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Chapter Six

Knowing Truth and Whispering Lies

Morgan hands reach out to grab the boy and barely catch him before his head hits the ground.

"Reid! Are you okay?" he asks, voiced filled with the panic he can't hide anymore.

"Brother?" The man who Morgan hit asks the other.

The sound of police sirens are heard in the distance and are getting closer.

"Retreat, for now," says the man who was shot walking backwards all the while eyeing the team members with frustration.


"Now!" he hisses.

They walk off slowly at first, then in a blink of an eye they are gone, leaving the team dumbfounded and mildly shocked.

That was until they saw Reid in Morgan's arms lying on the ground and rushed towards them, and wondered what in the world just happened.

The team calls an ambulance for Reid and tries with no avail to wake him up as the police arrive on the scene.

Morgan rode with Reid in the ambulance and held his hand the whole time, and couldn't help but notice how pale the boy seemed and so still, frightening still. He reluctantly let go of his colleague's hand when the nurses told him he couldn't go any further. The waiting room was pretty empty so he didn't have to worry about scaring anyone with his temper as he punched a wall with the hand that wasn't bruised and sank down into a hard plastic green chair and let his head fall in his hands. Trying to go over everything that had happened in his head, replaying it over and over again and nothing made sense.

He was snapped out of his thoughts as Hotch and JJ walk through the doors saying his name.

"Have you heard anything?" Hotch asks with worried eyes mixing with his usual frown.

Morgan shakes his head and lets his hands drop, "Not yet."

Hotch takes the seat next to Morgan. "I left Rossi and Prentiss to go over the crime scene; they might be able to find something useful and ID the body. I told them we'd call as soon as we heard any news."

JJ looking stressed out and sat immediately when Hotch did. They remained in silence not sure what to say or where to begin. At least not until they knew Reid was okay. But Morgan was the first to break the suffocating silence.

"He -" Morgan takes a deep breath and exhales, "- He never woke up on the ride here. From what I could see there weren't any visible wounds on him."

JJ lifts her head up and looks frightened to even ask, "You don't think he was drugged do you?"

Her question was left unanswered for a few heavy moments as two men already were wondering that same thing also but didn't want to think it.

Hotch's voice finally reaches his lips as he answers, "We'll know more when the doctor talks to us."

Twenty minutes later a tired looking doctor comes out the double doors. "Spencer Reid?"

The group rises up from their seats in an instant and approaches the doctor who looks at them warily.

"We're the F.B.I. and his colleagues, how is he?" Hotch asks, his voice steady and professional holding out his badge briefly.

The doctor nods and takes out the chart tucked under his arms and addresses the mini-group, "I'm Doctor Burke, and I was assigned Mr. Reid as my patient-"

"Dr. Reid." Morgan interrupts quickly, his irritation showing visibly in his body language.

Hotch and JJ couldn't help but almost smile at that given the situation.

"Oh, well my apologies, Dr. Reid. He seems to be doing fine. There were no external or internal injuries that we could see. We are running a whole field of tests though, but the basics have come up normal."

"Was he possibly drugged?" Hotch's voice was a little nervous and his shoulders are stiff and squared.

Dr. Burke shakes his head quickly, "No. His tests so far have come clean thankfully. Although…" He takes a breath to pause and continues, "He hasn't become conscious yet. We have tried to wake him up, used smelling salts and other ways to make sure he didn't have a concussion. But it could just possibly mean he is physically and or emotionally exhausted and his body needs to recuperate. I would like him to stay overnight, and then he can be released in the morning if everything turns out okay from the lab." He adds with a small smile, "If there aren't any questions, I need to get back."

"Can we see him?" Morgan asks stepping forward with relief painted on his face. He just needs to see Reid for himself and make sure he really is okay and not gone.

"Yes, you are all welcome to see him; the nurse will give you his room number." And with that he was off back through the double doors.

