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The day Sam had left, Soundwave couldn't help being nervous from being so far away from the Allspark. He became even more upset when he'd gotten a message from Ravage, "Barricade and Frenzy were here for Sam. I was able to fend them off this time, but there's no promise I can do it again if they become more determined."

"Is Sam all right?" It made Soundwave wary to know that other Decepticons were hunting for the boy. They couldn't possibly know about the Allspark being in Sam, so perhaps they wanted him for another reason, but why? For a moment, Soundwave wondered why they hadn't torn the house apart at the time,

"Sam is safe for the night, if they come snooping again, I will take him away from here, immediately."

"Very well. Do not hesitate, Ravage."

"Of course, boss,"


Ravage could hear the pain in his master's voice, "I'm sorry," was the cat-like 'Con's only reply to that.

While Soundwave sat quietly in the building, once again, the loss of Frenzy hit him. He was even more bothered to know the little critter was still alive, since he couldn't tell anymore. He felt the need to call him back, but refrained from doing so, for now. He knew that Frenzy wouldn't reply since he'd cut their connection, but it would be worth it to try, just in case. Even though his core programming was to obey Soundwave, he was a hacker, so he may have fiddled with his own programming, changing it to obey Barricade.

Soundwave watched and waited for another Autobot to show. If Sam was in any danger he would be the first to know. When Ironhide had come to check on him, he said something about Sam and what had happened. "The Allspark is in danger,"

"What are you talking about?" Ironhide groused, stopping by the building and looking in. The idea of Soundwave being here still pissed him off, but on the other hand, he was curious about this priesthood and connection with Sam. It wasn't like the Decepticon was lying about it, since he saw with his own two optics.

"Barricade and Frenzy arrived there. Ravage has had fended off their attack. There is no doubt they will try again."

Ironhide gave the mech a surprised look through the window, "I will have Bumblebee go get him then,"

"Not required. Ravage will take care of it. He is closest at the moment. Bumblebee wouldn't get there in time should they try again."

"Not sure I entirely trust the boy's safety in the hands of one of your rodents,"

Soundwave didn't say anything about the nickname, keeping quiet with his annoyance about it. "Ravage will not fail," Ironhide wrinkled his nose at Soundwave, reasonably annoyed that Soundwave thought Ravage could protect the kid better than Bumblebee. He headed away to let Prime know what was going on.

Mikaela had been helping Ratchet with setting other parts of the med bay. She was worried about Sam, and they still hadn't really talked as much as she would have liked. She was worried about him and his odd connection with the Decepticon, sometimes fighting with the Autobots to go and see him. She kept quiet about it all day while she worked around the base.

Trying to take her mind off of Sam, she had taken up helping the resident medic with his medical bay and getting things finally situated. They had built walls around an area and installed doors so Ratchet and his patients had their privacy. She hadn't really talked much to him, especially with asking things she wanted to know about the Cybertronians. They had small talk here and there and they talked about various other things as well. He shared a bit of knowledge of Cybertronians and she also told him how some parts sounded a lot like car engines, thus they talked about the differences. After watching Bumblebee transform a number of times, the last time he had, she turned to Ratchet. "So tell me something," she said to him while pulling hoses closer to his largest workspace, "How exactly do you guys fit down into the cars you imitate?"

Ratchet looked at her, picking the hoses from her and setting them up next to the berth, "All in all, it really is simple," he explained, "the mechanics of it are comparable to folding down a chair. We collapse and every part fits somewhere. He tapped something on his arm and a hologram appeared above it of Bumblebee. It showed the scout standing there normally and then in slow motion, it showed him folding down into a car. Mikaela watched with great interest, still wondering where the motor went. He pinched his fingers much like one with an iPod to enlarge the smaller intricacies of their bodies, "As you can see, its precision. Even the smaller parts of the interior while we are in vehicle mode usually go back to being parts they were before,"

"What about all of your energon lines and such?"

"Same thing," he explained, pinching it in closer to show her it all fit well into the body of the car. The more she learned, the more interested she became in their anatomy.

All throughout the day, she'd glance at the area they had Soundwave in, but dared not go near it. She did not fully understand Sam's fascination with that Decepticon as much as she'd liked. Deep down, she wondered if he was tricking him somehow. He had done something to him and had called him the Allspark several times while she watched, but when she asked about it, the Autobots didn't prove the information she was looking for. They weren't really even reassuring to her, seeing as they were new to this as well.

They hadn't told her about Barricade and Frenzy just yet, so as not to make her worry more. She was under enough stress and confusion without the added bonus of knowing her boyfriend was in danger. Soundwave and Ravage apparently had it all under control. That meant that Ratchet or Ironhide stayed in more contact then they would have liked with the Decepticon to make sure everything was all right.

