The Choice
by SkyFire

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The Choice
by SkyFire

He stared helplessly at the two. He knew that it was well past the time he should have already
decided on one, but he just couldn't.

He was torn.

It wasn't that they were ugly- quite the opposite, in fact. Both were near-breathtakingly
beautiful. The only difference was the way they would wrap themselves lovingly around him.

One would wrap him closely in velvety warmth, sensuously clinging to him. The other would drape
loosely over him, gliding silkily over his fair skin.

Both beautiful, both flattering, both nearly identical... How could he possibly choose between
them? He loved them both equally well!

But still, he had to choose... and soon.

He looked from one to the other, silently tallying the gains and losses that came from each...

His deep thoughts were rudely interrupted by a harsh knocking at his door. It opened even as he
turned to face it and the dwarf Gimli entered the room.

The dwarf's eyes scanned the room, seeing Legolas and the two which were giving him so much

Gimli sighed loudly in exasperation.

"Durin's bones, Elf! Aragorn is about to wed Arwen!" he said. "Just pick one of the shirts and
come, before the ceremony is finished!"

Legolas sighed, then, eyes closed, reached behind him and made his much-delayed and agonized-over


He pulled on the shirt and followed the dwarf out of the room and to the palace chapel to witness
Aragorn's marriage to Arwen. The silk one lay abandoned on the bed.


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