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"Daniel James Fenton. Why is Phantom standing next to me on the photograph?"

FanFic by: NeverEnough15 (used to be EvaPhantom)


"So, any plans for the weekend?" Tucker's voice said. Danny sighed. "No... But maybe we could see the new movie, Dead Teacher... On which episode were they?"

"I don't know anymore, there are so many of them, it kinda gets boring, you know."

"Yeah, you're right." Danny looked at his newest NASA poster on his door and sighed again. "You know, I don't care what we are going to do, as long as there are no ghosts to worry about."

"I agree man. Let's just hang out at my place and play doomed."

"And have Sam kick our butt? I don't think so." Danny disagreed. He stood up from his computer chair and kicked the basketball lying on the ground.

Silence on the other end of the conversation. "What if we-"

Danny couldn't hear Tuckers voice anymore due to his father, "Danny-boy! Your mother and I have this new invention, the Fenton Foto Taker!"

Tucker snickered, loud enough so Danny could hear him. "Tucker!" he yelled in the phone.

Jack noticed nothing and went on with his rant. "If you take a picture it shows the invisible ghosts!" He exclaimed happily. "But it also works as a normal camera!"

Danny sat down on his bed again. "Tucker, I'll come by tonight to play doomed okay? Just make sure you call Sam." Tucker groaned, he didn't want to play doomed with Sam, he always lost. "Fine. But don't be sorry when she kicks your butt," he said before hanging up. Danny chuckled softly. He didn't wanted to lose either, but three make more fun than two.

"You done? Good! Because I want to show how it works!" Danny gulped. "W-what?"

"Don't be afraid, I'll just take a picture of you and see if there are any ghosts around. But don't worry, if there would be any, the ghost alarm would have gone off," he quickly added, noticing Danny's scared look.

"Come, Mads said that she wanted a picture of just the two of you, for in the Fenton Family Album!"

"Um, I really don't want to go on a picture right now Dad. And besides, Tucker wanted to play doomed, I should be heading over to him now or else I'll be late!" Danny stood up from his bed and went to the door, worrying if the camera would show anything about his alter-ego, Danny Phantom.

"Nonsense!" His dad said cheerfully. He grabbed Danny's arm, causing him to yelp and they both went downstairs. "Tucker can wait for another minute."

Relax, Fenton. There is nothing to worry about. It's just a stupid camera. It only shows invisible ghosts, I shouldn't worry too much. Danny thought, while being dragged further to the kitchen where his mother was eating an apple.

"Maddie! Danny wants to go on the photo with you and I'll take it!" Maddie looked up and smiled at Danny. He hesitantly returned the smile. His mother stood up, quickly eating the last piece of her apple and put the bowl in the sink. She'd wash it later.

She went to Danny and together they smiled at the camera. "And say cheese!" Jack said.

"Cheese!" Maddie and Danny said at the same time.

"Can we see it Dad?" Danny asked, wanting to know if the picture wasn't another failure like the most pictures that were token from him.

"Mads..." Jack whispered. "L-look." He gave the camera to Maddie and her smile fell from her face as she saw the photograph.

"Daniel James Fenton. Why is Phantom standing next to me on the photograph?"

This is the end... For now... I'm still deciding if I should continue... I mean, yeah, I think it's pretty good to leave it here, but then there are so many questions unanswered... Like how will Danny get out of this mess? Or should he just tell his parents that he is Phantom? Will we hear more from Tucker? Will the apple get it's revenge?

That's why I'm leaving it up to you. Should I continue?

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-NeverEnough15 (EvaPhantom)