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Skye's POV. I started laughing insanely, while the ninja looked confused as ever. For several days my friends, Kira, Sammy, and my sister May, had made up an insane story. (A/N: From where they decided to get drunk in Akatsuki Kittens, and from Chapter ten in Akatsuki Kittens 2.) No one thought it was as funny as me and my friends did.

"If I had powers that would rock." Luna said waving her hands around.

"Pardon me, but one sister is enough for me." Dawn said, but she was smiling.

"No way would any of us get pergo, that young" Cassie said smiling, problay at the thought of having Kakashi as a boyfriend.

"You girls are idiots." Orochimaru said.

My friends and I burst into a fit of laughter. When ever we collected ourselves, and so each others faces we would break out into another fit of laughter. Finally after about five minutes of laughter we calmed down. May then grabbed Tobi's arm and they walked off towards her room. None of my friends or I could reseits the argure to yell at them.

"No one is losing their V-cards!"

Everyone looked at us as though we had had lost our minds. Though you think after they heard such an obserd story they wouldn't be like that. Once everyone decided it was time to go to sleep we headed upstairs. Pein was forced to sleep in my room, and i had a feeling it had to do with the story. As we sat around feeling the awkwardness come. I looked at him and failed to see what he was thinking. Maybe I just fail at life. Or maybe I just fail at seeing what a ninja thinks.

"For what reason are you staring at me?" He asked looking at me.

"Trying to find out what you are thinking." I said before adding. "Thinking of I would really kiss you."

He walked over to where I was sitting on the window sill. Then he leaned down, and was the same level as me.

"We could find out the second one, now"

I stared at him, before nodding. I kinda liked the idea anyway. We leaned towards each other and our lips meet. There was a filling I haven't felt towards anyone.

May's POV

I sat on Tobi's lap reading a book. He then started talking in his Madara self. He told me how the story was insane, and how he would wait till I was older to do such things. I told him I knew, but we were bored, and it was fun to watch people's faces as we told certin parts.

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