Chapter 3. Ice-cream.

Hermione stared at Draco as he bent over to inspect some books. They had wandered into a new book store in London. It had a sign that read Happy Readings with a bookworm curled up with a book and glasses perched on a none existent nose.

He had become such a handsome guy. His hair no longer looked gelled to death and fell nicely into his eyes like a cute scene fringe. His appearance had changed a lot since she had moved in. His haunted looks had faded and a young teenage boy had emerged. Even the cold hatred that he had always pointed at her was now just reserved for when she uses all the hot water.

She watched his dance his fingers along the spines of some classics. She smiled and turned back to the bookcase in front of her. Old and new muggle fairy tales. She picked up Peter Pan and Beauty and the beast smiling slightly to herself.

She wanted to get Draco into muggle stories and movies. She sniffed a little remember her parents. She missed them so much lately, she missed everyone, and she missed her dads' lousy jokes and her mums' persistent request to always read at least one book a week. Tears tried to escape her eyes but she held them back, it wouldn't do her any good to cry. Turning she saw Draco staring at her with a worried expression. He looked so concerned that she felt slightly guilty. She wanted him to have fun; she didn't like him being sad.

Wiping her eyes she smiled brightly. Grabbing him she started towards the counter to buy the books. He gave her a look to say 'are you gonna be ok?' She made thumbs up sign and chucked the books up onto the counter and pulled out her wallet. Suddenly Draco was in front of her and paying for his books and hers. Frowning at him she sighed and took the bag from his hand.

Walking out of the store she smiled up into the sunny sky, a very rare but welcomed occurrence. She looked back and Draco and smiled at him making him smile in turn. Grabbing his free hand she started walking towards a clothes shop, not noticing the warm flush that bloomed on Draco's cheeks or the warm smile that he gave her.


23 stores, 2 shoe shops (XD) 10 bags all in 5 hours. Draco felt beat.

He got the house elves to pop all the shopping back to the house and told them to tell his mother that they would be home soon.

Turning he saw Hermione admiring a jewellery store window display. Walking up behind her he saw ring and gold chains. Nudging her he smiled as she jumped "what's catching your eye missy?" she blushed and pointed out a pocket watch that had a rose engraved lid made of bronze. Smiling he grabbed her hand and dragged her into the store laughing as she squeaked. The man behind the counter gave Draco and Hermione a once over and sniffed. Draco stared down at his ripped biker jeans and button up shirt knowing exactly what the man was thinking. Hermione was in her normal attire, jeans and a singlet shirt with a cardigan.

Taking her hand again he drew her towards the counter. Clearing his throat slightly he looked directly at the young gentleman behind counter and spoke clearly and with authority just like his mother taught him, straight back and with an air of belonging.

"I wish to purchase that rose pocket watch that you have in the window." Draco watched the man's face stiffen slightly then he smiled or tried to. In a heavy Scottish accent the man gestured to the window "that might be a bit out of your price range lad. It's just shy of $3000." Draco pulled his wallet out at flipped a card onto the bench. The man made a face then looked Draco over again. Taking in the clean and tidy air that showed around him. He nodded slightly and scratched the back of his head. A smiled played slightly on his lips.

"Are you sure you can afford this laddie?" Draco just nodded and made a slight gesture towards the very silent and wide eyed Hermione. She had clutched at Draco's arm, her mouth working but still nothing came out. The man looked down at Hermione, the smile came out and he sighed. Walking over to the window he pulled the pocket watch out and took it back around to the back of the counter disappearing behind a curtain. When he returned the watch hung from a shiny chain that would be used as a necklace. Coming back around, he placed it over Hermione's head and sat it around her neck. Draco grinned at the very shocked pale girl staring down at the trinket now sitting on her collar.

"You may have the chain for free, aye your lucky lady miss. Your boyfriend spoils you" Taking Draco's card he put the transaction through and handed back the card and docket as Hermione blushed so red that Draco worried she would faint.

