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~One year later~

Skye's P.O.V.

I smiled as May baby walked over to me. She had black hair and blue-brown eyes, her name's Tanya. Alex's baby had purple-red eyes, and dirty blonde hair, her names Hina. Cassie's baby had black hair and eyes, her name's kammy. Star's baby dirty blonde hair blue eyes, her names Natzume. Kira's kid has blonde hair, black eyes, her name's Umi. Vannessa's baby has black hair and black eyes, her name's Kiki. Kimmy's baby had blonde hair and black eyes, her name's Demi. Mai's baby has blonde hair and black eye's her name is Ivy. Sammy's baby had browen hair and yellow eyes her names Zora. Me, my friends, cosins, and sister hadn't changed at all.

Maria was sitting criss-cross holding Zora. May came in with a bowl of apple sauce. I handed Tanya to her. "I'm going outside" I said standing up. Nobody answered.
I walked outside and felt cold wind hit my face. I started walking into the woods. I had gotten pretty far when I started to hear talking. I climbed up a tree and saw some people I've really been missing.

"Hey Itachi" Sasuke said nodding toward his older brother. Um I think he ate crazy flakes. I heard a snapping sound and then the branch broke.

"AHHHH!" I screamed. Something or someone caught me. I opened my eyes. Pein stared down at me smirking.

"Spying on us?" He asked. I grinned and jumped out of his arms.

"You bet" I said before giving him a peace sign.

"Skye-chan!" I heard someone shout. Next thing I know I'm pulled into a hug. After the person let go I turned around and saw Tobi.

"Hey Tobi" I said. I turned around and grinned at the other ninja. "Hi to all you guys" They smiled and nodded. I saw Tayuya holding something in a blue blanket. "That your baby?" I asked smirking.

"Yes" Muttered Tayuya.

"How long till you told them?"

"She told us the day after we got back" Sakon answered. I nodded and gave them a follow me sign. When we got to the house we saw Sammy and Zora sitting on the back pourch. Zora was playing with the flowers.

"That's Zora" I said quietly. Zetsu nodded. He then sank in the floor. He appeared behind Sammy, and hugged her from behind. I didn't hear what he said but I heard Sammy.

"Zetsu!" She said before turning around and hugging him. We came over and she had a huge smile.

"Yay happy Sammy" I said. "GUYS GET YOUR BUTTS OUT HERE!" I shouted. The door opened and they all came out, babies walking behind them.

"May-chan" Tobi screamed running and hugging her. She laughed and hugged Tobi. Kimmy hugged Deidara muttering something I couldn't hear.

"Alright first things first." I said everyone looked at me. "Gather your babies" My friends and sister laughed and nodded before picking up their babies.
"OK this is, Tanya, Hina, kammy, Natzume, Umi, Kiki, Demi, Ivy, and Zora." I said pointing to each baby.

"You remember nine fucking names" Hidan asked. Dawn smacked him in the head.

"No she remembers 22 names, plus however many people you've got" SHe shouted.

"Alright" He growled. "Tayuya alredy told us who got who pragenet"

"OK" May said smiling.

"Tobi's a dad" Tobi shouted.

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