Lessons of a Seraphim

[Set after Season 5 Episode 14 – My Bloody Valentine]

Will the Angel be able to help the souless hunter feel something again? Will the headstrong hunter be able to teach the Angel how to love and feel humanity?

"Please..." Dean said softly as he looked up at the night sky; the tears ready to fall from his eyes whilst he shook his head slightly from the frustration that he was feeling.

"I Can't...I need some help..." His voice becoming increasingly saddened

The silence of the car lot surrounded him - all he could feel was his own heart breaking that little bit more.

"Please..." He whispered as a single tear fell from his eye; discouraged that he had no other choice but to ask for help.

Chapter 1

Lifting the half empty bottle of whiskey to his lips, Dean paused. Not even the smell or the taste of the liquor could entice him anymore; tightening his grip on the bottle, he passed it one final look before throwing it angrily across the car lot.

"Hello Dean"

Jumping at the sudden but gentle voice, Dean swiped round in the direction of where he believed it had come from; he turned to find a young woman standing at a short distance from him; he couldn't help but take a few seconds to stare at her surprising beauty. She was the perfect size, her frame faultless, her dark brunette hair sitting just right on her shoulders and as the car lot lights hit them, her bright blue eyes sparkled as she looked at him.

"You are a tough one to find..." She said passing him a welcoming smile "But here I am..."

Dean cleared the lump from his throat as his tough facade began to hide what he was truly feeling.

"And you are?" Dean asked passing her a puzzled look.

She smiled "What did you think Dean, that you would call and no one would answer?"

"That thought did cross my mind..."

"Would you have preferred if your plea was not answered?" She asked taking a step towards him.

Dean smirked "Let me guess, another hell bent Angel wanting to kill or tempt Sam to the dark side?"

The woman paused in her stride and passed him a surprised look "Now that is not very nice Dean"

"Please, tell me if I'm wrong but I haven't had the best experiences with you so called Angels..." Dean replied, his accusing eyes glaring.

"Not that you will believe me but you are wrong"

"And how is that? All of you god damn Angels and Demons seem to have hidden agendas these days!"

"Because I am not here for Sam Dean, he is the least of my worries...I am here for you"

Dean passed her a puzzled look "Sweetheart, I'm not buying what you're selling...so why are you really here?"

Dean could tell he was provoking a response as he watched her frown at his attitude "It saddens me that you still have little faith...but I am not surprised"

"Meaning?" Dean asked as he crossed his arms defensively at his chest.

"Dean you misunderstand my intentions; I am not here to hurt you or your brother"

"So why are you here?"

"I heard your call Dean; I heard the suffering in your voice" She responded watching as he continued to hide behind the arrogant and overconfident wall he had built around himself.

Dean momentarily fell quiet knowing that he couldn't deny or even evade what she was saying that he was feeling.

"So what d'u want?"

"You asked for help, I want to help you Dean, help you through the anguish you are feeling"

Dean sneered at her response "The last attractive Angel that wanted to help me...through my anguish; ended up wanting to kill my brother...what makes you any different?"

The woman smirked "Anna never was good at making her own decisions..."

Dean looked at her curiously "You knew Anna?"

"Yes, I knew Anna; her problem was that her mind could be twisted so easily"

"And let me guess...yours can't?" The sarcasm in his voice clearly was indicating how sceptical he was of the woman standing in front of him. If the truth be told, he was pissed at himself for believing that he and Anna ever had a connection. A lot of good it did him, being that whatever they shared only ended up being broken when she betrayed him. Not only did the bitch attempt to kill Sam – she well and truly stepped over that line by trying to murder his parents before him and Sam had even been born.

"Dean, Anna was a dead beat Angel that did not know what she wanted..." She started when she smirked slightly "Excuse the pun, that was until Michael incinerated her alive"

"And you know what you want?"

Dean watched as a serious expression covered that perfect face of hers as she took another step closer to him; her eyes gazing deeper into his.

"Yes Dean, I know what I want...and that is to help you"

"And why would you wanna help me?" Dean asked still finding it hard to believe she was the answer to his prayers in the most simplest of form "Maybe try and persuade me to say yes to Michael?"

"That is the last thing I want..." She replied; an annoyed expression crossing her face.

