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Chapter 7

It was kind of bad of you to yell at him and Ariel like that, DA thought to herself, as she searched the blue eyes in front of her. And I suppose they couldn't really…well yes, they could have helped it, and they should have known better, but I can't stay mad at them forever, can I?

They were in the cafeteria now. Justin, properly cowed by her anger (or perhaps the slap she had given him earlier that day) was now on his knees of all things, waiting for her forgiveness.

DA fought back a sigh. She had, after the initial crying and moping session which had lasted the whole rest of the day that she had first seen Justin and Ariel together, told herself to buck up and break up with Justin…but that just hadn't lasted very long.

It had been very satisfying, to say the least, to confront him in front of the whole school (or at least the whole B lunch) the next day in the very cafeteria that they were now in, and to see the look on his face, but she hadn't counted on the fact that he wouldn't take it lying down. She had thought that he would be totally mortified and slink away with his tail between his legs, or maybe get angry and try to throw everything back at her, but instead he had looked squarely into her eyes, and done the single most devastating thing that you could do to a person's defenses. He had apologized, then and there for hurting her. In front of the entire B lunch. And she hadn't been able to do a thing about it.

And then it was like it was his job to keep her happy. He had turned up the charm so much that some of the other girls on the squad (she was still not talking to Ariel,) said that he was going to run out of sweet, meaningful things to say and do.

But that wasn't looking very likely now.

"Please, DA," Justin said, looking up at her with Bambi eyes, "forgive me. I'm sorry."

The old DA would have said something like "huh, that sounds like what you said before. And then I forgave you and you turned right back around said that it was good that we got back together because it was just a silly little misunderstanding,"…but this wasn't the old DA. She wanted to believe that he was sorry. And everyone was staring at them. Again. So she did the only thing she had left.

She sighed. "All right, I forgive you. Just please, get off of your knees."

A grin spread over his face and he rose, cupping her face in his hands and giving her a swift kiss. "You're the best, Dare," he whispered, kissing her again, deeply this time, and ignoring the wolf whistles.

DA kissed him back and tried not to think about how his lips had touched her ex-best friend's only days before.

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