Not A Coward
By J. Lynn (

Category : preslash
Rating : PG
Disclaimer : The lovely J.K.R. owns all characters contained herein, and hopefully makes all the money off them, since I'm not getting any. And I hope to god she never sees this.

Look at them.

Don't they see what they're doing?

And they think I'm the bad guy.

They all do it. Granger. Weasley. Dumbeldore. Hell, ninety percent of the wizarding world.

They sit there and look at him, watch him, expect things from him that no sane person would expect of a mere teenager, much less one of the millions of fully grown witches and wizards running around.

All because of some freak accident.

If any of them could see past their own fear and adoration they'd realize just how cruel they're being.

And people think I'm sadistic.

I push, I demand, I require, but all within reason. I work to mold them, him, into a better wizard than they would have been other wise. And no, I'm not nice about it. Results don't require niceness. But at least I don't expect him to do the job that is rightfully ours.

They seem to think that they're so much kinder to him. The way they speak kindly to him, give him their 'friendship', heaping adoration and special treatment on him like tribute paid to the ancient kings.

All this they give him. And in return all he has to do is take responsibility.

The poor, pathetic, stupid child doesn't even realize that they're using him. Pushing their guilt on him, heaping him with responsibilities he can't see, drowning him in a task he shouldn't have a chance in hell of completing.

When that Diggory boy died, they got to sit back and say 'Oh, what a shame.' While their 'savior' was sent home, to wonder what he had done wrong. To wonder why he didn't stop one of the most powerful wizards in the last four hundred years.

All because we have the unmitigated gall to expect such things from a mere boy.

What a bunch of selfish cowards we are. Never mind the fact that a full five thousand qualified wizards have graduated from Hogwarts alone in the last forty years. You would think that five thousand adults would have the gumption to defeat one mad wizard and less than three score followers.

But no, we have to give the job to a child. Our sacrificial lamb, offered up to cleanse the wizarding world of its sins. To wash away its evils.

All animals protect their young. Why won't we?

Or is it because he's not one of ours? He has no parents to protect him, so why not offer him to evil if it will save the hides of our own precious whelps.

What lazy, pathetic, selfish, cowardly, worthless beings we are.

To expect a child to protect us all, or die trying.

They think I'm evil, and maybe I am.

But I'm not willing to turn my responsibilities over to a child.

And I could be wrong, but I think that makes me just a little bit less evil than the rest of them.