Dean tilted his head to the side trying to figure out the mysterious woman that stood in front of him.

"For what it is worth Dean, you appear to be doing better after the last time I saw you..." The woman smiled.

Dean passed her a puzzled look "Last time? Kinda think I would recognise a face like yours if I've met you before"

"The last time we were together Dean I was not in my true form..."

Dean looked deep into her eyes that gazed back at him trying to remember where they might have met.

"I know you?"

About to answer his question, the woman was interrupted when the lot lights above them flickered before smashing...

Shielding himself from the shards of glass that fell to the ground, Dean lowered his arm from his face to see Castiel standing there staring at the woman.

"Cas what the hell?" Dean asked lowering his arm to his side.

"Apologies Dean" Castiel replied his eyes not wandering from the females.

"Castiel...always with the breaking of the lights" The woman smirked as she turned to face him "You know it may be an idea for you to look into ways of being less destructive when you make an entrance..."

Castiel remained quiet, his silence trying to intimidate her.

"My My Castiel, you look...aged" She gloated as she looked him up and down teasingly.

Castiel shifted uncomfortably at the look she was passing.

"Not having the heavenly power getting you down?"

"I'm going to go and take a really wild guess and say you two know each other?" Dean asked as he watched the tense interaction between them.

"We do" Castiel replied "Why are you here?" His eyes questionning her.

Rolling her eyes, She took a deep frustrated breath before meeting Castiel's gaze "I am going to start recording my responses...Dean called and I heard his plea"

Castiel nodded "You expect me to believe that?"

As they spoke Dean moved his head from side to side; following the particular Angel that was talking.

"If you have not figured this out by now Castiel, I do not care what you believe"

Castiel looked blankly at her "Did Zachariah send you?"

She scoffed angrily at his comment "You could at least give me some credit Castiel, Like I would listen to anything that heavenly parasite has got to say" Hearing Dean chuckle at her reply, she turned and looked at him

"Not a favourite of yours either?"

"You could say that"

"Unless you give me a reason why you should be, you should not be here" Castiel interrupted.

Clenching her fist, the woman turned and glared at Castiel "Do I need to remind you of hierarchy?"

Castiel dipped his head slightly as he took a step back.

Dean smirked; finding it highly amusing that a woman of all people had such control over Castiel.

"You have no place in telling me what I can and cannot do; I go wherever I please Castiel"

"My apologies I did not mean to offend"

"No you never do Castiel, but somehow it always ends up that way" She replied turning herself away from him.

Dean could feel the tension between the Angels; his confusion and astounding number of questions continuing to grow.

"Okay, okay...you say you want to help, how?" Dean asked as her mesmerising eyes looked round at him.

She took a deep breath and looked at him "Whispers tell me that Sam Winchester is feeling the strain..."

Dean nodded cautiously "He..." Feeling the disappointment for his younger brother suddenly start to appear

"Relapsed on demon blood..." She replied as Dean looked round at her.

"I know about Famine and all that happened" She could instantly sense all of the questions he had rise to the surface.

Dean nodded whilst Castiel continued to look at her; surprised that she was standing in front of him.

"Would you mind if I took a look at Sam?"

Dean passed her a questionable and protective look; he didn't want anything or anyone hurting his brother.

"Dean if I wanted Sam dead, he would be...an iron box is not going to stop someone like me"

"So why ask for my say so?" Dean asked confused by the way in which she was acting; she wasn't like the other conniving and malicious Angels he had come across.

"Because Dean I am polite and I know the difference between right and wrong" She paused as she turned her head towards Castiel passing him a sarcastic look "Ask your friend Castiel, he knows all too well what I can do and what I truly stand for"

Castiel took a deep breath and looked over at Dean "She is telling the truth, she is not like the others" He assured him.

Turning to face Dean she could see the apprehension on his face.

"I can only help if you let me" She said softly.

Dean nodded "Don't make me regret my decision or we're gonna have a problem"

Turning, he walked back towards the house. She nodded at his request as she followed behind with Castiel.

