It should be known that just because you'd never had your first kiss even though you were seventeen, did nothing but play videogames day and night, had a grand total of one really good friend that you'd known since like, forever, and got a rash every time you talked to girls, doesn't make you lame. In fact, isn't that what every girl wanted in a man? For him to be sensitive, shy, and caring? To not be afraid to show his vulnerable side?

Well, apparently not, because if so, Matt would've been a fucking ladies' man. He was all that and more; unfortunately, his social status left much to be desired. Most people couldn't even imagine how in the hell he could have any friends, especially one that was a social butterfly like Mello.

Mello was outgoing, persistent, good-looking, had a great sense of humor, and was all around loved by many. The blond was very rarely found without a bar of Hershey's in his hand, and when he was everyone knew to stay away, for hell was sure to come if the addict didn't receive his drug, and fast. He was smart, competitive, a great talker, and a complete and total badass; oh yeah, he was the total package, the crème de la crème, the best there was.

Matt, on the other hand, preferred to stand in the background, blending in rather than standing out and interacting with others. Though he may put off a shy, timid aura, Mello knew first-hand what a fun-loving, energetic bombshell the redhead was when nobody was around. The gamer himself said that he's only himself around Mello, but wouldn't elaborate further as to why only Mello.

It wasn't until the incident that Matt really started to come out of his shell.

The day of the incident started off like any other: Matt got up, showered, got dressed, and headed to the hellhole known as high school for yet another boring, uneventful day. It wasn't until after school that things fell out of their routine. You see, in the everyday morning grind Matt had forgotten his house key, ending up locked out of his own house; fortunately, he noticed that he had left his bedroom window open and decided to climb up the tree next to the house to reach it.

"HOLY SHIT!" he screamed, foot slipping on a branch as he fell through the leaves, getting smacked in the face by branch after branch; before he met his untimely demise, however, God reached out and caused the redhead to catch his ankle in a branch, and while this action may have saved his underused life it also left him hanging mercilessly.

"Oh God, you clumsy ass," Mello mock-scolded as he walked by Matt's house and detoured over to where his friend was hanging, observing the presented situation with a hand on his hip. "Damn, you look like you're really stuck there, Mattie. Guess there's only one thing to do now…" He trailed off, looking at Matt suggestively though the oblivious redhead paid the look no mind.

"Um, help me down?" the gamer asked hopefully, wondering why Mello was getting so close to him.

"Mmm, nope," the blond answered, pressing his mouth against the other boy's with a silent determination. All rational thought left Matt's mind and all that bothered him was the fact that he wasn't kissing back and, as he pressed back, for a moment he was able to forget that this was Mihael Keehl, his very male best friend of fifteen years. It didn't matter to him that all the blood rushing to his head was going to make him pass out, it didn't matter to him that he'd lost his first kiss to another boy, and it certainly didn't matter that said other boy was Mello, because this was fucking awesome; Matt couldn't prevent the moan in the back of his throat as Mello's tongue slid along the inside of his bottom teeth, sending shivers down (or perhaps up, due to his current position) his spine at the contact.

All of Matt's wiggling and readjusting loosened his ankle from the branch it was stuck in, and he promptly landed face-first on the grass, lifting his head up and spitting out clumps of grass and dirt. "Unnnngghh…ow…"

His emerald eyes widened as he realized what had just happened, and his freckled cheeks gained a small dusting of scarlet while he placed one hand delicately on his lips, hoping to numb the tingling. "Y-you…kissed me?" Matt asked, hoping for his blond friend to reconfirm what he pretty much already knew; he stood up and turned around to face Mello, blushing and stuttering and just all around looking mighty adorable and highly molestable. "You actually kissed me…me…"

Mello took a chocolate bar out of his backpack and took a bite out of it, not even bothering to swallow before responding. "Yeah, I did. So what?" he countered, taking another bite of his chocolate and raising an eyebrow at the stammering redhead.

"N-nothing, it's just that—I wanted to know—um, if…" he gasped, beginning to hyperventilate out of pure fear before regaining his composure and taking a deep, held breath. "I was wondering if you could do it again!" he blurted out, slapping a hand over his mouth after processing what he had just said. Oh fuck, I'm in for it now, he thought as Mello's eyes widened and his chocolate bar slipped out of his hand. "L-l-look, i-if you don't want to, i-it's fine by me, I'll be—mmpf."

The blond effectively cut him off with his lips, an interruption Matt was all too happy to welcome and embrace, pressing back almost immediately and letting Mello have his way with his mouth. He let Mello control everything; he let him pull him closer, let him tangle his hands into auburn hair, let that devilishly divine tongue worm its way into his mouth as he hesitantly raised his arms and wrapped them around his friend's neck, pulling himself even closer. No contact was spared, for the tiniest bit of space could separate them during the long-awaited moment they were both fully indulged in.

"Thank you," Matt whispered as they broke apart, still close enough for his breath to ghost over Mello's lips.

Mello looked confused. "For what?"

"For giving me such a kickass first kiss."