Morgan ran to the front desk as soon as the Doctor left and practically demanded the info from the nurses and was already off speed walking towards it, leaving Hotch and JJ to catch up behind him.

When Morgan got to the front of Reid's small private room, he stood still for a moment, willing his feet to move beyond the door. Finally his hands moved to open the door and he drank in the sight of his best friend looking so fragile it caused his chest to ache. Lying in a small and probably uncomfortable hospital bed, surrounded by machines that thankfully only a few were hooked onto him, he looked so impossibly small for someone so tall, practically swimming in his plain hospital gown, with his body covered partially by the thin bed sheet. He still looks a pale snow white, but appears to be merely sleeping. His face relays that it is anything but a pleasant rest; at least he doesn't look in pain and that Morgan is thankful for.

The kid must be cold; Morgan knows Reid gets cold easily. He walks towards his friend's frail thin body and reaches down to grab more of the blankets at the foot of the bed and covers him up more snugly. That's all he can do, and he feels so useless.

JJ and Hotch walk in more slowly than Morgan did and approach their colleague with different emotions showing across their features.

"I'm glad he is okay." JJ says softly while staring down at Reid and grabs his right hand in hers, "Oh, his hands are like ice," and starts rubbing her hands over the one she is holding to warm it.

Hotch looks intently at their youngest with relief in his eyes, and then with a slightly less frown on his face turns towards the door, "I'm going to call Rossi and give them an update."

Morgan takes the seat next to the bed and starts to finally feel the exhaustion and stress hitting his body. He listens to the beeping machines around him, and takes in the comforting knowledge that Reid is right there in front of him, not in the hands of an unsub or stranger but there alive and okay in his protective guard.

JJ looks so tired; Morgan thinks that they all should probably get some sleep. He isn't going anywhere though, just watch them try. He will fight them tooth and nail; no way is he failing Reid twice in one night to protect him.

Hotch walks back in slowly glancing towards them and then Reid, "They are running the plates of the van in the system but so far they have came up blank, and should have an ID soon on the body. He wasn't carrying any wallet or any form of ID on him, so we are going to have to wait for someone to recognize him or dental records."

Morgan sighs clasping his hands tightly and shaking his head, "This doesn't make any sense. If so far we can tell Reid wasn't drugged then why was he walking towards the guy and not able to hear us? It was like he was in a trance, like he was there but not really, I could tell that much from his eyes."

"I don't know." Hotch says while putting a hand to his forehead and rubs the crease across his brows. "But there isn't much we can do right now; we might as well try to get some sleep if any at all."

That's when it hits Morgan all of a sudden and his eye brows shoot upwards, he feels so stupid. "Hotch! Reid, he, he told me earlier that he felt like he was being watched lately. That things have been odd and…." He hesitated, not sure if he should tell Hotch all about what Reid had confessed to him, it was in confidence after all but maybe now there was something more to it than a possible breakdown. "Reid, he thought he saw two guys watching him today at the restaurant; he said they were wearing black." Morgan finishes quietly looking up at his superior with sadness and regret.

"Did he tell you anything else?" Hotch's eyes narrow a little.

Morgan just shakes his head a 'no' as he rubs at his neck feeling so defeated, "That's all he said about that."

Hotch picks up on Morgan's use of the words 'about that' applying more, but lets it drop for now. Nodding he replies, "Okay, I'll let Rossi and Prentiss know, and tell them to try to get some sleep."

"Do you think the body from last night was our unsub? Or is this an attack on us? There's still those two that got away." JJ asks confused and worried, now facing Hotch and letting go of Reid's hand.

Morgan sitting up straighter in his chair crossing his arms across his chest answers before Hotch can, "It might be our guy or one of our guys, and Reid does fit the victimology. He's not a tourist but he isn't from around here, and he is also a male," he says thoughtfully.

"I don't think it's an attack on us, although no one should be alone and I want everyone to stay in pairs at all times as a precaution." Hotch orders and receives nods from JJ and Morgan in response.