Soundwave, on the other hand, was quite annoyed at their constant asking how things were. He swore on a breem went by before he would get asked about Sam and Ravage. He swore if they asked again, he was going to burst.

It was about 11 P.M. when she finally announced that she wanted to go home to get some sleep. Ratchet offered to take Mikaela home, and on the ride there, they talked mechanics. She was telling him about what she knew and he was telling her about Cybertronian make up and how they worked, helping her better understand them in ways that sometimes she winced at, completely seeing past the quantum mechanics and physics that the Transformers had come to master, "So I will be up around 10 AM, can you have Sam and Bee get me then?" she asked as they pulled into her driveway.

"I will inquire." Ratchet told her.

"Thanks Ratch!" she smiled and opened the door.

"Goodnight, Mikaela," he said to her as she hopped out.

She patted his hood, something they had all come to realize as a friendly gesture, "You too, Mr. medic,"

She headed into the house and Ratchet made sure she disappeared behind a closed door before he left, himself, headed back for the base. When he got back, he was surprised to find a bunch of smaller symbiots bouncing around the main room and computer room. Buzzsaw and Laserbeak were sparring in the air while Rumble was sparring with Ratbat on the ground. He let out a deep grumble and made his way past them, careful not to step on them as he gave a sharp look to Soundwave, who looked at him curiously but did not speak, only watching the symbiots play. He showed no emotion past the faceplate he never retracted, and glanced at the medic before standing, knowing well that his fate was to be met then next morning with the Matrix.

Starscream tromped back and forth in the Nemesis while he thought about what to do. The starship had given no indication that an external communications had linked up to it, so Starscream figured Soundwave hadn't known they were there or if he did, he was broken somehow. He certainly hoped he was. If he wasn't, he was set on finding him and breaking him, or in the least bit, having him locked up so he could get back at him for all the times he tormented him.

"Barricade, were you successful in retrieving the human?"

"Negatory," Barricade replied with both annoyance and tiredness. Tired because he hadn't had a wink of recharge in almost a week now, annoyed because Frenzy just would not stop! He was all over him, scared shitless about Soundwave. He'd been parked on a street on the outskirts of the city thinking of another way to grab him however. "Ravage was there."

"Ravage was what?" Well that didn't make any sense. Surely Ravage would have been there to kill the human.

"He was there, protecting the human." Barricade answered, still a bit puzzled about it himself. He hissed when Frenzy squeezed himself into a spot nearly under his seat, digging his claws to get deeper.

"That's bizarre." Starscream muttered, wondering to himself why Ravage was with them and protecting them. "Find out what you can about this. It bothers me." Just why did Soundwave appear to be helping the boy? What did he have to glean from him? It was well known that Soundwave did nothing without a purpose, so for him to be protecting him, meant that boy meant something to him. What an even better reason to get his hands on him.

The next morning came as promised and Bumblebee had stopped to get Mikaela as a surprise for Sam before he'd gone to get him. It was earlier than usual, as Prime was concerned for the boy's safety, after hearing about the two other Decepticons coming around, so he sent Bumblebee as soon as he could. Mikaela was groggily woken up by the sound of a horn and peeked out the window as she threw on a robe. "Be down in a minute!" she called to him.

As soon as she had gotten dressed, she ran down the stairs to meet with the Autobot. She got in the driver's side as not to raise suspicion. "First things first," she said, pulling the door closed. "We gotta stop and get me coffee, got it?"

"Sure thing," Bee replied, starting his engine for the girl. The two left Mikaela's home, headed for the nearest Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks. When they pulled up, the guy at the window admire the car, "Nice ride," he said, handing Mikaela her order. "Thanks," she smiled, knowing well Bumblebee's choice of style was still heavily unknown to most of society, the car having not been release as of yet. Bumblebee drove off as she sipped her coffee.

As they pulled into the driveway, Mikaela decided she would go and wake Sam up and with a pat to the steering wheel, she set her coffee down and got out and headed for the door. Knocking, she wasn't sure if anyone was up yet, but to her surprise, Judy answered, "Mikaela, how good to see you!" she exclaimed. Mikaela shushed her, "Can I get Sam?" she asked, looking to see if he was already awake.

"Sure, sure, come on in!" Judy opened the door and Mikaela wandered in, making her way to the stairs, "Is he up yet?"

