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Fenton works

"Hello anyone home?" Danny asked as soon as he arrived in Fenton works.

When Danny didn't get an answer she flew through the house looking for everyone only to see no one was there. Danny then went into the basement to see Jack and Maddie deconnecting the ghost portal.

"Maddie are you sure about this?" Jack asked his wife with a look of worry on his face.

"I am sure. It is because of this thing that our son gained his original ghost powers. It is also because of this happening that he has become what he is now, and left us. I will not have it here reminding me of what I lost." Maddie said upset.

"Hello mom, dad I am right here behind you." Danny said causing his parents to stop what they are doing.

"Danny you come back to us. I am so happy you are here!" Maddie said smothering Danny in kisses until his face was covered in red lipstick.

"Danny don't you ever pull a stunt like that again! So what if you are the most powerful being in both realms! You are still our son!" Jack said with authority.

"Dad I come to say my good byes. I have only three hours before I must leave this world for good." Danny said causing Jack and Maddie to gasp again.

"Oh no you don't young man! I am not letting you out of my sight ever again! I don't know what I would do without you in my life Danny." Maddie said with tears in her eyes.

"I am sorry but the choice isn't mine to make. Besides if I stay here I might end up destroying one of both realms." Danny said in a sad tone.

Jack was about to say something when he saw the scythe on Danny's back. He was going to touch it when Danny stopped him.

"Don't touch that dad. If you do you will be frozen for eternity." Danny said warning his father.

"Where did you get such a deadly weapon Danny?" Jack asked.

"I made it from 60% of my ice and ectoplasmic energys. It was the only way I could channel my energies into attacks without causing mass destruction." Danny answered.

"I am guessing Ember was on your mind when you made this wasn't she? I mean why else would the hilt be in the form of a music note?" Maddie said causing Danny to smile.

"She was indeed on my mind. But I have to ask where is Jazz at? I want to say good bye to her as well." Danny said causing Maddie to go into deniel again.

"Daniel Fenton you aren't going anywhere but to your room! I will hear no more of this going away forever business!" Maddie said only for Jazz to come downstairs with Sam.

"Danny is what you are saying true? Are you really going away for good?" Jazz asked overhearing their conversation while feeling her waterworks begin to flow.

"Sorry Jazz, but I only have three hours left before I must go. I am going to say all my good byes, and then leave this realm with Pandora." Danny said causing confusion.

"Danny if you can take someone with you why her? I mean you should at least take someone close to you like one of us!" Jazz said only for Danny to frown.

"No it isn't my choice. Besides if it was I would take Ember with me." Danny said causing everyone's blood to boil.

"You would take that putrid stinking ghost with you? Don't tell me you are in love with her!" Sam said with shock and disgust.

"I am not at that stage with her yet, but I know I really like her. Besides saving all of the human realm she was all that was on my mind when I was fighting Vlad." Danny said sincerely.

"It would explain why you have a scythe with a musical note handle on it." Sam said bitterly.

"Can I get one final hug from my family and friends before I have to go please?" Danny asked.

"You are serious aren't you Danny? You are really leaving us aren't you?" Maddie said feeling her waterworks begin to start up as well.

"If I could stay here I would, but I can't without threat of destroying everything I hold dear." Danny said honestly.

"Well Danny, if this is really good bye then let me give you something for the road." Sam said as she wrapped her arms around Danny and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

The kiss lasted for about 15 seconds before Sam pulled away.

"I should have told you how I felt sooner, but I never thought this would happen, or that you would end up dating Ember. Be safe where ever you go Danny." Sam said trying to be strong.

"Danny I know this is a crazy question, but what is going to happen with you and Ember? I mean I don't see how you two are going to do a long distance relationship." Jazz asked.

"As much as I don't want to I am going to have to end it. I highly doubt our relationship will last if we can't be together." Danny said in a sad tone.

"If you excuse me, I need to go speak with my other best friend so he won't feel I didn't say good bye." Danny said in a calm tone.

"Where is he anyways? I been wanting to speak with him about something important." Jazz said in a tone that Danny knew.

"Jazz I hate to break it to you, but if you are trying to get him to be yours you are too late. He is currently dating Penelope Spectra." Danny said causing Jazz to fume, Sam to gasp, and Jack and Maddie to frown.

"What is it with good human males dating bad ghost girls!" Maddie asked in anger and disgust.

"I knew that misery loving ghost was out to get Tucker! I should have asked him out before it was too late!" Jazz said upset.

"I don't blame him. Tucker like myself before the truth was revealed didn't have a list of females after him. But still she must have come to him in her third form. When he first saw her he said 'I am in a modeling agency.'" Danny said remembering what Tucker said the day everyone was sick with the ghost bugs.

"Not only am I losing a brother and my only friend, but I lost a potential boyfriend as well. But all in all be safe Danny." Jazz said just before she kissed him on the check.

In the ghost zone

"Ember what is wrong, you look like someone stole the joy from you." Kitty asked her girlfriend.