"I'm staying here tonight, I'm not leaving." Morgan says low and confidently turning his gaze back towards the pale young man in the bed asleep.

"I figured, call if anything changes. We'll be in touch. JJ?" Hotch starts walking back towards the door as JJ gives Reid one more glance and Morgan a wave and they are out the door.

Sitting in the chair, Morgan checks his gun and make sure to place his chair so that it's facing the door while still being next to the hospital bed within the kid's reach. After an hour of staring between the door and at Reid, he is wondering why the kid would be walking that late at night and acting so strangely. Could he be sleep-walking? He never noticed him doing that before. So many things are going through his head as he finds himself falling into an uncomfortable sleep.

After waking up off and on throughout the night from either from nurses checking in on Reid, to waking from the nightmares of not getting to the kid in time, and because of the hard uncomfortable chair, he finally officially wakes up to Hotch's phone call saying that they were all heading towards the police station to regroup.

The doctor came in around 8 A.M. saying that all the test results came back clean and Reid should be clear to discharge whenever he wakes up.

Morgan was up and across the room pacing and wishing the small room had a television at least, he needed something to do, anything. He had pent up energy and anger that he needed to steam. He tried to talk a little to Reid and try to wake him up. So he was left with watching through the room's window into the hallways and nurse's station, that's when the thought hit him.

The hospital has too many employees and people walking in out for it to be completely safe for Reid to stay there, even under his supervision he doesn't want to risk it. Quickly calling Hotch and informing him of this, they come up with the solution would best to just to bring Reid back to the station, asleep or not. Morgan goes quickly to the nurse's station, while still keeping a distant eye on the Reid's room to tell the nurses that he is going need to a wheelchair and starts signing the discharge papers.

He can't help the anxious feeling in his gut, he knows the kid is just sleeping, but it's just unsettling how Reid hasn't moved an inch all night, not even a twitch.

Morgan and with the help of a nurse got Reid changed and into a wheelchair and headed out towards the awaiting SUV with Rossi in the driver's seat.

"Your chariot awaits," Rossi says with a small smirk through the window as they approach, "Has the kid not woken up yet?" he then asks with a face that's hard to read.

"No, not yet." Morgan answers while lifting Reid into the backseat and buckling him up, after saying thanks to the nurse he hops in the vehicle and they start their drive.

The station was busy as to be expected when they arrived, but there were fewer officers present. Probably because of the extra patrolling of the streets and checking all leads possible. Rossi and Morgan carried Reid into the building with curious gazes all zeroed in on them as they made their way to the conference room where JJ and Prentiss had set up a cot for Reid to lay on. That way he'll be with the team as much as possible and surrounded by law officials.

The cot was kept away from the door and pushed up against the wall adjacent to the window, and set across the bulletin board and small table they were using. JJ tucked a blue blanket around Reid while Prentiss put a pillow under his head as Morgan got debriefed on everything he'd missed.

"At least he is resting and not awake and anxious." Prentiss says with sincerity and caring eyes as she makes her way back towards the table. They all think of Reid as a little brother and hate when anything bad happens to him.

Peacefulness, that's the feeling passing over Reid right now. He feels mildly happy inside, he did it. He said no. There are no worries, no troubles, no choices, and no pain.

There is nothing, and it's so quiet, now he is frightened.

The quiet scares him, because the quiet screams the truth; the truth that right now, he is alone.

He feels like he is drifting and wants to open his eyes, just to see, to see what he has chosen.

Opening his eyes slowly he sees he is underneath it, but he can see through it. Like the ocean is blue, here it is just red. It's slightly creepy, but he takes comfort in the fact he can at least see clearly.

His feet start touching the bottom and he lands with soft thud, his clothes are floating up around his body and he swishes his hair out of his face to get a better view. The bottom is different, as if he is in a rundown building with ruins and marking covering them.

