I can't believe that she is here in my kitchen; I never thought I would see her again, it's a small world, but I'm happy it is. She was the best thing that happened to me when I was sixteen, hell we were the best thing that happened to each other.

"Yea, you always use to beat me with a pillow and jump on me until I woke up!"

"Don't pretend that you didn't like that"

She was right about that, I liked a lot of things that she use to do, like say I love you when she didn't have too and when I needed it the most, and just being a simple girl that didn't complain and someone who accepted me for who I was, she was the one who use to inspire me everyday and now she's here. She looks so different; she had long bleach blond hair with tattoos and two eyebrow rings, a nose ring, and a lot of lip rings.

"So when did you go and get all of your tattoos and piercings?"

"When, my mom told me that I could"

"So do you have anymore tattoos and or piercings?"

"Yes, I do actually!"

"Can I see them?"

"Yea sure"

She stood up, she was gorgeous, she was back then too, but now she s just so…different, she pulled her shirt up, not all the way of course but when she did it revealed a phoenix, the body was on her side and the wings wrapped around her stomach and her back, its tail was on her hip and its head was at the start of her ribs.

"WOW! That's amazing! Did it hurt?"

"No it didn't, well….. Not that bad anyway, it took four hours"

I chuckled a little bit, she was so cute, couldn't help but laugh

"I like it, it fits you"

Then she turned her right arm over and showed me another one, it was a tattoo almost exactly like mine, except that hers had 91 at the end of it instead of 89 and it had lots of stars on it.

"I love that one! You wanna know why?"

I asked


"Because it's different from mine!"

She chuckled

"Yea I feel you there! I hate seeing people who have my tattoos, it drives me crazy"

"I know! Me too!"

"There's two on my back"

She turned around and pulled her shirt up, it was a heart in the middle of her shoulder blades with thorns wrapped around it with a banner that said live, love, laugh, on it and there was a flame that came out of the top of the heart, then there was the angle wings that came out onto her shoulder blades. DAMN! Then there was a cross with pen striping on her lower back, she was fuckin hot from what I remember. She pulled her shirt down and sat back in her chair.

"Wow! You have a lot of tattoos!"

"Oh that's not all of them"

"It's not!"

I said that surprised

"I have one that starts here"

She pointed to her hip, she let me see a star that was there, it looked almost like mine but it wasn't.

"Where does it end?"

"It starts there, and then goes all the way around my leg, until it stops here"

She pointed to her ankle, it was another star. I noticed the tattoo on her left arm, I was trying to get a good look at it, but I couldn't.

"Whats on that arm?"

I pointed to her left arm


She turned her arm over, there was a rainbow flag that had pride in the center of it, below it was a cross with a rainbow ribbon around it, it was pretty, I wonder what pride meant though.

"Why do you have pride in the center of it?"

She looked down and pursed her lips and then took a deep breath.

"It means gay pride"

My eyebrows went up, I didn't know she was gay, I had no idea, when we were together she loved me, or at least I thought so anyway. I couldn't believe it.

"You shocked?"

She asked

"Yea….. very, I had no idea"

I looked up at her and she looked at me

"Yea, nobody did"

"You didn't seem gay when we were together"

"That's because I wasn't"

We were quiet for a short moment

"Bill I never stopped loving you, I want you to know that"

I bit my lip and took a deep breath

"Well I never stopped loving you either"

"Really? I don't believe you"

"Why not"

"Because, you haven't bothered to pick up a phone in four years, or you forgot about me?"

Her voice was getting louder and colder, I felt like a total ass.

"I never forgot about you, I never stopped thinking about you"

"Why did you make all of those promises if you couldn't keep them?"

I had to think about that for a while

"I don't know, we were only kids, but I could've kept them I just…."

I honestly didn't know why I didn't keep those promises

"You just what? Forgot? Your life got to damn busy to get in contact with the one person you said you wanted to be with so bad?"

She was pissed, her words cut through me like a knife, because I knew all of those things were true, I just didn't want to admit it.


(End of Bills P.O.V.)