"Some stupid ghost with two katana blads on his back linked with chains is going to take away the god I love." Ember said causing Kitty and Penelope to frown.

"I know you like Danny, but he isn't a god." Kitty said in a calm tone.

"He has become one girlfriend. Clockwork told me when he first beat the ghost king, he would gain the power to become the new ghost king. However, when he killed the ghost king he gained another power boost. It was enough to turn him into a god. But now he is too powerful to stay here with me." Ember said in a sad tone.

"Wow that is sad Ember. I was rooting for the two of you being together. Oh well at least I know my boyfriend isn't going anywhere." Penelope said as she grabbed Tucker's hand, and placed it around her waist.

"I can't believe it. My best friend is leaving for good. I thought we would graduate together. I just hope he doesn't plan on leaving without saying good bye.

Amity park

Danny was flying over the skies of Amity, when he saw a random ghost terrorizing one of Danny's fangirls. Like in the old days Danny flew down and was about to go on work on the ghost, when it felt his presence and left. When the fangirl saw who had saved her she smiled.

"Danny thank you for saving me, but why couldn't you make me your girlfriend? I know I could love you better then Ember ever could." Amber said in a very flirty tone.

"We won't be together for much longer Amber. After saving both realms from my old arch enemy, I found out I would be... going away for good because you have become a god?" Amber said cutting him off.

"Yeah but how did you know that?" Danny asked.

"Simple I am more then just a simple girl Danny." Amber said just as she changed her to where her skin was glowing even more then normal, and a goldern aura was around her.

"I have to ask what are you exactly?" Danny asked wanting to know.

"A demi goddess Danny. You right now are currently more powerful then me, but don't have certain powers. However, if you do me a favor I can make it so that Ember can come with you." Amber said causing Danny to frown.

"How can you do that Amber? I mean sure you have some power, but from what I was told... If Ember came with you she would be tortured by hades for all eternity?" Amber said cutting off Danny again.

"Well that is what I was told." Danny said causing Amber to smile.

"Well I can grant Ember protection so she won't be sent to Hades if she comes with us, but I want something in return." Amber said with a smile on her face.

"What would that be?" Danny asked.

"To be with you, or to at least share you with Ember." Amber said causing Danny to frown.

"Amber even what you said it true and you can do that, last I remember it isn't right to date two females." Danny said causing Amber to giggle.

"Danny you are a god now. In the world you will be going to it is ok for gods to have more then one girlfriend/wife. Besides if we break up after this she can keep her protection and stay with you." Amber said trying to sway Danny.

'What do I have to lose? I mean if she is lying and is just a regular ghost she won't be able to come. If she is telling the truth then I can have Ember with me when I leave.' Danny thought to himself.

Danny within moemnts scooped up Amber, and within moment flew into the depths of the ghost zone.

Somewhere in the ghost zone

"Wow he is leaving? This is great! Now I can terrorize the human realm in peace!" The box ghost said smiling.

"He isn't gone yet dipstick, and besides there is still that red hunteress and his friends you will have to deal with." Ember said upset.

"I was really hoping I could have a shot at him. He seemed so interested now." Desiree said in a disappointed tone while earning a glare from Ember.

"Well guess what Desiree, even though he is leaving he is still mine! So keep you hands off him!" Ember said in a jealous tone.

"Were is he now anyways? Even if he is leaving, I still owe him a thank you for setting me free from that Vampire." Vortex asked.

"He is saying his good byes. He will be leaving at Pandora's realm from what Clockwork told me." Ember said as she disappeared into a whirlwind of flames.

"You heard her, even if he was our enemy, we still owe him for saving us. To Pandora's realm!" Desiree said as she flew as fast as she could along with all of Danny's former enemies and allies.

Pandora's realm 30 minutes before the time limit

Danny with Amber in his arms finally landed at Pandora's home where the Greek goddess was was waiting for her friend.

"Danny I see you are here early. Didn't you have many other people to say good bye to? Also why do you have that human in your arms? I thought you were dating Ember, and even if you weren't you can't bring her with us." Pandora said only for Amber to speak.

"I am hurt Pandora, You don't recongize the demigod Amber when you see her?" Amber said causing Pandora to frown.

"Oh great it is you. Danny you should have left her alone. She is nothing but trouble I can tell you that." Pandora said annoyed.

"I have to ask you is it possible for her to bring people back to the world we are going to?" Danny asked.

"Yes it is possible for her to do that. However there is always a catch with it." Pandora answered.

"I don't care right now. If it means I can be with Ember, I don't mind having to deal with her catch." Danny said in a calm tone.

"Oh I see. Amber, I am warning you, if you do anything to hurt him, I swear you will dine on my eternal fury!" Pandora said with more fury then she ever had in her life actually getting Amber to flinch.

No sooner did Pandora say this did the group of Danny's former enemies and friends appear in front of him. The first one to speak him was his human best friend.

"Danny you were really going to leave without saying good bye? By the way why is Amber here? Don't tell me you are taking her with you and not Ember." Tucker said causing the rocker ghost's anger to spike.