He walks slowly till he notices something odd. He gets far enough to see and is stopped. It's as if there is a glass wall in front of him, he can't walk any further. Reid places his hands out and tries to feel around it, it concaves in like he is trapped. He looks passed it, everything appears normal on that side; there is no blood in there. Nobody either.

He is still alone.

Reid closes his eyes and sighs letting his head rest on the wall and slides down to his knees.

That's when he hears a noise and his head shoots up and looks out once again, and the scene has changed.

It's his friends! They are at the B.A.U. and are laughing and having a great time, but he can't hear them. Prentiss is laughing with JJ at something Morgan has said, Rossi steps up beside them smiling and even Hotch comes to join in with a rare smile on his face. Garcia comes bouncing in with drinks for them all, they toast and Reid hasn't seen them this happy in a long time. But where is he? That's when he sees it, his desk; it doesn't have his name plate on it. Why isn't Reid there?

Reid is stunned and feels heartbroken.

No, no, they can't replace him. They care, they have to, and they do!

But then why do tears that fall from his eyes wash away in the sea.

"You see? You're dying to live in a world you don't belong." The cold voice is back but Reid can't care enough to look and find from where.

Reid dares to open his mouth finally and says brokenly, "No, no. You're wrong. You're nothing but lies, to get whatever it is that you want!"

"Beyond there is where lies spread wide open, and ties aren't strong. You know this, you've experienced it firsthand. Why don't you believe me?"

"Because," Reid says through his soft sobs, "I. . . have. . . faith in them."

"I will break you." The voice hisses.

After four hours of interviews, back and forth idea giving, press releases, and reports they still didn't have much more. There weren't any security cameras on the road the van was parked, and the vehicle was unregistered, and the body seems to belong to a man named Bobby Finland who lived alone in the outskirts of town.

The team was eating a late lunch when Miss Margett walked into the station and her face displayed she was a woman on a mission, as she walked towards the conference room and stopped at the door and her eyes landed on Reid's sleeping form.

"Excuse me?" Rossi stepped forward towards the elderly women in a calm manner, "Is there something you need?"

She shakes her head and stares a Reid a second more till she lifts her head up and gazes at the team with a serious pleading expression and asks, "May I please see him? Something is wrong, I sensed it."

Hotch was about to speak when Morgan cut him off sharply, "Why should we? You just made him upset yesterday, what can you possibly do?"

Miss Margett sighs and her shoulder sink somewhat with this, "I'm sorry about how that upset him, really. Please? I know you are worried about him. I can't do him any harm."

Everyone's gaze is bouncing from each other to land on Hotch's who face is unreadable and tight, "Okay."

Morgan tenses at this but allows it and moves to stand closer to Reid as he stares intently at the elderly woman as she makes her way towards Reid and pulls a chair up beside him.

"His aura is tainted and heavy." She whispers as she concentrates and sees something the others can't, and places a hand on his head and her eyes fall closed. Everything is silent for a few long moments untill she finally speaks again.

"He is sinking, he won't last much longer."

"What are you talking about?" Prentiss confusedly asks before the others could.

They all still had varieties of believing or not believing in psychics but right now no one was denying her.

"If he stays like this, he will be lost and his soul will wither. He is stronger than he appears, stronger than the others; that's why it wants him. I can still sense it in him; it's trying to pull him back and gaining strength. I was too late to help save the others but I want to help this one."

"What are you talking about?" Morgan asks quickly, tired of hearing horrible things come out her mouth.

"Child I know it's not what you want to hear, but please, I only want to help. The others, they all had special gifts. I sensed something was odd around them, but I couldn't pin-point it. But he has changed something, did something different." She says still not even looking at them.

JJ softly speaks up taking a tentative step forwards, "Is that why he won't wake up?"

The elderly woman nods her head slowly, then cocks it to side and squeezes her eyes tightly while answering, "He chose it."

