It was quiet afternoon, and their parents were out, which left Madara as the one in charge once again. He was sitting in his room reading, when his nine-years-old little brother decided to join him in whatever-he-might-be-doing.

"Hey, Aniki…!" Izuna greeted as he sat down beside him on the bed.

"Hey, Izu…" Madara greeted back, not taking his eyes of the book.

"Whatcha doing?"


"Okay! Is it interesting?"

"Mmm…" Madara murmured with a small smile. "Try listening to this."

*A scary part from the book "IT".

Izuna shuddered at the disgusting images forming in his head, but fought to stay calm and listened intently the entire time. But even though he tried to hide the fear, Madara noticed.

"Are you scared?"

"Nnnnh…" Izuna shook his head. "Read more, please! I want to hear more!" he then urged, smiling excitedly. Madara chuckled and ruffled the younger's thick hair.

"All right…"

-Later that day-

"We're home!" it sounded a few hours later.

"Hn." Madara answered, as he walked into the corridor to greet them. "Welcome back…"

"So what did you boys do?" their dad asked, as he took of his jacket.

"Relaxed, played a few games, enjoyed a snack, watched television, and I read a few pages up from my book for Izuna."

"Sounds like you boys had fun."

"Mmm, we did."

"Which book did you read for him?"

"The one I'm currently reading. "IT" by Steven King." His mom came up behind him, killer aura around her.

"You what?" she growled. "How could you?" Madara frowned.

"What's the problem? He was thrilled."

"… Maybe at that time, but what happens when the night comes?" Madara blinked.

"… Pardon?"

"He's a kid, Madara! It'll freak him out the moment the sun goes down…"

"… He's not weak, you know!" Madara growled, scowling.

"No, but he's still a kid!" his mom shot back.

"… He can handle it!" Madara kept on stubbornly. A frown then found its way to his mom face.

"You know what? Fine. But it's your responsibility when he gets scared and comes running for comfort in the middle of the night!"

"… Of course."

-That night – 3 am-

"Aniki…" Izuna whined, pulling at his brother's blanket. "Aniki… Please wake up…!"

"… Hn…?" Madara groaned, as he snapped out of dream land. He then looked questioning at his little brother with tired eyes. "What's up, bro…?

"… I'm scared…" Izuna whined, lower lip shivering.

"… Huh?"

"I'm… I'm… "I-IT" is going to eat me…!" Izuna wailed, tears shining in the corners of his eyes as he threw himself at his brother, crying for help.

Madara just sat there, stunned. He was by then officially bewildered and not quite sure of what was going in on.

"Who is going to eat you…?" he then somehow magically got out.

"I-IT…! The e-evil man that e-eats k-k-kids…" Izuna sobbed into his brother's chest. Madara blinked.

"Oh… Him."

So… in reality it was actually his fault his brother was scared…

Snapping out of it, Madara pulled his trembling little brother into his arms, protectively, and then began stroking his hair comfortably.

"You won't get eaten." Izuna looked up at him with big, black eyes.

"I won't…?"

"Of course not." Madara smiled. "Not when your big brother is here."

"… You promise?"

"I promise." Madara reassured softly.



"Can I… sleep with you tonight? I'm… too scared to be alone…"

"…" Madara didn't believe his own ears. Had the story really scared his brother that much? "Of course you can." His brother then clutched his (Madara) shirt tighter.

"Thank you…" he whispered softly, before relaxing fully and slowly closing his eyes, falling asleep.

*I sooooo wanted to find a scary part from the book, but… I didn't succeed…! TT_TT

My big sister read a few scary parts up from the exact same book for me, when I was like thirteen and we were on vacation in a new strange, not-yet-familiar place… It was scary! O_O =P

Anyways… Hope you enjoyed! And please review! ;3