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The Decepticon starship known as the Nemesis came to a rest in a trench in the Pacific Ocean. There it could go where it wanted pretty much undetected, but remaining down here doubled their chances of not being seen. If submarines were around, it could simply vanish from their sonar and radar. Right now it moved a rather slow, steady pace, creeping its way to the United States border.

Starscream knew that if their presence went undetected, they'd be able to ambush the Autobots without a problem. "Ah, Barricade," He suddenly spoke into the Decepticon comm. link, "How wonderful… you're still alive."

"What do you want, Starscream?"

"I am your new leader and you will do good to address me as such. Find me Ladiesman217. Do not kill him, you understand me? I want him alive."

Back in Tranquility, Sam and Ravage were in his room, lying around and relaxing. Neither had spoken as of yet, but Sam knew the cat could talk. "Optimus is being unusually strict, don't you think?" the young man commented out of the blue, "You think it's the Matrix doing it?" He frowned when he considered it for a moment.

"It's Soundwave's presence," Ravage replied simply. "They have never been around him this close, for this long so they don't know what to expect. They're afraid of him."

"But he said he'd protect me," Sam stated, "Don't you think that's proof enough that he won't hurt anyone?"

"To be honest, we too know he is acting radically different," The large feline admitted, "but his reassurance tells us he won't attack them if he is not provoked." He paused in thought, and then said, "We aren't sure what happened to him. Perhaps the crash jarred something loose,"

"The spirit completely healed him, Ravage," Sam said in a no-nonsense tone. "It fixed whatever was wrong with him before."

"I did not know of him before the Decepticons. Rumble seems to think he was this way at some point, because it is still him, and that's true, but…" Ravage paused again, this time antennae perking. "He's still different. As if a Darkness that overshadowed his spark vanished," he finished, his interest in what he thought he felt, gone.

Sam stared at the ceiling and took a deep breath, "This shit is crazy you know,"

"No kidding…"

The teen glanced at the clock. It was still early yet. "Well, we have a few hours before Bee returns to get me from his patrol, what do you say we take a snooze?" Sam spoke to the cat and the cat gave him a glance then tilted his head. Sam reached with his hand for the head of the cat as if it were second nature and pet him as he would a dog.

Ravage enjoyed the petting, as all of the symbiots did. Soundwave sometimes pet them when they had been hurt or just to show them they had done a good job. He leaned in to the petting for more, a soft humming sound coming from him which made Sam jerk his hand back quickly. "What?

Ravage gave him a questioning look because he had stopped and then nosed his hand, assuring him that he was ok and the humming sound started again when he pet him again. Sam chuckled when he realized that the humming sound was an equivalent to a normal cat's purring.

"I am going to try to sleep. Watch my parents if you decide to wander." He warned with a smile as he laid his head back staring at the TV. The cat laid down next to his bed, putting his head down. He needed some recharge too. He would need a lot more since he wasn't with Soundwave who recharged him automatically when he was in his chest.

Sam put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. All sorts of images flooded his mind from the previous hours when he re-awoke Soundwave and his symbiots somehow, which he still wondered how it happened. As he lay there, he started to drift slowly to sleep, white light filled his mind and before he knew it, he was out cold. In his mind, the Allspark was making itself known, but it also knew it would not be able to remain in the boy's body. Sam was playing host to the Allspark for the time being, but the Allspark wanted a different body. It knew the circumstances of the Matrix being so close, so now it needed to trick the Matrix holder and keep its distance. One way would be to jump from Sam. The boy already knew its secrets, so he would need to go somewhere close to the boy. A Cybertronian was out of the question.

It remained on the idea of jumping to Mikaela because she was close to Sam. No one would know of its intentions, and no one would know how it would transfer itself from him to her, but it had to. While Sam slept on, it was planning on how to get to the female. It also needed this to be as discreet as possible. She would be perfect.

Sam was met with that white… place again. It startled him and his only question was, "Anybody home?"

"I haven't left," that voice suddenly returned.

"Why did you bring me here again?"

"My situation has been compromised. I must 'jump ship' as you humans like to say,"

What the hell? "What? Why?"

"-But... before I go, I will show you who I am. You already know the basics, but since you will work alongside my priest from now on, you shall know the truth." There was no real explanation needed, only a quick visual.

The spirit gave him images of something a lot different than his usual dreams. It started out as a group of transformers – The likes of ones which Sam had never seen before. They were milling around in front of two others, which were gargantuan themselves. The Allspark showed Sam where it came from as the smaller transformers disappeared and gave way to the two giants. An image of the cube and another relic appeared over the two giant ones. The second relic was very much unlike the cube. It was darker with red pulsating lines, encircled by a still, silver ring, which seemed to float around it. It felt evil, like the pure essence of it.

