her. And no matter how much she didn't want to admit it, she was scared out of her witts.

It was on that day that she'd thrown her first punch, and the day that Helga the bully was finally official. She'd knocked at least three teeth out that day, and was proud of it. After that day, though, people had started to really distance themselves from her. They were really afraid of her now, and Helga... hated it. Nobody wanted to be her friend anymore. Her only real friend was Phoebe. That had never changed, except the fact that she'd started dating Gerald and Helga hardly ever saw her anymore. Gerald had always been greatly apprehensive about who exactly Helga was, but had always been nice to her for two reasons: 1) Arnold and her had dated for some time, and Arnold had always been ranting about how apparently 'awesome' she was, and 2) she was Phoebe's best friend. But after that one fight, he started distancing himself from her too, and he took Phoebe with him.

After that, Helga was more miserable than ever. Every day after that had gone by like a blur. She'd stopped caring about her appearance, she'd stopped caring about her grades, and she'd just... stopped caring about everything. Life just didn't matter to her anymore.

It wasn't until her father, of all people, finally noticed her strange behavior and confronted her on it did anything change. He'd sat her down at the dining room table and asked her straight up what was wrong. Helga had only stared blankly at him, before telling him that the list was too long for her to recount, and that they'd be there all day. He'd been genuinely concerned at her answer, and told her that they could have all day if she needed.

Helga had spilled her guts out to him, having stopped caring about keeping everything bottled up a long time ago. She was at the point that she would have told her life story to a hobo in the park if he'd so much as asked her how she was. The fact that it was her father hadn't even crossed her mind.

After everything was out on the table, that was when everything in her life had changed. Bob had talked things over with Miriam (When she was sober), who had been even more concerned with everything he was telling her, and she'd declared that some serious changes needed to happen.

Miriam had started going to AA meetings to get over her drinking problem, and had taken up a job at Big Bob's Beepers again, only this time she didn't overwhelm herself and her family with too much work. Bob started going to therapy, and lessened his hours at his business so he could spend more time at home with his family.

Things slowly began to turn around after that. Helga started spending most of her time at home. She may not have had many friends, but she did have family then, and she embraced it as much as possible. Olga moved in a few months later, announcing how she had decided to be an actress. Bob and Miriam had been very disappointed in her, and Bob had even yelled at her over it, saying how she could have been a doctor or a lawyer or gotten some other big job that would have guaranteed success. But Olga had stood by her decision to be an actress, and Helga had encouraged her; Partly because she was delighted with how much Olga had fallen on her parents radars... but also... a small part of her had seen just how happy acting really made Olga, and didn't want her parents to take that away from her. Of course, that was a very, very, VERY small part of her... And it was all his fault that she'd gone soft.

But after that, they had been a happy family for once. Gradually, Bob and Miriam accepted Olga's 'calling', and all the disappointment slowly ebbed, leaving both kids with an equal amount of love for once. So Helga's home life was great, and she was happy, but she was still an awkward teenage girl with no real friends. Going to school was always miserable for poor Helga.

But soon, puberty finally began to even out for everyone. All the awkward young ladies became woman and all the possibly even more awkward guys became men.

Rhonda became a total babe, as predicted, and one of the most popular girls in school, also as predicted. But she wasn't as shallow as she was in her younger years, and had started dating Curly (Or Thad, as they now called him) sometime around the eighth grade, which had seemed to humble her down a lot more too. But no matter how much more decent of a person she'd become, she was still Rhonda Wellington-Lloyd, and she was a force to be reckoned with.

Nadine had become very pretty, too, but had never quite been able to shake that old love for the world of the minuscule. She'd started dating Peapod Kid, or 'Robert', also somewhere around the eighth grade, since Rhonda had nagged her incessantly about not having a boyfriend when she did. She'd finally decided to agree to one of Robert's many offers to go out on a date, and the two had been a pair ever since.

