Monday the 24th of febuary 2013.

The time is 3pm in the afternoon perfacer Shipstone and nurse Hazil Joy was going to open Fury Friends farm.

Harvey Mary Beth Lacey and Christine Cagney waiting for Joe Hope Lisa Penny and Alex Hall to come out of the office in their uniforms.

Liz Jackson and her cusine Romeo Colin was searving hot drinks to every one.

Every one was wearing their top coats to keep warm Alice Christine Lacey and Officers Silver and Jim Kettle was on duty.

Mary Beth.

(Crying and she was getting a hanky chive out of her hand bag to wipe her eyes with.)

"Alex Joe Lisa yaw look wonderful in yaw uniforms."


(Looking destrpinted that H wasn't there.)

"I wish H was here and Mark too."


(Getting his camra ready to take a photo.)

"Don't worry she be here."

H and Mark had arrived they was with doctor Coco and Perfacer Nichol.


(Who was limping and she pulled her baseball .)

"Sorry I'm a bit late."

"I forgot the time."


(Putting his arm around H and smiling.)

"Well never might what happened to you?"

"Looks like Mark got into a fight ?"

Mark Colin and H Newt have had a running with Rocky Stone and his sister.


(Looking across to Mary Beth and Mark.)

"I had too much to drink last night."

"So did Mark don't matter about that we got a farm to open."

Harvey taken the photo of the H Lisa Alex and Joe.

Doctor Coco already cut the ribbing H spotted Kit Conner who is looked like she could do with some help.

H she moved towards Kit.


(Who was worried about Kit.)

"Kit what happened here let me help you."


(Who clasped and she was dubled up in pain.)

"I need help I'm hurt."

"You right about Rachel and Her brother Rocky ."


(Shoutting for some help.)

"I need some help here."

Officer Jim Kettle came across and doctor Jakson to help.

H Newt came to the reuce of one of her emanys at last that Max Evens was no more.

But Rocky and Rachel Stone was still on the seane.

The End.

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