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I sat on my couch crying. I had been watching Total Drama World Tour episodes, every night, for the last two years. I would watch them over and over. Letting the guilt and sadness completely take over. I deserved to feel bad. In fact I was let off easy. Karma could….no should punish me so much more.

Lying on the cold wooden floor I watched as the toughest part came on.

"What do you care more about losing, the million dollars…..or me?" Alejandro pleaded to a Heather of the past. I had to force myself to watch the screen and see a younger version of myself kick a love struck Alejandro and push him over the volcano.

I picked the million dollars. The stupid worthless money. Alejandro gave up more than one million dollars that day. After I had thrown the pineapple into the volcano it erupted. We fled down the volcano as fast as we could. I watched the Total Drama crew trample Alejandro. Break his bones, as they fled from the lava. I was one of them.

Finally I watched the lava cover Alejandro, burning him.

It was all my fault. Tears ran down my face, my pain was great, but not as great as the lava would have felt to Alejandro, or 20 or so teenagers running over him.

I watched myself swimming and ask if I could still have the million dollars. Turns out, I could. It wasn't until everyone was on a rescue boat that I realized Alejandro was missing. I begged Chef to turn around. He wouldn't.

It was a few weeks before I found out Alejandro's fate. Chris was even sick enough to include Alejandro's 'medical' attention in the episode, for the entire world to see. Darth Alejandro. A fresh wave of tears encircled me as I watched his disfigured body being placed in the suit.

I got my million. I didn't want it! When I rejected Alejandro for the million, I didn't mean it. I was under the delusion I could have both. Once I had won Total Drama World Tour I planned to make it up to Alejandro, and we could start fresh. It didn't work out.

If I had have known I couldn't have both, I would have picked Alejandro. Not the million! I killed him! That's right! He died shortly after being placed into that useless suit. How could Chris be so stupid as to believe Star Wars was the answer to his problems?

Chris gave me a million dollars, but so what! IT MEANT NOTHING WITHOUT ALEJANDRO!

"If I could only go back in time and choose again….." I sobbed to myself.

Suddenly the room lit up in an eerie glow and a strange lady appeared. She was covered in clocks and watches, and wore fairy wings.

"You can!" She sang sounding like a frigin lunatic!

"Who the HELL are you and what are YOU doing in my house?" I screamed, panic washing over me.

"Hush child, I am your fairy godmother and I…."

"Get OUT NOW! Or I'll call the cops, psycho." She ventured closer to me laying a hand upon my shoulder, I shivered and shoved her hand away. "Don't touch me."

"Why are people so freaked out by me these days?" The clock lady asked herself, as I edged my way over to the phone. "I never had this problem with Cinderella."

The phone was almost within reach my when it rose into the air and flew over to the clock lady. "I don't think that's necessary. Anyway it's rude to use the phone while you have company." She said, looking rather offended.

"How did she do that?" I wondered. Okay I must be dreaming. "Wake up." I said and slapped myself in the head.

It hurt.

"You're not dreaming," the lady told me "and I AM your fairy godmother." As crazy as she sounded I was actually starting to believe her. Even if she was lying I decided to play along with her, until I could work out what to do.

I said the first thing that came to my head "So what do you want from me?"

She sighed and began "I am here to help you materialize your wildest dreams. My specialty is romance. Something that your life is lacking."

I couldn't argue with her. It was my turn to sigh as I looked over at the T.V. screen, thinking of Alejandro for the millionth time that day.

"You miss him don't you" she stated sympathetically. I nodded as more sadness rushed over me, reaching my face. My eyes grew watery as I tried to fight the tears. "I can fix it" she assured me.

This was puzzling, "how can you if he's….he's….he's" I couldn't bring myself to say 'dead'. I didn't want it to be true. But the lady….or fairy godmother seemed to know what I meant.

"Time travel." She winked at me. "Are you up for it?"

She may have been crazy, she may have been lying. But if there was even the slightest chance that this was real, I was willing to try. I wanted to save Alejandro. He means more to me than the million dollars, or even my own life. "Yes"

She waved her wand and said "bipperty bopperty boo .."

Sparks and flashing colours flew all around me, as I felt myself being pulled forward.

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