Abigail Welcher happened some two weeks after Lisa Dawson.

I have no idea, for the record, who in the hell Abigail Welcher actually is. That's all Kenny would give me: her name. For all I know, Abigail Welcher is a ninety-year-old crone he chatted up at a bus stop. And I wouldn't put it past him either.

But anyway.

I only found out about Abigail when Kenny came home with a black eye and a foul mood. He snapped at me when I stared at his face (I'm thinking ninety-year-old crone with a walking stick) and told me to fuck off when I actually asked.

"No need for that," I groused, and slapped the frozen peas on his face slightly harder than necessary.

I took his jacket to the closet then. Yeah, I'm a neat freak like that, so sue me. Anyway, this bit of paper fell out of his pocket - looked like one of those plastic-y napkin coaster things they give you in shitty diners, and that utterly fail to stop liquid rings from the cups and glasses.

And Kenny's handwriting was all over it.

That's when I figured that I had another keepsake here, so I left Kenny to his ego-licking and saved the napkin in my journal. I'm gonna whip it out again at his future wedding, just as proof that I'm not making this shit up. Maybe I should get a photo of his face too.

And if I thought Lisa was bad, this was worse.

Hey baby, noticed that you're cold. Mind moving your nametag a little higher so I have a better view of your nipples? It's blocking the left one. While we're here, I could warm you up: say in ten minutes, behind the diner? See you there ;)

Yeah, sometimes I ask myself why I'm friends with this guy.

Question is, did she punch him then and there, or ten minutes later?