Everyone's eyes widen a little bit at this and are a little shocked by what she just said.

"You don't mean he chose to go towards the unsubs willingly?" Rossi asks, offended that she would possibly suggest something like that of their brightest and youngest member.

"No, no, he chose to sink that's why he can't wake up." Miss Margett says sadly and yet admirably.

"When will he wake up?" Morgan's voice asks hesitantly, he doesn't quite understand what she is talking about him sinking since he is right there.

She shakes her head once again and her lips form a thin line, "I can't see what lies ahead for him anymore, like I said before he always goes the other way. He changes things; he has that power about him. Makes it unpredictable for me, all I can tell you is this much."

Morgan looks distressed at this answer. He doesn't want to believe in her psychic telling but what else do they have left to try.

After 6 P.M. the team was starting to worry about Reid. He still hadn't woken up yet and they were no closer than they were before to catching the other two strangers from the night before.

Morgan positions his chair closer to Reid and starts to notice to his horror; the kid has tears in his closed eyes threatening to fall. Morgan quickly grabs the boy's thin hand between his strong ones and leans over to whisper, "I'm here kid, just hang on."

Reid feels like it has been forever that he's been shown scene after scene of misery and just stopped watching all together, and pulled his legs close to his chest and wrapped his arms around them tightly and started crying.

The man has left Reid starving for what he holds so dear, like a hurricane he wants to take everything from him.

His body is so heavy and numb, and he just wants to swim away and breathe the open air, but he is so afraid.

Reid can't wait for this dream to end, if it ends. He's starting to wonder if it will ever end.

"Changed your mind yet?"

Reid shakes his head to the disembodied voice and hopes he will go away this time.

The current rushes under Reid and lifts him straight off the floor. Reid shocked and surprised flails his arms for purchase on anything at the bottom to keep him stable, but the current just keeps crashing into him trying to pull him upwards towards the surface.

He tries to frantically swim away, but it's no use as chains come from up above and wrap themselves around his slender body, one wrapping its way around his neck and he gasps out and his hands automatically try to get them off.

He continues to be dragged as the ground below grows further and further away.

Reid struggles to fight but the heartless current keeps pushing and the cold thick chains kept their claim on him as they pull him closer to the darkness.

He tries to keep fighting but he is just so tired and the waves keep brutally crashing into him.

His will is null and void as he whispers, "I'm sorry. . ."

Reid's head breaks the surface and he takes a deep breath of air as his body jerks and he hears faintly the low sound of a chuckle in the distance.

Morgan was resting his eyes, he stopped working hours ago when he got so frustrated he threw his empty coffee mug at the wall and he was ordered to take a break, so he chose instead to sit next to Reid and keep an eye on him. Rossi and Hotch were still working over the profile while Prentiss was reading a file, and JJ was talking on the phone probably to Will. Last he saw Miss Margett was even still around talking to the Sheriff. Most of the force went home or were patrolling, they aren't a big department after all so it was pretty empty except for them.

Morgan didn't even care anymore about believing the old lady or not, he might not have an unbreakable faith in a higher power but he will believe anything if it will help those precious to him.

That's when something they've all been waiting for happens.

Reid wakes up.

Morgan just had opened up his eyes to see Reid's snap open as he takes a lung filled gasp of air and his whole body jerks forward off the cot.

In the silence of the room everyone jumps and spins around or looks towards their youngest in surprise.

Morgan is up in a flash and hovers over him, trying to see what was wrong. But the kid isn't even focusing in on him just staring off at the ceiling with a far off look.

"Reid? Reid, hey kid. Thank goodness you're awake." Morgan sighs in relief but the young doctor doesn't answer him so he starts worrying, "Is everything okay?"

"Reid?" Hotch approaches him but remains standing to give the kid some air.

Reid just rises into an upwards sitting position slowly and turns around with his feet landing softly on the floor. His head bowed and hair covering his features, but otherwise remains silent and still.

