Penny sat in her apartment, going through her mail. It had been almost three weeks since her back alley encounter with Sheldon. She now avoided 4A altogether and told herself she was one lucky gal that her torrid affair had ended.

"Are you working or trying to control the computer with your mind?" Leonard found Sheldon at his desk. Sheldon didn't even see the blank screen . He saw Penny's wicked grin, her tan legs sliding over his. He felt her tongue under his ear. He heard her moans and sighs. Sheldon pictured them doing laundry and being HALO partners once more

He missed her.

She had to be in his life. He didn't care how. He wanted Penny in all ways and if she would only take him that way…then so be it. Sheldon pushed away from his desk and grabbed Penny's emergency key from the bowl.

"Where are you going?" Leonard cried.

Sheldon ignored him and barged into the apartment across the hall.

There were no signature patterned knocks this time, no warning at all. The key slid into the lock and the door swung open, hitting the opposite wall. Penny jumped and mail went flying.

"Sheldon? What are you do-" His mouth was on hers with such ferocity, she forgot for a moment to push him away. When she felt his tongue flick across her bottom lip, she was brought back to reality. She moved her palms to his chest and pressed forcefully, trying to get him off of her without hurting him. He didn't budge – his hands only tangled into her hair and the pressure from his mouth increased. She pushed him harder, but he stood fast, holding her against the kitchen island where they stood. His teeth bit down on her bottom lip, this time and she tasted blood. Surely, that would stop him in his tracks. Instead, his tongue demanded entry and without her permission, her mouth opened to receive him.

Their tongues wrestled for dominance, but each was too strong an opponent to take the other down. Finally, Sheldon broke the kiss and Penny gasped for air.

"That," he snarled, blood – her blood – pooling on his lips, "was for stuffing that scarf in my mouth."

And just like that, his lips were on hers again, and the kiss, though shorter, was as savage as the last.

"That was for tying me with bungee cords."

Again, another wild kiss.

"That was for slapping me."

His hands tightened in her hair so fervently, she already felt her wetness dripping onto her legs. Once more he kissed her brutally, sucking hard on her bottom lip and nipping at her tongue. This one lasted so long, she wondered if she would ever be able to breathe again. Her hands automatically went up to his head, trying hard to grasp at anything to keep her grounded. Just as she thought she might pass out, he was off of her, and panting heavily.

"And that," he said in between breaths, "was for never letting me kiss you."

He looked like an animal, his hair sticking in all directions, his back arched and his arms out, ready to catch her if she tried to run. And she did run – straight toward him. This time she kissed him, pushing him backward. His hands landed on her waist and his strong fingers dug harshly into her skin. She grabbed on to his short hair and pulled him closer to her.

The arm of the couch caught the back of Sheldon's knees and he fell backward, taking Penny with him. His head hit hard against the back of her hands when they landed on the cushions, but he didn't miss a beat. Already, he was tearing at her clothes, pulling her blouse open and popping the buttons off. It was at that moment Penny remembered that her door was still wide open and she thanked the heavens above that Leonard hadn't decided to venture outside of his apartment.

She rolled off of Sheldon and ran quickly to her door, slamming it shut. Before she could turn back to the couch, Sheldon was right behind her. He wrapped his right arm around her shoulder and across her chest, pulling her body to his. With his other hand, he pulled her head to the side, revealing her neck to him. The position they were in reminded her of all the Dracula movies she'd seen in the past, and sure enough, she felt Sheldon's teeth on her skin.

He bit her firmly, not hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough to hurt. The pleasure mixed with pain and the feel of his hardness pressed against her back sent ripples of pleasure down her spine. She laid her head down on his right shoulder and bent her neck, exposing herself even further. She reveled in the feeling as he bit her again and again.

His right hand snaked down the front of her blouse and under her bra. His fingers grazed her already stiff nipples. Penny gasped at his touch, she couldn't believe how sensitive they were at the moment. She didn't think she'd ever been this turned on in her life. She arched her back trying to push her chest more fully into his hand. Sheldon continued to nip at her neck while he played with her breast, kneading and massaging, gently pulling and twisting her nipple.

With a growl, he roughly turned her around by the shoulders and marched her backward to her bedroom. She looked up at him, but he was looking straight ahead, down at the floor, even at her chest, anywhere but in her eyes. For a moment she felt a sudden sadness, her heart aching for him, for them. But he pushed her down onto her bed, and she forgot about what it was she was thinking. While she lay there, sprawled on her duvet, hanging halfway off her bed, Sheldon peeled his shirts off in one swift movement. Even faster, he took off his trousers and underwear, as if he did this kind of thing all the time. It didn't even occur to her at that moment that Sheldon flung his clothes into the corner, piled and wrinkling, without a second thought.

