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I'm writing this story solely with out any help.

Title Animal Business.

Friday 21st of Febuery 2013.

Perfacers Nichol and Shipstone where down at the chicken huts.

There was lots of different other animals where was three goats in one pen and two small ponies in the pen near them.

Lisa and H where coming out of the small barn where there was other animals inside it.

Now outside the big barn.


(Who was cheerful.)

"Tess I mean perfacer Shipstone."

"I never notice this place before."

Perfacer Shipstone.

(Laughing and smiling.)

"H it's fine you can call me Tess."

"So what do you think?"


"I love it here but why have you brought us here?"

Perfacer Ella Nichol and Lisa joined H and Perfacer Tess Shipstone.

Perfacer Nichol explained that she wanted H and the others to run the min farm for Sun Bean clinic.

It has been seventeen days since the Lisa Joe H and Alex left Sun Bean Clinc.