Morgan reaches out and puts a hand on Reid's shoulder and the second it makes contact he instantly stiffens and is frozen in place; his body feels as if a cold numbing sensation ripped through him and has immobilized him to this core.

Giving Reid the time he needs to stand and starts making his way towards the door.

The others are confused and are about to say something to him when the air suddenly around Reid turns chokingly heavy and they have the same feeling pass over them as Morgan and are left gaping after him.

Miss Margett runs to the conference room and stands facing them.

Reid finally lifts his head and gives her a devious grin that would give anyone the chills.

"Leave him alone!" she yells angrily.

"Oh, I don't think so. He is perfect," Reid says as he inspects his body and lifts his hand to his face as he runs his fingers through his hair, "All I've been waiting for. I got to say though, he put up one hell of a fight," he adds tilting his head towards the group raising his eyebrows, "Not sure what he saw in these… humans that was worth him fighting so hard for though, especially that one that there," and stares with a frown towards Morgan, "Annoying, but I finally broke him in, for now at least, so I must be off."

Morgan's eyes are wide, mouth hanging open, and hands clutching his chest as his knees threaten to give out underneath him. He is stunned.

Reid turns around back towards the door with a pleased smile, "Now excuse me dream-seer." And starts walking past her leaving her paralyzed as well, the whole station is silent as Reid starts making his walk towards the back door, the only noises that are heard is the ticking clock and coffee maker in the background.

As soon as Reid is far enough out of the room, it's as if everyone can suddenly breathe again and their bodies feel lighter. JJ falls to their knees from the release of pressure and Prentiss has to grip the table for stability. Morgan stumbles hastily out the door with Hotch and Rossi following after him as Prentiss is trying to catch up.

They make it to the back door, ripping it open as they rush out into the darkness and are shocked still at what they find.

Under the heavy lit parking lot, there is a group of five people standing near a van 20 feet away. Cloaked and armed with guns positioned and in their hands, all but one that is, the one in the middle doesn't have a weapon and is just standing there.

The man in the middle bows upon seeing Reid's arrival outside. "We've been waiting."

The team un-holsters their weapons quickly and aim; first not really sure what was going on and now they face a standoff with multiple unsubs.

Hotch steadily yells out, "F.B.I. put your weapons on the ground right now!"

"Reid, stop." Prentiss says quickly.

"Reid? Reid!" Morgan takes a tentative step closer to Reid with his weapon still posed and ready, "Kid snap out of it!" he nearly screams.

Reid is sitting on his knees resting on the back of his heels on the beautiful marble floor, head bowed and staring at the endless red sea before him. The heavy metal collar around his neck and the chained leash attached to it keeping him in place, stopping his attempts to go back into the sea and away from the shadowed man sitting on his throne.

His tears have long ago stopped flowing and dried, but he can't stop shivering.

And it hurts, everything hurts. What he fears and whatever he tries.

All the pain, he just wants it to end.

That's when he hears the whisper. He thought it might be wind at first, but then realized there is no breeze.

He lifts his head slowly looking around and sees the red sea is shaking and ripples are violently quaking.

That's when he hears it again, and takes a sharp intake of air as his eyes widen with realization.

Morgan! He's calling his name. They do care, his family. He knew they always have.

And it finds him again.

The fight inside is coursing through his veins as he starts crawling towards the stair case once again. He tenses as he feels the slack of the chain tightening its grip on him, but he can't give in, so he keeps crawling with all his might to the point of his finger nails breaking.

Reid whispers, "I'm coming."

Reid's body seems to been jolted as he shivers and suddenly takes a hesitant step and slows down to an almost complete stop, as if fighting his own feet to keep them grounded and he is becoming unstable on the ground.

"This is not a wise decision, you're at the police station, think about this." Rossi tries to talk to the strangers in a calm manner.

Reid is already half way to the van when suddenly two dark masses blur against everyone's vision.