"Who are you? Exactly? I mean, I understand what you are," He was a powerful spirit in a cube. "But you've yet to of told me who you are."

"Just as your planet has myths, so does Cybertron, boy," the voice answered him.

Sam's train of thought was interrupted by images of the two larger transformers who began to fight. There was a powerful explosion, which suddenly engulfed his vision. By the time it had cleared, the two warring giants were gone and instead, the two relics were in their places. No one could mistake the obvious sign. "Is this how you got trapped in the cube?"

"Just as Unicron is trapped in what is referred to as the Matrix of Leadership,"

He knew he heard that name before. Unicron… The Autobots spoke nastily of the name, usually using it in reference to something the Decepticons do. In fact, Bee had said that he swore Soundwave was Unicron incarnate – the Dark god, Unicron. He thought about it a little more and a smirk played on his face as he considered the notion, "No..." he shook his head, "Couldn't be. You're not the one they call Primus are you?"

Sam's eyes suddenly shot open as if he'd been thrown out of his own subconscious and into the waking world. He stared at the ceiling for the longest time as he got over the strange rush. Screwing his eyes shut and flipping to his side, he came to the quick conclusion that he had nailed it. The spirit within the cube was Primus. Why didn't Soundwave just tell him that? And how much more complicated do these aliens get? Wasn't Primus like their god or something?

He opened his eyes and saw Ravage lying on the floor, also dreaming. Staring, his mind wandered to the cube again. He was just getting a handle on this and now it – or he rather – wanted to 'jump ship' as he said? He never told him why. "It's because of the Matrix," The teen said to himself as if finishing a thought.

The Allspark continued to stir in the mind of the teen while he slept as it prepared to leave. It had a lot of plans, and wasn't even sure if the human female would be happy with its decision, but as all life is, it needed to stay in a body while it regenerated. It wanted so badly to make sure it was alright, but self preservation overcame its need for politeness as it finally decided how to get into the female. The next time he touched her it would go to her instead. It had already helped through Sam, but found it would be able to help a lot more if it wasn't found for a while. It would attempt to go dormant in the girl, hoping it would be harder to sense where it was. It would be difficult for Soundwave to not sense it, but in some way it needed to tell the mech to stay away for now and pretend it didn't exist. But how?

It was the sound of a deep engine growling outside that startled Sam awake once again. He quickly looked over his shoulder to the window beside him thinking it might be Bumblebee returning, but the engine was different – it was deeper, scarier. Why did he know this sound?

"Sam get away!" Ravage had heard it coming or knew who it was and he suddenly stood up and leaped over the teen, landing so he was over him looking out the window. "It's Barricade!" The symbiot wasn't sure why Barricade would come around, and especially so boldly. It wasn't like him to risk showing himself – unless he was after Sam again.

Sam shuffled his way back and over his pillows and quickly slid down off his bed and peeked over the side as if it would protect him. "Barricade?" He asked, then leaned up to peek. Quickly he saw the tell tale black and white and instantly remembered, "That cop again!" Just as he said that, there was the unmistakable sound of a transformation.

"Yeah," Ravage replied, watching and preparing to protect Sam if he had to.

"Oh shit!" Sam said, hearing the black and white Decepticon move around the house, giving Sam an even better view. "Shit, shit, shit!"

Ravage let out a menacing and foul growl, making Sam even back up. "Why are you here, Barricade?"

"What have we here…? Aren't you one of Soundwave's things?" the hunter then asked, recognizing the form and voice immediately, "Why are you here?"

"That's none of your business,"

"Likewise," The hunter replied. "Where's the boy?"

"Sam? Sam!" Ron and Judy both made their way into Sam's room as the heard the thunderous footsteps coming towards the house, "Sam what is that thing!"

Ravage was suddenly distracted by a sound and turned his head to look towards new voices and knew immediately that they were Sam's parents. This was getting bad real fast.

Sam's attention also diverted from the window and the oncoming Decepticon to see his parents, "Both of you, get back, hurry!" he said. "Quick! Get away!" He quickly shot up from his post and headed for them with arms extended, preparing to push them away from the danger. He turned to looked at the window again and saw Barricade's optics fill the window.

Judy and Ron both rubbernecked to see the red eyes in the window. Judy gaped as it looked directly at them then to the cat who was still in the window looking like it was preparing to take it on, "Sam what is that thing?"

"It's a Decepticon, okay?" He heard a chuckle and looked back as he continued to push his parents out. Turning back for his parents, Sam and tried to calm them even though he was freaked out himself, "You gotta get outta here! It's not safe!"

Ravage on the other hand let out a hiss and slunk down, readying to defend his charge from the coming cop. "Get out of here! I'm warning you!"