Harold had finally gotten over his fear of 'cooties' somewhere around the sixth grade and started dating Patty, which had received it's fair amount of teasing over. But once puberty had hit Patty and turned her into an actually very nice looking girl, all the teasing had shut up. Harold himself had bulked up from playing football and he'd had Patty tutor him so he could keep his grades up in order to stay on the team. Though he never quite got over his love of eating... pretty much anything that was dead and deep-fried, he had lost a considerable amount of weight so he could maneuver himself better while playing football.

Stinky had stayed one of the tallest boys in class and quite possibly the state, and had dated Lila very briefly during the sixth grade. Unfortunately, things just hadn't worked out between the two of them, and they'd split within the same year. Stinky had been very upset about it, since he'd had such a big crush on her for such a long time, but had slowly started to accept that it just didn't work out and had moved on. He'd decided to focus his energy more on his grades after that and had managed to pull a solid C in almost every class, which had been a huge improvement on his old, usual D's and F's.

Sid had become a sleezy kind of babe magnet around the time puberty ended. He was constantly hitting on girls and pretty much willing to make out with anything that moved. Though he was a gentleman about it. He knew where to draw the line and never tried to make any girls uncomfortable. But despite having surprisingly high self-control and care for the feminine species, he was still a babe magnet, and some girl was almost always attached to his side. He'd grown into his nose and his hair had become more luxurious as time went on, and he'd gained quite a few inches on most of the girls, so he wasn't bad looking at all anymore. So it was understandable why he was so popular with the ladies.

Lila had become one of the most adorable girls in school. She wasn't exactly HOT or DROP DEAD GORGEOUS as most might think, but she was attractive, but more in a kind of puppy dog way. Looking at her would send any boy to their knees at just how adorable and cute she was. She had a small, little waist, she was extremely petite, she wore her hair in a single, long braid, and she had the biggest green eyes you might ever see. Simply put, she was precious, and still very physically appealing in her own right. But while her appearance might have changed, she was still the same old Lila everyone knew. She was still a huge goody-two shoes and was one of the most overly pleasant people you'd ever meet. Though sometimes just howpleasant may sometimes be a little... overwhelming, she never failed to put a smile on anyone's face.

Sheena managed to become one of the biggest hippie chicks in the whole darned school, and started up her own after school club on flowers. She was still best friends with Eugene, but still hoping to be a little more, though no matter how straight forward she was Eugene just didn't seem to respond to any of it. He'd just smile and walk away. She didn't understand it, but she never gave up. Eugene did inevitably have feelings for her, she knew, because the one time she did try to date someone else (Sid), he'd seemed slightly jealous of it all. Why he was holding back, though, she didn't understand. But other than her nonexistent love life, Sheena had become a bit of a looker herself. Long brown hair, decent curves, and a sweet smile all added up with about a ton of tie-die and you pretty much had Sheena. She was all about peace and was pretty much friends with everybody. Sheena was simply a sweet person.

Eugene... was still a jinx... But he did get smarter about it. He started wearing knee pads under his pants and always kept an ice pack stashed away in his lunch box for the, as he now called it, 'Inevitable Owey'. He pretty much knew all the doctors at the Hospital on a first name basis, and had them on speed dial on his phone, and, happily, since he'd been in so many accidents in the past, he was pretty much numb to the pain now. He could bend his whole thumb backwards and not wince! (A/N: :D) His relationship with Sheena had become a big complicated mess for him, though, and he honestly had no idea of how to go about it. He just wasn't good with girls, and sometimes just how eager she was to jump into his arms freaked him out. Don't get him wrong, Sheena was like his best friend, but girlfriend? He just wasn't ready to make the transition. But in the meantime, he was studying to become a doctor, if you could believe that... so he could fix himself up quicker whenever he got in an accident, of course. But despite his history in making even toddler toys dangerous, he had never actually harmed anyone other than himself. He figured he could get along as a doctor just fine, as long as there were other doctors on stand by who could save his life if he happened to become a little too familiar with any of those sharp, metal doctor tools...

