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Jack shoved another cube of fudge in his full mouth. "Hmm, woney, wnext twime you bwuy fwudge, take twe ice cream one." Another bite. "I like twhat wone."

Maddie sighed, but then she smiled a little at her husband love for fudge. "Sure hon. I needed to buy the groceries tomorrow anyway."

"Owh, and Dwanny." He swallowed the fudge. "When there's a ghost on the loose next time, we should both go catch it!" He put one arm proud around his son's neck, causing him to yelp. "Then you can be my new sidekick!"

Danny laughed. "That's.. great Dad." Maddie laughed at this too. Jack burst with happiness as he blabbered about how his son could be helping with ghost hunting and how the ghosts would fear them.

"But Danny, this all still doesn't explain why we once saw you and Phantom at the same time!" Maddie said, referring to the stories that Danny told them.

"Yeah, you're right. OK," Danny said while thinking about how to tell the story about when he was split in half. Jack took another few bites of his fudge before gesturing to Maddie if she wanted some. She shook her head 'no' and they both waited for Danny to begin telling. "It was Friday and I really wanted a normal weekend, without ghosts bugging me at the worst possible times. So I decided to split myself in half. My human half could hang out with Sam and Tucker while having a great weekend and my ghost half could fight the ghosts."

"I grabbed the Fenton Ghost Catcher and took it to my room where Sam and Tucker were. It worked, splitting myself. It was painful- but don't worry! It was just a bit painful!" He quickly added, receiving the worried looks that his parents sent him. "And there I was, at two spots at the same time. I really don't remember much from it all, because it gives me a headache, seeing the same memory from two different spots. But Sam and Tucker were there and they told me about it."

"They say that my human half was lazy and had no manners while my ghost half was incredibly 'super'." Jack and Maddie laughed, remembering when their son was all lazy. Danny smiled with them. "And then I-"

He was cut off by his cellphone ringing some cheery tune. He blinked before wondering who would call him. He hoped it wasn't Sam or Tucker, calling him for a ghost attack he needed to take care off. He reached for his pockets and checked the caller ID. It was Tucker.

"Oh, man! I totally forgot!" He said panicked before answering.

"Danny! Where are you! Are you fighting some ghost? You better be 'cause if you aren't I'll kick your but so hard that you're in next Monday!"

Oh, it was Sam.

Wait. Sam was calling. Was she already at Tucker's house? How late was it anyway?

"Sam, listen, I'm so sorry-"

"Damn right you are. Do you have any clue how worried Tucker and I are? We thought that some ghost really got you this time and-"

"Sam! I'm fine. Really, I am. It's just... my parents found out my secret," he said, looking at Maddie and Jack, who was still eating fudge.

"WHAT?" Two voices said at once. Apparently, Tucker had been listening to the conversation.

"Dude. They did what?" Tucker's voice asked.

"You heard me, but it's OK. It's actually nice to have them knowing," he replied, smiling at his parents who were silently listening to the conversation as well.

"Dad want me to be his sidekick now." Tucker and Sam laughed.

"So, ya still coming to play Doomed?" Tucker asked. Sam sighed. "And, to tell us how your parents found out."

"Err. Yeah. That too." Tucker corrected.

Danny looked at his parents, knowing that they heard Sam's question.

Maddie shrugged. "That's fine, sweetie. You must be tired telling all those stories." She smiled at him.

"Alright, guys, I'm on my way!" Danny said before hanging up.

"Oh, Danny. Maybe you can pick up some fudge when you come home?" Jack asked.

"Jack! I thought you still had plenty!" Jack flushed. "I, ehm, did. But now it's gone."

Danny laughed. "Sure, Dad. I'll go get some." he said, running out of the Fenton residence to play Doomed with his friends.

Maddie looked at her son worriedly. Jack noticed. "Ah, don't worry mads, he'll be fine." Maddie nodded in approval.

"Well, we at least know where he is all the time."


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