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I woke up dishearten but surprisingly well rested. Although I had only been asleep for one night, it felt more like an entire year. I remembered that today my helpers were arriving and things were about to get interesting. The rest of my team was still asleep so I snuck off to confession. After all, I wouldn't be able to sleep now, and I wanted to fill in time.

On the way I passed three contestants chatting together. Hang on they weren't contestants. One of them was wearing a blue sleeveless shirt over a white vest, black jeans and blue flats. Her outfit was accessorized by silver hoop earrings and black-framed half-moon glasses. Her hair was in braids, with little white beads at the end of each strand. She looked happy, too happy.

To her left was a pixie looking guy, he had short spiky brown hair, yellow eyes and a pointy nose. And to her right was a girl with short red hair just above her shoulders and bangs that framed her face. She was about as tall as Gwen and freakishly skinny.

Just then Chris walked past, ignoring us. He suddenly stopped, backtracked and stared at the newcomers. "Okay, just for the record, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" Chris fumed

"Contestants." said the pixie looking boy coolly.

"Um, no you're not! I pick out the contestants here, and I certainly don't remember choosing you." Chris said sarcastically.

"Well we chose ourselves." added the skinny girl.

Wait… are they my 'helpers'? I knew I had to do something before Chris booted them off the plane. "NO!" I yelled, trying to look angry "YOU CAN'T COME HERE, SKIP CHALLENGES, AND THEN JUST GET IN!" Okay, maybe that was a little over the top. Then again the old Heather was always over the top.

The girl threw me a confused look, pointed to herself and her companions and then to me. I nodded, giving them the thumbs up behind Chris's back. If they hadn't realized my actions were part of my plan to keep them here, maybe I was a better actor than I thought.

Everyone else showed up, wondering what all the commotion was about –including Alejandro.

"That's right!" added Chris "You can't just come in here and –Wait, since when do you make the decisions Heather? I'm in charge. Not cool."


"No buts!" Chris glared.

"Ha ha, they said BUTT!" Of course Owen would have to say something like that. I rolled my eyes. Everyone looked at Owen annoyed. He shrugged his shoulders. "What? It was funny."

"Yeeah, I'm just gunna ignore that." remarked Chris.

"Look, you can't let them compete. Not unless you want to seriously annoy the rest of us, and stir up heaps of drama and –"

"Just shut-up Heather. You are giving me a headache, and how can I be my totally awesome self with a heada –Wait, upset, drama, that equals…. more ratings! Okay you guys, you get to stay. But as an awesome plot twist you have to pick a current contestant each to kick-off." Chris smiled evilly. This was going just the way I wanted. But I felt bad that two people would get eliminated early.

Courtney folded her arms crossly "That's against the rules Chris, I'm going to call my lawyer….."

"Yo man, what part of head-ache don't you understand?" He said walking off "Jeez, people these days."

"Wait!" I saw Alejandro run after him, "Chris please, you can't seriously do –" but Chris was gone.

"YOU!" spat Courtney "HOW DARE YOU THREE DO THIS! I worked hard! I deserve this!"

The three new contestants ignored her, and the boy addressed everyone "Everyone please leave now."

"Why should we listen to you?" asked Courtney.

"Because I hold your fate in my hands." He said smugly.

Noah just shrugged his shoulders and walked off. I think he found the whole ordeal boring. Everyone else followed, Gwen, Alejandro, everyone even Courtney. I suppose they were worried that staying would get them eliminated.

I was about to leave with the others when the girl with braided hair grabbed my arm. "Hi I'm Lainey, and this is Oscar and Katya." She pointed at the others.

"You can call me Kat." said Katya.

"I guess you guys are here to help me then?" I asked, even though it was obvious.

Oscar rolled his yellow eyes "Well Duh."

"So what's the plan?" I asked them.

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