"Gid, just leave it behind!" I laughed as we ran through the halls of Hogwarts.

"My shoe though!" he laughed just as hard as he turned back the other way to collect the shoe that had fallen off. I swapped an amused look with Fabian as we skid to a halt to wait for him only my eyes widened at the sight of Apollyon Pringle the caretaker who had turned the corner at a run.

"Caught you all in the act!" he snapped at us angrily as he gained on us, "Dungbombs in the Charm corridor! That's detention that is!"

Gideon, who was knelt in front of him to get his shoe suddenly stood up and ran towards us, we grinned before following him in the opposite direction that Pringle was coming from. We finally skid to a halt when we were by the trophy room which was on the opposite side of the castle compared to the Charms corridor.

"That was great," I laughed as I leant against a wall to catch my breath.

"Yeah, but Pringle knows it was us," Fabian commented. "He's gonna tell McGonagall."

"With no proof?" I smirked as we started to walk towards the Great Hall, we entered at the same time as my brother and his friends. Remus and Sirius smiling slightly at us as James scowled, I returned his scowl with one of my own before moving to sit with the twins as Frank joined us.

"Where've you guys been?" he asked as he slid into a seat next to me, the twins were opposite us.

Gideon glanced around us before leaning in, "We were putting Dungbombs in the Charms corridor," he grinned.

"Aha!" A voice from behind me suddenly shouted making me jump and turn to see that Pringle was approaching with McGonagall, "A confession! You all heard it!" I swapped a look with the twins before we all shrugged.

"Sure," I nodded, "We did it."

"You should give them detention Professor," he turned to McGonagall, "Ban them from Quidditch for the season!"

"Why would I ban half of my team from Quidditch?" she questioned making us swap smirks, "Especially the three best players we have?" She turned to us, "You will be serving detention tonight with Hagrid."

"Yes Professor," we replied together making her nod before walking back to the teacher's table. I grinned widely again and bumped fists with the twins, completely ignoring the glare I was receiving from both the Slytherin table and James Potter.

"Wait, aren't you going to see your gran tonight?" Frank asked knowingly as we got up to go to lessons, I paused and ran a hand through my hair. Frank had figured something out a while ago, he had asked if Remus was a werewolf, but I had lied and told him I was.

"I'll talk to McGonagall," I replied simply before turning on my heel and heading up to said teacher.

"What is it Miss Lupin?" she asked curiously.

"Would it be possible to reschedule the detention?" I asked hopefully, "I know you don't usually do that," I lowered my voice, "Frank figured out why Remus and I left once a month, and I told him it was me who was a werewolf, not Remus."

"Ah," she nodded, "You can serve your detention on Sunday."

"Thanks Professor," I smiled at her before heading back to my waiting friends, only Remus intercepted me.

"You got detention, tonight?" he snapped angrily.

"I talked my way out of it," I snapped back, "I'll be there, I always will be." He sighed in relief before he pulled me into a hug.

I was however, shocked when I reached the shrieking shack to find not only Remus, but a dog, a stag and a rat. Already in my wolf form, I growled threateningly and crouched to attack, the stag cast me a glance before turning away as the dog mimicked my stance.

"Bell," Remus croaked, having not changed yet, "its okay it's the guys."

The dog stood up straight before plodding over to me, his tail wagging, the rat joined him and scuttled up my leg to rest on my head as the dog licked my cheek. Sirius and Peter, obviously, meaning James was the stag.

Rolling my wolf eyes, I growled towards James before sitting down and waiting for Remus to transform.

Things hadn't gotten any better with James over the summer, we just went from bad to worse, and I blame him completely.

"Happy Birthday Baby Girl," Gideon smiled down at me as we danced at my birthday party, "You look, beautiful tonight."

I blushed slightly as I looked down at my black birthday dress before smiling up at him again, "Thanks Gid," I muttered quietly before he pulled me closer and I let my head drop onto his shoulder.

"Aww, look how cute they look together," I could hear Mrs Prewitt comment from close by.

"Yeah, whatever," was the reply she received from the voice of James Potter making me tense slightly before closing my eyes. Once the song ended, I pulled away from Gideon with a kiss on the cheek before making my way out into our backyard for some fresh air.

"You and Prewitt looked close," I heard him comment from right behind me as I leant against the rail of our patio deck. Turning my head, I rolled my eyes at him and looked away again. "Are you guys like a thing now?"