As Dean opened the door to the basement, they could hear Sam's cries for his brother or Castiel's help echo through the iron walls that surrounded him. Walking down the stairs Dean clenched his jaw tightly; hearing his brothers pain instantly pulled on his heart strings forcing him to remember the last time he had to lock Sam down and the events that unfolded after he escaped from the room somehow; to this day he still couldn't work out how he did it. Approaching the iron door; Dean pulled back the metal eye slot allowing her to peer in and observe the situation.

"Charming..." She said softly seeing Sam struggling against his restraints as sweat dripped from his frame "You mind letting me in so I could have a better look?" She asked turning her head to look at Dean.

Hesitantly Dean looked deep into her eyes "How do I know if I can trust you?"

"You do not know that Dean and due to your past you will not find it easy"

"And you what...just expect me to let you in there with him?" He asked passing her a puzzled look.

"I can help Sam Dean, dig a little deeper and find some faith...you will see that I mean no harm, unlike some people I am loyal to my every word" Turning her head she glared back angrily at Castiel who returned the look.

Cautiously Dean leant forward and grabbed the handle; pushing it down he opened the door allowing her to walk inside, as she walked in she could feel Dean about to follow. Using her force, she pushed the door shut before he could take a step forward, locking it behind her so he could not unlock it from the outside.

"Son of a..." Dean cursed as he tried to push open the iron door "Damn it...trust me she says..." Dean shouted angrily as he thumped his fist against the iron fiercely. He assumed she was just like everyone else and wanted to hurt his brother.

"If you hurt him, I swear to god!" Dean threatened, kicking the door forcefully.

The woman continued to ignore Dean's comments as she slowly approached the pull out bed Sam was lying on. From the bed, Sam had seen her enter and instantly felt the calming energy she was emitting. His blurred vision clearing as she grew closer to him; peering up he was able to see her beautiful face gazing comfortingly down at him. Standing just to the side of the bed; she raised her hand to release the restraints that were restricting him. Pulling himself up he leant against the wall behind, resting against it as he tried to calm his fast and heavy breathing.

"You know, you need to be more careful Sam" She said softly as she sat on the edge of the bed next to him.

Their eyes met and Sam passed her a puzzled look "How do you..."

"If Famine is all it took for you to become that hungry, who knows what Lucifer will do to persuade you"

"Who are you?" Sam asked quietly, not wanting to argue with the Angelic face that sat in front of him.

"Someone who can help you Sam...If you want me to that is?"

Sam passed her a confused look "What's that supposed to mean?" He asked heatedly; still craving the blood he wanted.

"If I am to help you Sam, I need to know you actually want it" She watched as he began to scratch anxiously at his skin.

"More than anything I want it" Sam pleaded knowing what he had done was wrong, he just couldn't control himself being under Famines will "Please..."

She smiled as his earnest eyes looked up at her "Very well" She replied raising her hand towards him.

"Sam...Sammy!" She heard Dean continually call from outside the room before angrily banging on the door.

"If I were you Sam, I would advise your brother to have a little faith" She said as she rested her fingertip on his forehead.

Sam watched as she closed her eyes - in the moment of them closing he could feel the overwhelming power radiate from her...the room instantly becoming coated in an insanely bright white light as the walls of the room started to shudder. Taking a few seconds for the light to disappear; Sam opened his eyes to find the room had returned to normal and the mysterious woman gone. Sitting upright, Sam took the time to analyse his body to feel his craving gone completely and his violent urges calmed to a halt.

Hearing the door open; Sam looked up to watch as Dean hurried in with Castiel following.

"Sam!" Dean said leaning in front of him "You okay?"

Sam smiled "Dean I feel fine, great actually" He replied pulling himself to the edge of the bed.

"No craving?" Dean asked passing him a puzzled look.

Sam shook his head "None, I feel just like I did before Famine came to town..."

Dean took a deep breath, relieved that she had kept her promise not to hurt him but to help him. Needing to stretch his legs; Sam used the mattress on the bed to push himself up so he could stand straight.

"Whatever that woman did, it worked" Sam smirked, happy that he wasn't jonesing for the blood anymore.

Dean nodded still confused as to how he could have met her before.

"Good to see that you are okay Sam" Castiel said from the doorway.

"Thanks Cas"

"Come on, let's get you out of here" Dean urged as he began to walk out of the iron room.

Sam nodded as he followed his brother and Castiel who had stepped out moments before.

