Vicki didn't admit to loving anyone easily, but when she did, it was fiercely, with all her heart and soul. She loved two men, Mike Celluci, her partner and best friend for over ten years until her eyesight failed her and she had to leave a job that meant everything to her and Henry Fitzroy , a five hundred year old vampire that happened to be the bastard son of Henry the Eighth.

The events of the past year had forever changed her life and her relationship with the two loves of her life. Because of an accident she was now vampire, and walked a fine line between her lovers until she realized that she needed to make changes so that Mike could have the family he craved and before territorial issues she and Henry apart.

Discussions and compromises between the three left Mike with memories of his friendship with Vicki and Henry. He remembered Vicki's eyesight made her leave the force and that she'd met and worked with Henry. Later her vision started improving and her relationship with Henry involved more than just work. Henry's job required he leave Toronto and Vicki decided to go with him.

Vicki's small house was out in the country at the end of a lane with no outlet. After years of living in apartments in larger cities it was a big change, but Vicki found for the most part she liked the solitude. She had to admit it was an aggravation to have to drive into the city for her food and basic necessities, but being away from people made it much easier to deal with the added benefits of hearing and smelling being vampire gave her. The continuous pounding of beating hearts and the smell of warm blood assaulted her ears and nose if she remained in town for very long.

Vicki dropped the car keys on the kitchen table as she opened the refridge to get a bottled water. Opening the bottle as she wandered into the living area and turned on the TV. She let out a deep sigh and flopped down on the sofa for a few hours of mindless entertainment before locking herself into her bedroom for the day. She had a home based computer job to earn money but it didn't require much in the way of a mental challenge and she had to admit she was getting bored.

She flipped through the channels looking for something interesting to keep her mind busy when she felt her cell phone begin to vibrate. Pulling it out of her pocket she hit the connect button without looking at caller ID and heard him say, "The bridge in an hour."

Smiling, she ran to the bedroom and changed into the outfit she'd had ready for weeks.

Henry looked down at his work and grunted in satisfaction. He'd been doing some of his best work since moving away from Toronto and the chaos of the last two years. The story line was an adventure romance with a big dose of humor. The drawings flowed and captured the eye filling in the blanks so that words were not always needed. He loved his characters and sometimes found himself talking to them. He especially loved his female character and he knew she was patterned after Vicki both in words she said and her appearance. He missed having Vicki live with him. The year they had together after he turned her was not enough and if he had his way as a man they'd still be together, but the vampire in him wouldn't allow another vampire too close for too long so they lived apart.

He lifted his head, sniffed the air, looked out at the dark night. Knowing there were hours left before dawn he picked up his phone and made a call.

The main highway that tied the two big cities together had pulled the traffic away from the smaller two lane road and the century old bridge that spanned the river dividing the Provences.

Henry saw Vicki as she stood just left of the center of the bridge with her hands resting on the railing leaning forward looking down into the gorge and watched the slow moving water. The artist in him studied her in silence for several minutes so he could capture the image with paper and pen while his vampire accepted that she was not on its territory and remained calm. As he moved forward he called her name softly and gently not wanting to anger the vampire within her.

Vicki looked up, turned her head and smiled as he called her name. "Henry, it's good to see you."

He stopped and asked, "May I come closer?"

"It's a good night. Come as close as you want."

Henry continued walking until he was as close as he could get without actually touching and rested his hands on the railing spreading his fingers of the right hand so that the little finger crossed the imaginary line dividing their two territories. Vicki spread the fingers of her left hand and her little finger touch his.

They stood still for a few moments allowing the vampires to either accept what would happen next or force them to separate.

Henry's vampire remained quiescent and he moved his hand up Vicki's arm. Vicki gave a low growl and started to pull away. Henry kept his hand where it was but stopped all movement. Vicki closed her eyes and fought for dominance over her vampire and turned to face Henry. Smiling she stepped into his arms and placed her cheek next to his and whispered into his ear, "It's a good night. Don't waste it."

That was all he needed to hear. He picked her up and carried her to a sheltered place under his side of the bridge he'd prepared months ago for just the right moment. It was a dry lair with everything necessary to keep a vampire in comfort for the day.

Clothes were discarded, passionate kisses, caresses, and lusty love making were shared for what remained of the night and as dawn came they slipped into unconsciousness together under shelter during the light of day.

They opened their eyes at the same time and laughed before Vicki said, "I wonder how long they'll let us alone?"

Henry could feel the hunger rising within the vampires and knew soon their anger would follow. "Not too much longer, but long enough for us to make love again."

Vicki went back to her side of the bridge first and stood waiting for Henry. His eyes sparkled as he walked toward her and finally noticed she was wearing a dress. With a raised eyebrow he stated, "You don't wear dresses."

She looked down and smoothed out the skirt. "I thought it might be easier for you to get it off me in a hurry without it getting torn. I lost a lot of good jeans during the year we were together."

With a wry smile he said, "I appreciate the thought. I've always loved dresses on women."

Vicki asked, "So. Am I to take it 'The Bridge' is going to be our code word for sex?"

"That and more. Anytime we need each other for any reason, we'll say those words and meet here. No matter what we're doing we stop and come here. No question, no argument."

"I'm thinking that sex is always the best reason."

"So do I, Vicki. So do I."