Thaddeus "Curly" Gamelthorpe had mellowed out only slightly over the years. He was still a very dramatic guy, and would often spit out bits of gibberish the likes of which you have never heard... or wanted to. He was very into musical theater and was constantly dancing around and testing out his acting skills on poor unsuspecting strangers. But no matter how odd Thaddeus might seem, he was possibly one of the sanest people you'd ever meet. A pretty scary thought would be that everyone else was the insane ones. That was what Thaddeus was constantly saying. His ways may seem odd to the common man, but maybe the common man just didn't have his head screwed on the right way to comprehend it. That's what Thaddeus thought, at least. So when you got right down to it, Thaddeus may seem mad, but there was always a method to his madness, even if it wasn't an obvious one. Over the years, Thaddeus had become quite the looker, indeed. He was possibly one of the best looking dudes in the whole school. His very handsome looks had stepped him up in the popularity department, and Rhonda had told him of how now that he was 'on her level', she could date him without any consequence. He'd been as happy as a clam ever since.

Gerald was still one of the 'cool' kids, and embraced it thoroughly. He was considered a ladies man by many, but he only ever had his eyes on one girl in particular and had never had any interest in anyone else. He played many different sports, particularly basketball, and he was a very charming guy at heart. His looks hadn't changed much since he was younger, except how he'd pretty much shot up almost as tall as Stinky himself. And due to his added height, he decided that a trim was in order. So he went to the barber and told him just to take off an inch or two. Unfortunately, he got a new guy and he had his tall stack of hair pretty much cut in half. He'd, at first, been devastated, but after a little while's worth of people praising his new hair-do, he decided he really like his new look and decided to keep it.

Phoebe, Gerald's long time girlfriend, also hadn't changed very much over the years. She'd started wearing very preppy clothes, often including things like plaid skirts and white collar shirts, but despite her overly prep school style, she kept her old yellow scrunchy that she used to wear in her hair. She often wore her hair down nowadays, but she still wore the familiar scrunchy around her wrist. She called it her 'lucky scrunchy' and always had to have it whenever a test was going on. Though she often said she didn't believe in luck, she simply refused to leave home without her scrunchy. And that was simply that.

But over all of the people in their old class, Helga was probably the one to change the most. Within the years of Helga's family becoming more of a family, Helga had softened up more and more and didn't even know it. Things seemed to become a lot easier for Helga, and her grades shot back up in record time. She smiled a lot more and she finally stopped waving her fists around. Her acne subsided along with all the moodiness and stress, and her old awkward curves finally blossomed completely. Her hair grew longer and she grew much taller. By the end of puberty, she'd become one of the most attractive girls in the school. She had curves in all the right places, and her hair fell to about her waist line, long and luxurious, free of any old bow. She finally managed to move on from the pain of having him move away, and her bow was instead worn as either a ponytail holder, a choker, or a bracelet. With age came maturity and she stopped pretending to be the bully. She walked taller at school and she managed to make back all her friends, even some new ones. Phoebe was quickly by her side again, along with Gerald, Lila, Rhonda, Sheena, Patty, and definitely all of the boys. She laughed a lot more often and her dull blue eyes became bright again. The world that had once been nothing but grayness had finally managed to blossom again and she was able to truly enjoy all the color it held again.

She started wearing slightly more flowy clothes because of this, but was overall just casual jeans and shirts and the occasional dress. She didn't care much for clothes and only really wore what she felt was comfortable, though she did try to be at least a little trendy just so Rhonda would get off her back. But other than that, her clothes were very comfortable. And yes, she still favored pink. It had become a habit to buy pretty much anything pink, so the color was almost always dominant in her outfits.

She was a lot kinder to everyone and had even managed to date a few guys after a while, though none of them seemed to work out, sadly.

You could probably say that Helga had gotten her act together. And though puberty may have gone on for a little longer than we all would have liked, we all have to go through it at one point in our lives. Helga is no exception. But she made it through it all and managed to come out of it all smelling like a daisy and feeling more confident in herself than she ever had before. And in the end, that was all that really mattered.

Everything seemed to be going right in Helga's life after that one rough patch, and she had never been happier.

That is until...

She shut her locker and turned around, only to come face to face with the one person she never thought she'd see again...

Arnold smiled. "Hey Helga."

And that was when it all came crumbling down...

A/N: Part two should be up soon! But in the meantime, anyone who is kind enough...