"I'm Grey by the way. I own the shop and to tell you the truth, I've been trying to sell that for months now. No one seemed to find it all that pretty." He looked at Hermione as she fingered the rose. Smiling again he made a gesture with his hands. Hermione's eyes widened then she started silently laughing. Draco looked between them with a raised eye brow. Grey laughed too. "Sorry laddie, I was just saying she was welcome" Draco looked at him with a questioning eye.

"She is deaf is she not?" Grey looked at her. Hermione shook her head sadly then gestured to her throat. "No. she is mute." Draco patted her head making her smile slightly. Grey watched the exchange with a sad look. "I sorry lassie I didn't mean to upset you" Hermione shook her head and smiled a big 'it's ok' smile. Taking her hand Draco led her out of the store waving back at the store keeper.

Draco watched her fiddle with her new necklace, smiling to himself. Seeing an ice-cream store he made a quick beeline over and made her sit out the front while he bought them some treats. Bringing out a two scoop of double chocolate cookie dough ice cream each he sat down next to her and started munching. She made a face of delight and started om noming away. Draco laughed as she got ice cream on her cheek. Ducking forward he licked it off her cheek laughing slightly, suddenly he froze, pulling back he blushed and watched her go pink. He didn't know why he did that, he suddenly felt very conscience of how close they were now. Clearing his throat he mumbled an apologue and went back to eating. His pale complexion was red for a good ten minutes.


They returned home around dinner time, both agreeing to quickly wash up and meet back in the dining room. Hermione sat on her bed for a bit holding her cheek as a flush crusaded over her. He had licked her. She would have told anyone else off for doing that but as she sat there she couldn't help feel light hearted at his open gesture. Changing into some lounge pants and a nice lose shirt she put her new watch on her side table blushing again at Draco's gift. It was beautiful and she had been admiring for a month now. Suddenly a knock came at her door, rushing over she opened it to find a sheepish looking Draco in sweatpants and an old singlet that showed off a lot of arm muscles. Quickly drawing her eyes back up to his face she noticed he was staring at her with a lopsided grin. Blushing she made to hit him but ended up just hurting herself. Draco just laughed then went quiet looking down at her with an emotion she couldn't quite place. She suddenly didn't know why she did it, one minute she was look up into his steely blue eyes the next she had wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in the hollow of his shoulder and neck. Draco stood there for a bit not knowing what had happened. He didn't feel her crying so he wondered what had happened. He decided either way that he wouldn't go past a hug. So curling his arms around her small waist he was able to grasp her firmly and lift her up holding her closer.

He had come to escort her down stairs and explain it would just be them for dinner, that his mother had gone to France to visit some old friends for two weeks. But when he had come to the door he suddenly had an overwhelming feeling and suddenly he was holding her in his arms and he really didn't want to let go. He felt her lift her head from his shoulder, it was then that he noticed he had her face to face to him. Her eyes seemed to grow bigger and he couldn't help smirking. He had grown out of wanting girls to fall at his feet and swoon for him, but looking at a flushed Hermione was cute.

He lent forward a little so that they were nose to nose, watching Hermione go redder by the second. He felt her heart beat pick up and she was playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. Deciding that, if he wanted this annoying urge to stop, he needed to just do it.

Looking into her chocolaty brown eyes he smiled watching her slowly smile back at him. She was so light in his arms, or was he just to wrapped up to care how heavy she was.

Leaning in more he pressed his lips lightly to hers and heard her breath stop. He started to press more filling her lips soften under his. Her hands stilled and just held on to him. He pulled back and looked at her; her eyes were glazed and shiny. He breathed out slowly, a sense of butterflies going through him at a dizzying rate. He slowly put her down and steadied her watching her just stand there looking at him. He suddenly felt like he shouldn't have kissed her. Her reaction started to worry him.

"Hermione? Are you ok?" Draco took her face in his hands and worried his lip waiting for a reaction. Her eyes come back into focus and a smile started to creep up on her face. Suddenly she was kissing him on the lips again then she was gone just as quick. Draco stood stock still then laughed. He stood up straight and watched her blush.

Taking her hand he led her down stairs for dinner both grinning like fools.