Cochrane City, Stardate 2911.5. Some five thousand people surrounded the Phoenix Plaza in the capital city of Alpha Centauri-A-VII. The statue of the founder, slightly different from the one back in Montana on Earth, looked down on them. At 1100 hours, ten individuals beamed down to the center of the plaza. Spontaneous applause broke out. Seven of the group, two women, two men, a teenage girl, a teenage boy and a robot went forward to meet the Planetary Governor and her delegation. The other three, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy held back at the edge of the crowd.

"Well, they finally made it," the Captain of the Enterprise said solemnly. He watched the Governor as she shook hands with John Robinson and then the rest. "Took damn long enough," McCoy joked. Spock noted the ceremony. "Lost in space for nearly three centuries, yet they finally make it to their destination." He paused. "I suppose it might give one …hope." Kirk and McCoy turned stunned and looked at the Vulcan. Before they could speak though, Kirk's communicator beeped. It was Uhura. "Captain, Starfleet has issued us new orders. A survey mission of the Omicron Delta region." Kirk acknowledged. "Such a survey will take weeks in deep space, Captain," Spock explained hoping that it changed the subject. "Oh, great," Kirk said, "I haven't had any R&R in weeks."

The three men beamed back up to their ship. As they left Centauri orbit, they saw the U.S.S. Potemkin towing a small, saucer-shaped vessel away. Heading for its final destination at the Fleet Museum back on Earth.