Then it's like something out of a horror movie that plays before the B.A.U.'s eyes.

Blood rained in the air as guttural screams are heard choking through the air. The first two men closest to the left edge of the van were standing stock still and a second later blood runs sprays out into the warm night air as they drop to the ground. The next sound is the sound of two boulders clashing and bones breaking. The man in the middle has moved and is now struggling against one of the black blurs that appeared, his hood has fallen back revealing a man with long red hair pulled into a pony tail with darkly tanned skin. They have moved a good few feet away into the darkness from just from the collision alone. Just when the two last men remaining near the van suddenly hit the ground, not even giving them time to be scared it was so fast, the team can't even tell what happened to them, all they can see is the red pool already forming beneath their bodies.

As the team gapes at this, while trying to keep an ever vigil eye on the scene before them they lost track of the second dark blur, but not before reappearing before Reid.

That's when they finally notice, it's the same two men from the night before.

He has black hair as long as Reid's with a long silver necklace around his neck and he starts talking very quickly as he rests two fingers on Reid's forehead, it sounds like a weird series of hums and mumbling.

Morgan steps up to intercept and is just a couple of feet away, when the man touching Reid is brutally hit from his left side and is knocked clear off his feet into the air. If it wasn't for the red headed person standing there, Morgan would have sworn he was hit with the force of a car. The red headed man is breathing in heavy pants and is bleeding profusely from his neck and his left arm seems to be almost ripped off as his right hand holds a knife. He grabs Reid's roughly and is about to tug him towards the van, when Morgan does a full run and his right shoulder makes impact with the man's upper torso and tackles him with full force to the ground, relinquishing his hold on Reid and the knife. Reid wobbles on his feet and seems to remain dazed and not quite there anymore, unlike whatever he was before in the office.

The red headed man's knee goes straight into Morgan's stomach causing him to roll off and double over. He tries to get up but the man just kicks him in the stomach causing him to fly at least two feet into the air before he lands roughly to the ground. Coughing and trying to latch onto the foot that is flung his way, he finally manages to catch his foot in the air before it makes contact again and holds firm as he gives it a twist and the red headed man is falling down onto his side. Morgan rests on his elbow and is trying to lift himself off the ground as his attacker is already up, but before he can reach him the air is suddenly deafened by gunshots that ring in the air and make their way to Morgan's attacker.

Reid doesn't even blink or acknowledge the loud noises near him.

Morgan gets back on his feet in a defensive stance ready to go again when the bullets stop firing. The red headed man seems in pain and doesn't quite want to leave yet by the way his eyes wander back and forth to the open road and Reid. Then he quickly makes a dash and his good hand wraps around Morgan's neck with such force it lifts him off the ground knocking the breath right out of him, and pulling him closer to his body. Effectively stopping any attempts at gun fire aimed at him, with their comrade to close to shoot.

Before Morgan or anyone could react a voice is heard and it's as if time has frozen over.

As soon as Reid got close enough on the steps to see into the sea better he is shocked at what he sees before his eyes.

Who are these people? They obviously want him for something.

Everyone is fighting, bullets are heard, and its chaos. Reid is scared for his friends.

He has to do something!

His eyes dart around trying to understand more of what's happening. That's when he feels a violent pull against his chain and his head snaps backwards and is yanked backwards. Body crashing down on the stairs as his wrists and shoulder hit the edges the hardest, he yelps loudly in pain.

He takes heavy breathes and struggles to lift his head, but as soon as he does he is taken aback. The darkened man who has been torturing him is frozen still; he has an expression of pain in his eyes.

That brings a smile to Reid's face. Deserves the bastard right.

But what caused it?

Deciding to take his chance while he can, Reid gets an idea and he pushes himself up off the steps, hissing in pain and limping his way up the stair case as fast as he can.

When he reaches the throne the man still doesn't even seem to notice him. That's when Reid steps to the side and shoves his hands behind the man and using all the strength in his arms and the leverage in his weak legs to push the man out of the chair and he lands with a loud thump.

