( A girl who thought she wouldn't ever be back in contact with the person who loved but hurt her, a story that comes with a lot of up's and down's with hurt and confusion, lot's of pain but also lot's of love)

An E-mail

"God why is this so hard?" I said frustrated, it was always hard for me to write songs on the spot when someone wanted me to, it's like it was impossible or something. I sat my pen down and covered my hands over my face and ran my hands through my hair and sat there for a short minute.




It was my best friend Jake and also my guitarist,



"I have an idea for our next show"

"Oh cool! What is it? I have been sitting here trying to think of something new for hours"

"Ok! We could have a lot more dancers so they can fill up the stage and I just thought of this, you and Christina coming down from the ceiling on plexie glass!"

I sighed, He noticed

"Awww, what's wrong now? Did I say something? You don't like the idea?"

"NO! I love the idea; I just have a lot on my mind is all"

"Uh-huh, a lot on your mind, sure….."


"Nothing you just always have a lot on your mind, I think you need a vacation"

"I don't need a vacation Jake, I just need time off"

"EXACTLY! Vacation? Time off? Call it what ever you want to, it's the same thing"

"No it's not and besides I can't stay off a stage long enough to even think about a vacation"

"So true, so you doing anything today?"

"No…. why?"

"I don't know, we could hang out or something, watch a stupid movie or just talk shit about whatever"

"Ok, sure, but you're the only one I would do that with!"

"I know! I'm special!"

"Yes you are, you're like my brother"

"I know, see you later"

"Alright, later"

I hung up the phone and went to the couch and got on my computer. I went to my email, one new message, I click on it and it pulled up the email, I didn't recognize the address of the email so I clicked on it and the email opened, it said,

'OH MY GOD! Please let this be who I think it is! Anna! I don't know if you remember me but you stayed at my house when you came to Germany a long time ago, it's Simone, or Mimi, as you use to call me',

I stopped reading, it couldn't be, Mimi? This isn't real I thought, I read some more,

'I have been wondering what happened to you, the other day me and the boys were talking about you and how you and Bill were so cute together'

I stopped reading again, Bill….. I cant believe he even knows that I exist still and now his mom his trying to contact me, why? I asked myself, why now would his mom or him be trying to reach me? This was weird

'After we talked about memories of the past and what use to be, I decided that I would try and find you over the internet, I'm sorry we didn't stay in touch with each other, I regret it and so does Bill, he says that you made him happy, but that was years ago, you have probly forgotten about him then again maybe not, write back and maybe you could come and see us sometime, Simone'

"Oh my god!", I said out loud, "No way", I whispered to myself, this was so random, it's been four years and now she wants to talk to me? I was confused; Jake will never believe me when I tell him this.