"No," I shook my head.

"Good, he's too old for you," he told me sharply making me turn to fully face him.

"What's your problem?" I asked him sadly, "So I didn't tell you about Remus, who cares?"

"I care," he replied, "You promised you'd tell me if something was wrong."

"But nothing was wrong," I snapped at him, squaring off slightly as I lowered my voice, "He's my brother, and I love him. Whether he's a Werewolf or not."

I didn't realise how close our faces where until he swooped in and his lips collided hard with mine, his hand going to the back of my head and tangling in my hair. I kissed back... my fist holding on to his shirt... until I realised what was happening and I shoved him away from me. "What the hell?" I shouted angrily, catching the attention of people by the doors.

They just so happened to be Remus, Sirius and Peter. "You haven't talked to me civilly since Valentine's Day and now you're kissing me?" I snapped harshly, "Make your fucking mind up Potter."

With that I walked away from him and back into the party where I was intercepted by Fabian, Gideon and Frank. This of course caused James to glare angrily towards the four of us as I sent a glare over my shoulder.

"So how long have you guys been Animagi?" I asked as James and Sirius supported Remus up to the castle the morning after the full moon.

"We learnt a few weeks back," Sirius replied as James wouldn't even look at me, "We figured, if we came with you guys, it might be more fun for us all."

Shrugging slightly, I smiled. I had to admit, with them being there too, it was quite fun. Especially since Sirius' dog form was the same size as my wolf one so we were evenly matched as we play fought. He glanced down at me with a questioning look. "It was fun," I nodded with a smile, before the smile dropped at the sound of James' scoff.

We'd reached the great hall already so I ignored him and accepted Remus as they handed him over to me before we walked away from them without a word. We'd all realised that they couldn't help Remus all the way to the Hospital wing because if they did then Pomfrey would get suspicious.

"Ah, Bella and Remus," she greeted pleasantly, "Back to our old routine already."

"Hey Poppy," we greeted together, having been in the hospital wing so much the year before she had opted for us to be on first name terms.

"Well, in bed you get Remus," she told him kindly making me lower him to his usual bed, "Now, sleep until lunch like usual and off you go Bella."

"See you later Remy, Poppy," I waved as I exited the hospital wing before heading up the stairs to Gryffindor Tower.

"Bella!" I heard Bilius shout as I headed inside the Common Room making me spin to face the chairs by the fire where he sat with Gideon, Fabian and Frank. "C'mere a sec."

"What's up?" I asked as I dropped into a seat between the twins.

"Well, Arthur and Emmeline finished last year," he replied, "So we're down two Chasers." I nodded slightly. "So here's what I was thinking: You said something about you wanting to be a Chaser?"

"I'm good with Seeker Bill," I replied making him sigh in relief.

"Great," he smirked, "Because we figured Fabian and Gideon could be our Chasers. They're awesome at it, better than Frank anyway."

"Hey!" he whined unhappily making me smirk slightly.

"So what about Beaters?" I asked curiously.

"We're gonna hold try outs," was Fabian's reply, "But we wanted to ask if you had any thoughts on who'd be good Beaters?"

"Yeah, what about Remus... you said he used to play with you and your dad," Gideon suggested.

"He's not a Beater," I shook my head, "He's a Keeper if I ever saw it. But he'll have to wait until next year." Biting my lip I glanced over at Sirius, James and Peter were sat making me wince. "I'm going to regret this aren't I?"

Gideon grimaced for me as I ran a hand through my hair, "When are you holding try outs?" I asked Bilius.

"Tonight," he replied simply making push myself off the sofa and head over to the three confused boys.

"What do you want?" James sneered up at me making me glower back before looking right at Sirius.

"You play Beater, right?" I asked simply making him nod.

"James does too," he told me, knowing that was my question.

"Try outs for our two Beaters are tonight, six o'clock," I told him, "Will you come?" He smirked and nodded.

"Definitely," he told me as he stood up, "Thanks for letting us know Bells."

I shrugged slightly and tilted my head to look at him properly, "I'm not saying you'll make the team," I smirked, "But... if you're good enough, maybe I'll convince Bill to let you join us."

He chuckled slightly before shoving me slightly, "See you later Sirius, Peter, Potter," I smiled at the first to before scowling at the third and heading up to my dorm to change for the day.