I don't own Danny Phantom or any of the characters. They are doing a life sentence to their owners without the chance of parole. Enjoy part 1 of The Phantom Flu.

"Danny you need to eat your chicken soup." Maddie said in a firm tone. "How are you suppose to recover from being sick when you won't even eat correctly?" Maddie asked with her hands on her hips.

"You know I never liked chicken soup whether I was sick or... achoo!" Danny said in a weak voice.

"Well whether you like it or not, you need to eat it if you are going to get well So please eat it if not for me then for yourself." Maddie pleaded in a motherly tone.

As Maddie continued to plead with her son trying to get him to eat properly a sharp decline in temperature struck the room.

"Maddie is it just me, or is this room colder then normal?" Jack asked seeing his breath as he spoke.

"What are you talking about? It feels like it is over 100 degrees in here dad!" Danny said completely oblivious to the climate change.

"No Jack is right dear. It does feels like it is getting colder in here by the minute. It must be that you are..." Maddie never got the chance to finish her sentence as she quickly removed her hand from Danny's head the moment she put it on. "Danny you are really burning up and your temperature is 103 degrees! No wonder you don't feel the cold in the room. Jack go get some ice we need to cool Danny down!" Maddie ordered.

No sooner did the words escape from Maddie's lips did Vlad stepped walk into the room with his face full of concern.

"Hey there little Badger, I heard you caught the flu. Oh and Jack could you turn up the heat it if freezing in here." Vlad said shivering while seeing his breath.

"I will go with you Jack, there has to be a way to warm up this room. Vlad you keep an eye on Danny." Maddie said as she and Jack left the room.

"He will be watched as if he were my own my lov... I mean dear friend." Vlad said trying not to let his words slip.

As soon as Maddie and Jack were out of the room Vlad spoke up.

"It seems you have caught the ghost flu my boy." Vlad said slightly concerned.

"Ghost flu? What in the world are you talking about?" Danny asked still weak.

"It is a flu that anything with ghost DNA can catch. It makes ghosts weak beyond measure like regular humans are with the flu." Vlad explained with a smile.

"Ok what do you want from me? I know you wouldn't tell me this information unless you had a trick up your sleave." Danny said with annoyance.

"You know me well. I just so happen to have a cure for the ghost flu and I have no problem giving it to you. But if I do you must renounce your father and join me." Vlad said throwing his old request at Danny.

"I said it before... and I will say it again... never going to happen." Danny spat weakly but with defiance. "Plus from the looks... of things,... you are turning blue... and you aren't in your ghost form." Danny said still plenty of 'teen wit'.

'He is right why is this, even if they had AC in here the room shouldn't be this cold. Wait could it be that Daniel has gained ice powers? If he has this is worse then I thought.' Vlad thought to himself.

"Daniel did you some how gain ice powers?" Vlad asked hoping this wasn't the case.

"What is it to... Achoo! you?" Danny asked while answering his question.

"Well if you catch the ghost flu and you have ice powers, they will go out of control. They will get stronger and stronger the longer you have the ghost flu in an attempt to lower your body heat. Sadly for you the virus will push the cold out, and make everything else around you cold." Vlad said shivering.

"Including you I take it well guess what Vlad? I would gladly die here, then ever get well and Join you!" Danny said in a weak but still hostle tone.

"Very well Daniel, but... your... death..." Vlad could say anything else as his body became frozen solid until he changed into his ghostly form.

"That is better. Now as I was saying your body will continue to produce this cold even after you die!" Vlad explained. "Soon the entire city of Amity will become colder than the far frozen, and billions of innocent lives will be lost to your stubbornness. So which will it be? Renouncing your father and saving billions along with yourself, or being stubborn and costing billions their lives?" Vlad asked.

"Help mom, Help dad, it is a ghost! He is trying to kill me!" Danny shouted causing Jack and Maddie to run into the room with weapons blazing.

"Stay away from my son you... That room is below -300 degree how it that possible?" Jack asked.

"It has to be that ghost no wonder our baby's room is freezing let's get him! Turning on thermal heating packs now let's get him!" Maddie screeched as she fired her Fenton Bazooka.

Sadly for Maddie Vlad got out of the way just in time for Danny to get sucked into the ghost zone generator shocking both Jack and Vlad.

"The competent ghost hunter sending her son to ghost zone? That was something I expected from you Jack." Vlad said as he teleported himself out of the now warming room.

"Maddie, what were you thinking firing the Fenton Bazooka in the room with our son?" Jack asked for once being the responsible one.

"The Fenton Bazooka only works on ghosts not humans! So no matter what it shouldn't have worked on our son." Maddie said baffled.

"Well I am guessing that Bazooka is malfunctioning or something. Now we need to get our boy back from out of the ghost zone." Jack said not liking the idea of a ghost weapon not working correctly.

"But how can we find him before it is too late? From what we know the ghost zone is vast and big, and we have no clue where it send him. It could take us years or even our entire lives to find him. We don't even know if the ghost zone is safe for human life. For all we know our son could have been turn into a ghost the moment he was transported there." Maddie said uneasy.

"I don't care Maddie and you shouldn't either! He is our son, and I am going in after him! He is sick and won't last long if we don't hurry. Besides we have a tracker which will find human realm items which includes our son."! Jack said as he turned on the Specter Speeder.

"You are right Jack, we have to do this. Just take these just in case there is no oxygen in there." Maddie said as jumped into the specter speeder and took off into the ghost zone.

Meanwhile somewhere in the ghost zone

"This is just great... I am stuck in the... ghost zone sick a dog... with a ghost flu, and now I... am so weak that... any of my enemies... could take me out without... breaking a sweat." Danny said weakly just as his ghost sense went off. "Good grief I... am so a goner now." Danny thought as he saw a certain blue haired ghost rocker come his way.

"Well what do you know the dipstick has come to play with me. Time for me to finally put you our of your misery." Ember said with a smile.

"Fine at least... if I die here, my over acting ice... powers won't hurt... anyone since everyone... here is ghosts." Danny said ready to except his fate.

Upon hearing this Ember rose an eyebrow.

"Over acting ice powers? Don't tell me you have the ghost flu?" Ember said only to get a weak nod from Danny. "Well If that is the case then I can't let you die." Ember said as she picked up Danny.

"Ok what would be... so bad about me... dying for you? I mean I... your enemy, and you are... a bad girl who wants... to rule the world. I mean without... me you would be... able to do that." Danny stated weakly while surprised Ember was showing him mercy.

"I won't let you die with the ghost flu dipstick. If I did you will become a ticking time bomb for us all! If a ghost with ice powers dies here the Flu will spread through your ice powers. Everyone including myself will get sick and no longer exist! Besides I will be dammed if I let a flu kill you and not me!" Ember said as she disappeared with Danny in a whirlwind of flames.

Stage out

So end Part one of the Phantom Flu. I made this in response to a challenge. I hope you enjoy this fanfic. R and R people.