Reid hobbles over and sits down in the chair and closes his eyes.

Reid's right hand reaches out into the air shakily and as if struggling to grab something that isn't there. Then his eyes snap to the ground remembering the knife the man was using. Bending down he grabs the item and brings it up quickly to his neck.

"STOP!" Reid screams his voice going up three octaves.

This gets everyone's attention and they literally stop.

Morgan's eyes widen even more as he blinks rapidly and struggles to get air, his feet trying to find purchase on the ground but it's no use.

"PUT HIM DOWN NOW or I will do it." Reid yells quickly and licks his dry lips, and to make his point with his shaking hand he starts pulling the knife across his neck slowly, leaving a shallow small cut in its place.

The red headed men freezes and abruptly lowers Morgan to the ground and releases his hold on his neck. Morgan's knees give in a little and threaten to take him to the ground, but he remains standing while taking grateful gulps of air, and stares horrified at Reid feeling terrified. Not for himself, no, for Reid. What is the kid doing?

The man is cautiously watching Reid, with something close to fear in his eyes.

While all this was happening no one noticed or even remembered the two other strangers in their mist. That was until a black blur comes into sight and a hand is shown sticking through the red headed man's chest.

It was such a sickening sight that everyone just stood shocked in place. The red headed man just stares down at his chest confused and the hand withdraws out in a gush of blood soaks Reid's front as the black haired man picks him up by the back of the neck and throws him in the air landing just beyond the van. The other man dressed in black runs towards the van disappearing from view and the sound of a metal vehicle door is heard being ripped off its hinges with the sound of a snarling growl cut off by a thud is heard following.

The man in front Reid lifts his bloodied hand to his face and licks his fingers, his eyes glowing a bright yellow, the pupils a scary thin line, one would compare it to a cat.

Reid's body starts shaking violently and his head falls backwards, his hands go slack and the knife falls slowly to the ground clinking to a halt, as Reid's knees give way and they fall to the ground.

"REID!" Morgan starts running towards Reid, not even caring about the man standing near him, as he slides down to his knees to catch his friend as he collapses in his arms.

The strange man walks beside Reid and kneels down and before Morgan can even say anything he once again touches two fingers to Reid's forehead and starts talking fast. Suddenly a weird symbol glows on Reid's head and disappears as the air becomes heavy but not before it lifts with a gust of wind and the man stops talking as Reid's eyes close and sags limp in Morgan's strong arms.

Reid's eyes shoot open as his body is violently torn from the throne and is being slung forward across the room only to stop mid-air with the pull on his chain that the man has a hold of.

Reid lands roughly on the marble, face hitting it painfully hard rolling to his side, he is dazed and confused.

"They are trying to rip me out, not before I make you suffer more for what you've done to me."

Reid slowly lifts his terrified eyes to up in time to see the man's fist hit the throne and with a loud bang the throne has cracks running through it and it crumbles to the ground in pieces, he turns to give Reid a wicked grin as his body starts misting and he finally vanishes completely.

Reid is left staring not sure what to do.

He wants to sigh in relief that the man is gone, and wants to scream out in frustration because he is still here. Reid doesn't know what he feels because he feels numb all over again. He thought he was free, but he is trapped once again. The fight inside him is breaking again.

Reid's doesn't even bother getting up just lays on the ground resting on his stomach and doesn't even bother to move.

Now all he can do is wait, wait for someone to find him.

The man looks intently at Reid and whispers, "He's trapped. We were too late."

Morgan holds Reid tightly and shifts his body to place him in front as a shield, "Who are you?" he demands half-growling.

JJ was already calling for backup as the others were slowly making their way still with guns raised.

"We're on your side. . . you could say." He stated calmly as the other man dressed in black with a gold necklace walks up behind him slowly, and the team just now starts to realize they look alike, and that they are twins.




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