"No, he wouldn't be for a while,"

Mikaela smiled as she headed her way upwards. Peeking around, she saw him lying in his bed, Ravage in the middle of the floor. She saw Ravage pique and put her finger to her lips as meaning for him to keep quiet, hoping he got the hint. He watched her come into the room and she quietly sat on Sam's bed. She leaned over to kiss him awake and that was when something extraordinary happened. As she kissed him, Sam had grabbed her arm and his eyes opened, looking right at her, but it wasn't the Sam she knew. "It is for the best, I'm sorry." He held onto her just as she spied the mark on his arm, wondering what it was. It seemed to recede into the actual injury and she felt him tighten his grip.

Trying to pull away, she became a little nervous when he didn't let go, "Sam, you're hurting me," she tried to tell him. Ravage was up on his feet, approaching. Sam's body started to shake uncontrollably, as if he was overloaded on caffeine. It was then Sam seemed to glow a pale blue and the light intensified, congregating at the injury on Sam's arm. It then, with a rush of electric looking bots, went for Mikaela, nearly throwing her into Ravage. Ravage had moved just in time, as to not hurt the girl with his body. Sam went back to normal, not remembering how in the hell Mikaela ended up in his room, "Mikaela?" he asked, curious why she was on the floor.

Mikaela was stunned a moment, on her button the floor, looking up at Sam with both apprehension and fear, "Sam? Sam what happened?"

Barely being awake, he had no idea what had transpired, "I… I don't know," he said a little lazily, "What are you doing on the floor?"

"You did something to me!" She said, shuffling her way to her knees then to her feet. "What the hell did you do to me?" She didn't feel any different, only the static in the air as if she'd been scuffling her feet on a carpeted floor.

Sam sat there a moment, trying to figure out what was wrong. He looked at Ravage, who seemed to be on high alert, "What happened? Did you see?"

"The Allspark," the 'Con said, looking from Sam, to her.

"Oh…" Sam said, and then it hit him, "Oh! Oh shit!" He hadn't had time to tell her what the plans of the Allspark were.

Mikaela looked between them both, "Allspark? What about the Allspark? What did it do?"

Sam sat a moment, trying to see if he could feel the presence of the Allspark and when he could not, he looked at her, "it moved."

"Moved? What do you mean it moved? Explain to me, Sam…"

Sam got up and began finding clothes. He didn't even bother to worry he was only in his boxers, "It went from me to you. We gotta get you to Soundwave, pronto."

"I can tell him, if you like," Ravage informed, ready to contact his master to let him know what had transpired.

"No, no, wait, Ravage. The Allspark said it wanted this to be covert. We gotta get her to him first."

The more she thought about it, the more miffed she was becoming that something had happened and it had happened to her and now Sam was talking about taking her to Soundwave. "What the hell, Sam?"

Her voice was raised and he quickly grabbed her, "Shh, shh, we gotta do this quietly, okay? Just calm down."

"How the hell do you expect me to calm down at a time like this?" As she finished her sentence, Bumblebee blew his horn, letting them know he was still sitting out there waiting for them.

"Just… just calm down, okay? Don't be all crazy right now. Bumblebee is gonna be suspicious if you go out there all pissed off, okay? Just keep quiet till we get to the Autobot's base. I promise everything will be explained,"

Trusting she wasn't going to die from the experience, she nodded, still a bit shaken up. "okay, okay, then," he threw on a shirt and tugged at her arm, "Come on. Remember, say nothing while in Bumblebee."

Back at the base, Bee was pulling in with Sam and Mikaela. The two hadn't said a word the entire ride and Bumblebee felt something was off, but he didn't say anything. She was beginning to realize she felt something different, like a prickling in the back of her neck. Sam had told her to not say anything, so they were waiting. Bumblebee had no idea what was going on between the two since they hadn't spoken since they'd left Mikaela's. He was quite concerned.

Ravage hopped out from the back seat and shook his head. He glared at the Camaro and looked toward the building Soundwave was in. He could see him peering out the window and guilt struck him that his boss was still stuck in there while he roamed free. He'd noticed he was watching the children and heard him say down their private link, "Bring me the boy and the girl,"

For a moment, he was a little confused, but did as asked. The cat-like Con turned to Sam and Mikaela, "Soundwave wishes to see you both," The Autobots watched as the two followed Ravage.

"Mikaela, where are you going?"

The girl shrugged, looking over her shoulder at Ratchet, the one who'd asked her. The Autobots were concerned about this, since she pretty much avoided Soundwave as much as possible, not even bringing him or his symbiots rations of energon when asked. What was this sudden turn of face? Besides that, what could Soundwave possibly want with the girl? It was sort of understandable about Sam, but why her?

