an idea like this just hit me when i read chapter 64 ... and i can feel the muses plan on staying ^_^

anyways this is the prelude, kinda short ... it just poped into my head whan i began to write... (it's some of Kaname's thoughts) ...
the real plot begins with chapter 1

enjoy people ^_^

Thee, buried in the past

A solitary figure amongst the ruins and rubble, he is just standing there.

His eyes travel towards the sky, locking on the moon.

The moon, even though surrounded by millions of faint stars, stands alone. Its companions are too far away, as if afraid that its bright light would outshine them, as if fleeing from it, thus making the moons existence lonely and sorrowful.

The bright moon stands alone, for all eternity.

Never will he have respite, never will a companion come.

Always and forever shining in the dark night, forsaken, solitary.

He can relate to it. He, too, is alone. Feared, and ostracized by those who fear him, never understood. And the only person who understood him, the only person who accepted him is now gone.

She had given herself for the humans who feared her. She had given them hope and strength, her own strength. It had cost her dearly. The heart that she gave in order to make them weapons and the blood she spilled to give them strength had in the end taken her life. She had given her life to them like he had planned to give his, and shattered. She had left him alone, as he was before she came.

His whole body turned rigid.

Now he fights with them, with the humans who fear him, against his own kind. But he doesn't feel resentment towards them. Humans are weak and feeble creatures, and yet they are strong and durable. He could never hurt them. He tries to bury his cravings and his need for blood, but he can't. He is a monster, a cursed existence, a hated being. He should not exist.

His kind, who disregard and destroy human lives, who use them as tools and then throw them away, should not exist. Those who do not know how to value these brief and fragile lives should learn how to, or die themselves. Every life is the same, precious.

He uses the very weapons made out of that womans heart and fights with the people who had devoured her blood. All to kills the ones who view humanity as livestock. Just as that woman wished him to.

He will honour her wish, and protect these precious lives. Even if it costs his own life.

He would like for it to cost his own life.

real short ...

well i couldnt help it, i wrote this just before school ... and posted it 15 min before the start (and it takes me 20-25 min on foot to get there... so jeah, i was late -.- ... like whoa too XD)

i tryed to stay in caracter with these thoughts but it was hard ... i get the feeling (in this story) that he's resentful, but the real kaname wouldnt be, he'd blaim himself and spare the humains ...
and yet there's a line in the chapter(manga) that gives me resentful-towards-the-humans vibe ... but that's probably just me *sigh*