He stood naked over her, in the light. It turned her on even more that he didn't seem to care. His arrogance seemed to spill over into the bedroom as well and, though usually his conceit annoyed her to no end, here and now it made her mind go wild. She wanted him now.

Sitting bolt upright, she grasped his thighs and ran her nails up and down his long legs. She scratched at him, careful not to repeat the same performance as she did on his forearm. His eyes were closed now, so she decided to give him a bit of a surprise.

She took his cock into her mouth and delighted at the sound of his shocked gasp. Keeping her hands wrapped around his thighs, she moved her lips up and down his shaft mixing the pace. His hands found their way into her hair and now he was guiding her at his own pace. Moans and grunts filled the air along with the occasional inhale when she grazed him with her teeth. When she felt him begin to twitch on her tongue, she stopped and smiled at the sound of his disappointed whimper. She moved herself into the middle of her blanket and pulled him onto the bed with her.

He knelt down, his knees on either side of her and awkwardly, he hovered, as if fearful of their bodies touching. As Sheldon carefully undid the remaining buttons on her blouse, she thought about how far this could go. She was grateful that she stayed on birth control even after she broke up with Leonard, because she didn't have a condom and she was certain Sheldon wouldn't even know what a condom was if he saw one.

Still, he hung over her and she helped him remove her blouse and her bra. His pace quickened again at the sight of her breasts and he was savage once again, grasping at her breasts and licking, biting and pulling whenever he could. Penny's mind began to swim and she lost control of her thoughts hearing panting and gasping and moaning. Her vision was a swirl of skin and hair and pillow.

She felt him move down her legs and suddenly his hands were on her thighs. His fingers dug into her skin as he spread her legs apart. She shuddered and felt completely exposed. Though she was used to being naked in front of various men, for some reason it felt different with Sheldon. The look in his eyes was scrutinizing and she wanted to close her legs and pull the blanket up over her body. But he held her thighs firmly. Then Sheldon did something she never thought he'd do. He went down on her.

His tongue darted in and out of her deftly. Her panting increased and her moans became so loud she wondered if they could hear her in the apartment below. Sheldon's tongue curled and uncurled inside of her and her hips began to move of their own accord. She grasped the sides of the bed and held on tightly as his tongue took the same route as his fingers did when she sat on his desk.

"Yes! Oh, God, Yes!" She shouted. To hell with anyone who could hear her. "Sheldon!" She screamed.

At the sound of his name, Sheldon picked up the pace, grasping even harder at her thighs. She felt the mix of pleasure and pain again as his teeth scraped her clit – how the hell did he know where that was, anyway? Sheldon moved up and his fingers found her. She was quite wet already and he easily slipped in two fingers. He moved in and out of her severely, as if he was doing this for his pleasure alone, but Penny lost control and she screamed when an orgasm swept over her.

He pulled his fingers out of her and wiped them across her stomach. He then crawled up and pressed his weight onto her as she quivered in ecstasy. Once again, he began kissing her ruthlessly, biting down on the same lip he did before and she tasted blood for a second time. When he ended the kiss, he looked down and positioned himself so that his tip was at her opening.

This is it, she thought. She looked up at him and saw that his eyes were wet. Was he crying? Her heart shattered.

"Sheldon," she began, but she didn't get to complete her sentence before he slammed into her as if he were taking his anger out on this moment.

It hurt, and not in the pleasurable kind of way. She was so close to shoving him off of her, of telling him to get out and never come back again. But then she noticed that he was still. He hadn't moved a muscle since he entered her. She felt his body pressed down onto hers and all the anger and tension and stress melted from her.

In that instant, there was no fighting, no harmful words or actions. There was no Leonard and there was no science. There was just Penny and Sheldon.

He began to move, but this time slower and more carefully. His hips rocked up and down in measured movements and hers began to match the rhythm. She brought her hands to his face and kissed him tenderly as they moved together as one. His lips were soft against hers. She never noticed how soft they were before. Sheldon's arms wrapped around her shoulders, as if he were hugging her. He looked into her eyes for the first time today. She noticed that they were back to crystal blue and the tears seemed to disappear.

"Penny," he whispered affectionately and she whispered his name back to him as together they fell deeply into one another.

After, Penny lay on her back, taking deep breaths. Sheldon was propped up on his right elbow, looking down at her and catching his breath.

"Are we going to say anything?" Penny looked up at him. Sheldon had a bead of sweat traveling down his temple. He kissed her again, savoring the combination of the two of them on her lips.

"You said 'be mysterious'." He reminded her and flicked the perspiration away.

Their eyes met and held once again. A wordless conversation passed and an agreement was made. A slow grin crossed the lovers' faces as each picked up the other's left wrist and bit down.