When they got there, Soundwave was still watching Mikaela closely, scanning her curiously as her life signs were altered. Something didn't add up. The power of the Allspark no longer resonated from Sam as strong as it was, instead Mikaela was the one who seemed to glow with it. "What happened?" he asked, rather harshly, yet quiet enough no one else outside became curious. It aggravated him slightly that something had occurred without his presence. He would have started working with Sam today on a better way to control the subtle energies, but it seemed the Allspark had a different plan.

"It somehow transferred to Mikaela," Sam told the Decepticon without hesitation. Mikaela only listened in, unnerved about standing here with the Decepticon and hearing what they had to say.

It must have had good reason for not doing so while in the presence of its priest. Soundwave gave it some thought before responding, "Being in a femme, it makes more sense." The priest leaned down closer to the girl, making her want to take a step backwards. "I do not know its purpose fully as to why it switched places, but it must have its rationales,"

"Primus told me all about it before he left,"

Soundwave turned his head sharply to Sam, his optics behind his visor brightening. He glanced out the window to see if anyone had been listening in and when he was satisfied, he looked back to Sam. "Luckily no one else heard you. Do yourself a favor and do not speak his name out loud. It will cause nothing but problems."

Sam was taken aback by the mech's statement. Mikaela only looked at Soundwave thoughtfully, as if she were trying to figure him out in some way. She hadn't asked for what happened. The only thing she knew was the funny feeling after Sam had grabbed her.

"So it moved from Sam? Why didn't it at least ask me first?" She was a tad annoyed at the idea, and the more she thought about it, the more annoyed she became.

"No one is to know about this. Keep this as discreet as possible,"

Sam looked up at the giant, a little confused, but with a nod. "Won't the Autobots suspect something? I mean, it will be Mikaela you'll need, not me,"

The mech sat up, his chains clinking on the floor. Sam listened to them and looked to Mikaela, seeing her response to it. It fascinated him how she cringed inadvertently as she, too, was looking at them. "I will see to a way that you will be a medium between us until something else is figured out."

"I feel it may be in her now because it needs a female host, and since we are all respectively, not female, it went to the next one it knew was who was close by." The priest scanned Mikaela several times as he spoke. It was becoming more understood only by him as to the purpose of this. Femmes were more powerful in mind and spark on Cybertron and he wondered if the same was true on Earth.

"But what will it do to her?" Sam asked, concerned for her safety.

"That's what I am scanning for now. For the time being, it seems to have gone into a state of dormancy." Soundwave answered, leaning in closer, his red visor gleaming a few times here and there as he scanned. He picked up variants in the readings he got from her, wondering what she could possibly do to others or herself while in this state. If nothing happened, then he could only explain to her what was going on, however, if she could harness the Allspark's power while it was dormant, something more would need to be done.

"Dormant?" Sam asked, derailing Soundwave's train of thought. "You mean, it wasn't dormant in me?"

The priest looked back to the boy, "It's regenerating, setting itself up with her neurology and biological systems. As long as it is regenerating, it may withhold all its power, or it may not,"

"But… What about me?" Sam asked curiously. He still had the mark on his arm, but it had since dulled to near nothing and the pain was nowhere close to as intense as it had been before. He glanced to his arm, wondering if Mikaela would get something like that.

"The transfer will wear off eventually," Soundwave said, his visor never moving from the girl he knelt down over as he examined her further. Mikaela didn't seem to mind his constant scanning of her and she hadn't taken her eyes off of him. "There shouldn't be any permanent damage from the switch,"

Sam watched her a moment. She acted so much different, as if he wasn't even there beside her. He elbowed her and she looked at him then back to Soundwave. Hopefully this wouldn't last. "We will need to protect her,"

"Ravage, your priorities have changed. Keep an eye on her while she is out of my sight," Soundwave ordered. It was for the best interest of all of them that she not only remain protected, but remain a secret. He still had no idea what the Autobots had in store for him and since they wanted to keep Sam away as much as possible, they'd want to do the same with Mikaela.

Suddenly, Mikaela collapsed. Soundwave moved quickly, reaching the end of his chain, yet she was close enough he'd caught her in his hand. Sam jumped and then began to worry. Soundwave had told him that Mikaela might go to sleep for a time, but it didn't stop worry creeping into his mind that something more was wrong with his girlfriend. His previous experience with Soundwave told him the mech would take utmost care of her, but it still nagged in his mind. "She gonna be okay?"


He staggered slowly the effects of the transference not out of his mind yet. "I knew this was going to happen," Whispered Sam as he looked down gravely at his sleeping girlfriend, "The Allspark showed me. I should have at least warned her first."

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