I was getting pissed off, he doesn't know what hell I went through when I didn't get a call or anything from him, it tore me apart everyday, and it still does.

"No, I didn't forget about you, I could never forget about you Anna"

He was getting louder and so was I, and I didn't give a damn, tears started to well up in my eyes. 'No I want cry damnit, not now, not in front of him' I kept telling myself that, I didn't wanna look like some little bitch who cried about everything, that's the last thing I wanted right now.

"Then why did you promise me that you would come for me?"

I was staring at the floor because I couldn't look at him, I gritted my teeth because that's the only thing that was keeping me from breaking down right then, I could tell he was on the verge of tears too because I could tell in his voice, it was cracking.


I stared at him, tears ran down his cheeks, he was playing with his fingers; he always did that when he was in a situation where he didn't know the answers. We were quiet for what seemed like forever.

"Bill…. I just want you to know that, you put me through hell for two months"

I said softly, we looked at each other.

"Anna…i…I'm sorry, I want you to know that I still till this day think about you all the time"

I really couldn't believe that, but then again I could.

" Are you just saying that?"

He looked at me with those golden brown eyes of his, damn those eyes.

"No, I'm not"

I wanted so much to slap him, but I also wanted to kiss him, it hurt not to want to.

"You know, I could never resist those eyes of yours"

I smiled, he did too with his pearl white teeth, he was still fucking gorgeous, more gorgeous, I wanted to touch him.

"I know, I could never resist yours either"

I chuckled a little

"Is that so?"

A smiled slipped across his face

"Yes, you always could stare at me with those eyes and I could never say no to you"

"I know, that's why I looked at you in the ways that I did because I knew you couldn't say no"

My heart was beating really fast.

"You know after all of these years, you haven't changed one bit!"

He stared at me again, but this time with love in them.

"I can't say the same"

"It's ok, I have changed a lot"

"I can tell!"

"No…. I mean A LOT!"

He doesn't know how much I have changed, no idea, but he will one day…maybe.

I heard a door slam, and heavy footsteps coming towards us.


He cut off when he entered the room

I stared at him

"Well, well, well, it's been way to long Tom"

I said, his mouth was dropped to the floor

"I know you?"

"Duh! Slowness….. Four years ago… foreign exchanged student?"

"OH! ANNA! Oh my god, what are you doing here!"

I got up and hugged him

"Well, my dog kind of ran away from me up your drive way, and Bill happened to be there and yea, thus here I am! In your kitchen"

"Wow, you look….."

He gave me a once over, his eyes scanning my body

"Freaking amazing!"

"Well thank you"

Tom was always blunt when it came to how I looked; I was use to him saying that I looked amazing or some other word. I looked Tom up and down.

"You look quite amazing yourself; you're not the same dread headed boy I use to know!"

He smiled that sly smile

"Well…you know…..what can say! I'm just … You know…. Gorgeous!",

Bill shook his head with a grin, I laughed.

"Your look has changed, but your attitude definitely hasn't! Cocky much!"

"Ouch! That kinda hurt a little, if I didn't know any better I'd say your jealous of all this"

I laughed, he pointed to himself

"What do I have to be jealous of sweetie?"

I said as I sat down, I stared up at him, he had nothing to say

"Because baby, I know that you wish you were me…so you could have fun all night long!"

He smiled

"We can still have fun"

He winked at me, Bill's mouth fell open and then he punched his brother in the side


"What! It's not like I was serious….it's Anna….. I still think of her as a sister"

He looked at me, and then took a seat beside me.

"So what brings you around here?"

Tom asked me

"Well, I have a house here"

"Really? That's cool… where?"

"Down the street"

"Why move here? There's nothing here"

I chuckled

"I like it… it's nice…. And it's small, just the way I like it"

"Oh, I forgot you like small towns, small places, so what's been up with you? Where you been?"

There was a long pause, my eyes went to stare at Bill, I turned to face Tom

"I could ask you the same question…I'm not the one who's been M.I.A for four years"

He was quiet just like his brother


"Yea… so have I"