"So I have to ask who the hell that was..." Sam asked watching as Dean slammed the iron door shut; locking it.

Dean shrugged his shoulders "I didn't catch her name but Cas sure as hell seemed to know her..." He smirked as they walked casually across the basement and up the stairs to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Sam stood by the sink sipping on a newly poured glass of water "So who is she Cas?" Sam asked inquisitively

Castiel remained quiet not wanting to answer the question.

"Cas?" Dean asked confused by the emotions that he was reading from Castiel's face.

Castiel looked at him and took a deep frustrated breath "She is, Sarah..."

"Sarah?" Sam asked stepping forward "She's an Angel like you?"

Castiel shook his head "Sarah is a very powerful Angel, a lot stronger than a Guardian Angel like me"

"That explains the domineering attitude earlier" Dean responded jokingly as he remembered what she had said to Castiel.

"So what's more powerful than you Cas?" Sam asked still not fully understanding the hierarchy.

"Sarah is a Seraphim Angel, one of the high order servants of god...higher than me and higher than an Archangel"

"Higher than an Archangel, so she could in theory help with our little Archangel problem we seem to keep facing?" Dean asked stepping away from the counter he was leaning at.

"I cannot say what Sarah will or will not do; as you have witnessed tonight, she does have a mind of her own and will do whatever she feels is right at the time" Castiel explained.

"Next question...what the hell is a Seraphim Angel?" Dean asked "And how could she find me so easily, am I not supposed to be protected by the ever so ugly Enochian tattoo you delightfully carved into my ribs?"

"And it is written that a Seraphim Angel are beings of pure light – angels of love, light and fire" Castiel replied as he turned to look at Dean "She is sensitive to your call Dean, that is why I assume she found you so quickly"

Dean passed him a puzzled look "Yeah but how...How's she sensitive to me? That's just as confusing as when she said that I knew her..." Dean debated glancing at Sam and then Castiel.

"You know her...how?" Sam asked.

Dean shrugged "Beats me, I'm sure I would have remembered someone that looked like her"

"That is true but what if she was in a different form when you met her?" Castiel asked.

"Are you saying she's telling the truth Cas?" Dean asked as he looked in his direction.

Castiel leant back against the kitchen counter "Although her powers exceed any Angel I have ever laid my eyes on; for a hundred years, Sarah mostly stayed under the radar and out of sight, she rarely participated in anything that the Angels were doing as she disagreed with their morals for doing it"

"Now that I can understand..." Dean replied sarcastically.

"Sarah was one of the few that rebelled against the plan; she never wanted a war and she refused to be part of the plan to bring on the apocalypse, when she..." Castiel paused as he looked at the ground not knowing if he should continue.

"When she what?" Sam asked intrigued.

"When Sarah first heard about the plans of resurrecting Lucifer and getting Dean's soul in to hell to break the first seal, she laid siege to heaven searching for god..."

"Seems as I still ended up going to hell, I assume her trip wasn't a success?" Dean asked.

Castiel shook his head "She tried to find him; she searched the heavens and fought against the forces that were preventing him from seeing her...that was until Zachariah found out what she was doing; he sent one hundred Archangels to locate her, the battle was shall we say...intense and lasted for days"

"One hundred, that's a bit dramatic for one Angel?" Dean asked.

"One hundred went to capture her Dean, only twenty returned and even then they were injured"

Dean's eyes widened, astonished at the strength of such an Angel.

"So what happened when she was captured?"

"Zachariah had her cast down into Hell in a different form...that was when you met her Dean..."

Dean's expression was puzzled; he couldn't remember ever meeting such a beautiful person, especially down in the depths of hell. The wheels in his mind continued to turn as he tried desperately to remember.

Dean looked at Castiel "I met her in hell...an Angel?" He asked still bewildered by these revelations.

Castiel nodded "Before casting her down, they removed her true form and stripped her of her strengths making her human as a penalty...her punishment continued when she met you Dean..."

Dean struggled to remember such a time in his mind "I don't remember her Cas"

"Sarah is linked to you Dean; she was the first soul you ever tortured, the one that opened the seal..."

I know Chapter 1 is short but I promise lots of detail is on the way! What did you guys think? A BIG BIG thank you to those that took the time to read it, i appreciate it! :D