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This isn't how it was supposed to happen…

He never believed in karma. Karma was a superstition used by fools who had no answers for why something happened. His logic denied the existence of it because it could not be proven.

Staring into the blank darkness that was now his vision, he realized how bad it really was. His HUD was now gone. His body was numb in some places, while others; pain receptors were still active and hitting his neural net with constant throbs or sharp stings from the acidy liquid that would touch them. He also could not hear all that well anymore. He'd lost that a while ago, and what sound did filter through was only white noise and static.

How long had it been? A few days? Weeks? He couldn't tell anymore. His chronometer had stopped working shortly after he'd crashed. With energon leaking from him, he calculated his time and his demise, seemingly his fate, not really all the willing to accept it. More of his systems started to shut down over time as he lay there contemplating his own death. His self-awareness was all he really had left as well as the dying connection to the ones within him. He'd already lost one. The others stayed with him. He didn't know if they just couldn't get out, or if they stayed by choice, but with them there, he knew he wouldn't die alone. He was learning the hard way about what it meant to hurt, what it meant to feel, and what it meant to be betrayed.

With each assaulting wave, the ocean's stinging salt water on his exposed wires and circuitry made him consider that maybe… just maybe karma really did exist and had come at him with a big dose of 'this is what happens when you've done wrong unto others' vengeance.

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