"You are really taking this human with you instead of me? That is it we are... Don't you say it before you listen to what I have to say." Danny said trying to stop Ember.

"Your friend has agreed to be with me, in exchange I will give you protection from Hades and you can be with Danny. However, if you are going to leave him, I can always keep him to myself." Amber said causing the rocker ghost to have mixed emotions.

'Baby pop was willing to accept an offer like that so he could stay with me? I should be angry, but at the same time it is kind of sweet. No Babypop is mine, and I won't share him with some bimbo!' Ember thought before she spoke.

"I decline Babypop. I would rather be without you and know I had you to myself, then to share you with her and keep you." Ember said causing Danny to frown.

"Ember I am going with Danny no matter what, so if you say that, I will just make him mine and won't have to share him with you. Either way it is a win win." Amber said with a smile on her face.

"Amber if what you are saying is true, and Ember wants to decline your offer, can I come with you instead? Desiree asked causing Ember to fume even more.

"What I have an interest in him as well, and if you are leaving him, I won't let a chance like this past me. Besides I have no problem sharing him if I have to." Desiree said surprising everyone.

'Sorry but I can't let this happen. I owe the two of them for not only causing my girlfriend to come to me, but also for getting me some.' Tucker thought before he spoke.

"Desiree I wish that Ember could go with Danny, with no negative consequences." Tucker said causing Amber to flinch for a bit only for Desiree to frown.

"I can't grant that wish. It would take a huge amount of power to do that, and I don't have that kind of power yet." Desiree answered.

"Well then I wish you had that kind of power so you can grant the wish for me after you gained it." Tucker said causing Desiree to glow brightly.

"So you have wished it so shall it be!" Desiree said as she felt her power grew to the point where it matched Danny's.

"Now please grant my previous wish. There is no way I am letting Danny be without Ember, and there is no way I am allowing him to get a harem." Tucker said causing Ember to smile.

'Tucker you are so getting yourself some for that wish.' Penelope whispered him his ear causing him to smile.

Desiree unable to resist granted the wish that Tucker asked for. Within moments Ember aura's began to show, and glow brightly. When her aura died down Pandora once again gasped at what happened.

"Tucker you know what you just did right?" Pandora asked.

"I made it so Ember and Danny could be together. I owe the both of them so I wanted to pay them back." Tucker answered.

"Yes while that is true, you also caused Desiree to turn Ember into a Demigoddess. You also caused Desiree to become the most powerful female in the ghost zone." Pandora said causing everyone to gasp.

'Oh the irony. I finally get the power I wanted when I first became his enemy, and now what I desire is going to leave me.' Desiree thought to herself sadly.

"Come here babypop, now that I can be with you, let's stay together for as long as we exist." Ember said just before wrapping her arms around Danny and began French kissing him.

It was at this moment a rift in the ghost zone sky opened up. Within moments a strange force began to draw the beings that could travel through the vortex to it. Danny, Ember, Pandora, and Amber were all pulled towards into the vortex before it closed up behind them. As an extra side effect the realms of Ember, and Pandora vanished as their owners left along with him.

"Good luck friend where ever you are now." Tucker said just before Penelope teleported him and herself back to her realm.

"Desiree, what are you going to do now? seeing as you are the most powerful being in the ghost zone now?" One of the ghost asked her.

"Nothing but go home to my realm. There is no point in doing anything else now since I lost the one I was interested in." Desiree said as she disappeared in poof of pink smoke.

Vlad's cave prison

"Great now I will never be able to have my love. Worse for wear I will be stuck here until enough beings can find those power items for me to capture them. By then Maddie will be gone forever!" Vlad thought to himself sadly only for a voice to speak to him.

"Do you desire your freedom?" The voice asked.

"Who said that?" Vlad asked thinking he was going nuts.

"Do you desire your freedom?" The voice asked again.

"Of course I desire my freedom! If I had that I could get my true love." Vlad said with determination.

"I can give you your freedom. But in exchange you will have to work for me. When my goal is gained you will have your freedom to presue the woman you desire." The voice said in a sinister tone.

"Who are you, and why do you come to me?" Vlad asked.

"I come to you because of your new gift. I also come to you because thanks to those fools the balance of power has shifted. I can make you more powerful then ever before, all you have to do is serve me and when it is over you can keep your power. Or would you rather wait 10 eons to gain your freedom?" The voice said causing Vlad to frown.

"I will do it. I won't lose my chance to be with my true love." Vlad said causing the owner of the voice to smile.

"Excellent go through his portal halfa, when you step out on the other side you will have more power then you ever had in your life as well as meet your new master." The voice said just before Vlad went through the portal forever changing him.

The end?

So end this final chapter of the Phantom flu. I bet none of you saw this ending coming. Due to the mass requests for the ghost rocker and Danny to stay together I came up with this ending instead of Danny just leaving Ember behind forever. However I doubt I will make a sequel to this one as I have a lot on my plate as it is. So my loyal reader tell me what you thought. If you want to flame do so, but give good reason to do so. R and R people.