"Ha!" Barricade laughed and went to reach his hand toward the window. "I know… A family reunion," the hunter then said with a wicked grin. The black and white mech backed up slightly and then smirked at Ravage as his chest flashed open to reveal a completely healed Frenzy, who flew out and landed on Ravage. His force caused the cat-like mech to fall backwards and into the other wall.

Everyone instinctually ducked at the sound of something crashing in the room and looked to see what it was. Sam's parents were interested, confused, curious and scared all at the same time. "But Sam, what's it doing here?" Ron asked confusedly as he went in the directly Sam was guiding – down the stairs.

The cat stared in awe for a moment, having not seen Frenzy for some time. Instantly the awe disappeared and was replaced by anger. This also gave Sam and his family enough time to get down the stairs. Frenzy, however, wasn't entirely after Ravage. He was after Sam.

After he had pounced on Ravage, he gave chase to Sam. Ravage quickly got to his feet and went after Frenzy's leg in an attempt to trip him. Luckily, the spindly mech fell with a crash and Ravage took that opportunity to snare him good. Frenzy, realizing he was caught, and caught by someone he was not expecting, turned around and attacked Ravage for all it was worth. Cybertronian clicks and whirrs, along with high pitched sounds filled the house as the two wrestled on the floor, "You're alive!"

He knew that any one of the parasites would be angry at him and Ravage could seriously hurt him if he wanted to. Using his projectiles at him, he got one in the cat's neck and another in his shoulder. Ravage pulled the smaller mech in to him and put a foot down on Frenzy's head to pin him down and used the other to hold him in place. From there he completely forgot that the two had come for Sam and laid into Frenzy for what he had done before. He then stopped and held Frenzy down, asserting himself. "Back off, Frenzy!" the cat warned, "Leave Sam alone!"

"Orders are orders! I'm here to take him. Why are you protecting him?"

Ravage growled deeply, "Why did you desert us?"

"Soundwave was as good as dead! You should have seen him lying there! When did you get out?"

"You imbecile! Soundwave wasn't dead!" the cat hissed, "He was very aware when you left. You broke his spark!"

"I didn't break his spark, I was saving my hide!"

"Saving your hide? And you didn't think we knew he was dying as well?"

"Well, why didn't you get out, then, idiot?"

Ravage frowned slightly. "We… couldn't. We were trapped."

"Why do you protect the squishy!" Frenzy asked Ravage. "Let me have him!"

"No can do," Ravage growled, "The High Priest, Soundwave, wishes for him to be protected. If you hadn't deserted us, then you would have found that out too!"

Frenzy stopped as something washed over him. "High Priest? S-Soundwave? He's a-al-alive?" What the Pit was going on? High Priest? Since when? He knew he was a priest, but who gave him that title?

"Oh yeah… and boy will he be pleased to see you!" Ravage growled, holding Frenzy down as he spoke, "You hurt him badly, Frenzy. Maybe I should bring you back with me to see him."

"No!" Frenzy tried to fight Ravage off of him again, "I was saving my own aft! And I did! I work with Barricade now!"

"It wasn't only about you. Rumble barely made it. Sam saved us all."

" Ladiesman217? How?"

"None of your business, traitor!" He stepped back, allowing the smaller mech to live. "Go back to your new host, tell him to leave us alone, or I will call Soundwave, and you and I both know he will make little work of him."

Frenzy skittered free from the cat-like mech, knowing damned well he had let him go. This changed things. If Soundwave was around, Starscream would want to know about it immediately. For now, that would take precedence over catching the stupid human. Ravage was right. Soundwave would turn Barricade into a vegetable. Ravage's tail continued to thump loudly, swaying quickly from the scuffle. Standing and rounding the doorway to find Sam, he made his way down the stairs and saw all three humans huddle behind an island in the kitchen. The mech nodded at them, making them aware that it was all right to come out, "This isn't over, I fear,"

There was the sound of talking and Barricade transforming. The sound of that deep engine filled the area as the mech spun out of the driveway, kicking up dirt as he did so. He contacted Starscream on the Nemesis and their failed capture because of Ravage.

"He's gonna kill me!" Frenzy suddenly said with panic. The small mech was more alert than usual, moving from one side of the cruiser to the other side nervously as if he were looking for something,


"He's gonna kill me!"

"Would you stop moving around so much!" Barricade growled, annoyed at Frenzy's alarm.


"-Knock it off!"

"But you don't understand! Soundwave's alive!"

Starscream, having heard the parasite, curled a fist in anger, "WHAT did you just say?" Why wouldn't that Primus-forsaken mech just go away! He hadn't picked up his presence as he left, so he assumed he'd died from the crash.

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